[Update: Beta update rolling out, downloads] Google says a fix is coming on January 18th for Wi-Fi problems associated with Cast devices

A few days back we reported that the Google Home Max (among other Cast-enabled devices) might be connected with some recent reports for widespread Wi-Fi troubles. Google has indirectly responded to this issue in a page on the Device Support section for Google Home support, in which the company acknowledges the existence and cause of the problem, promising a fix tomorrow. 

This particular issue has picked up a lot of traction in the news, having been reported on by outlets covering a range from Engadget to The Sun, so it’s not just a niche problem.

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[Update: Beta update rolling out, downloads] Google says a fix is coming on January 18th for Wi-Fi problems associated with Cast devices was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Apple included in far-reaching class-action lawsuit against Intel and ARM over security problems

Class Action Suit Intel

I get that class action suits targeting Apple are pretty hot right now, given the whole iPhone slowdown debacle. But that probably doesn’t mean that Apple should also be hit with class action suits over the recently discovered Meltdown and Spectre security issues that affect most Intel, ARM, and AMD chips.

However, a planned class action suit in Israel has Apple as a co-defendant, right next to Intel and ARM.

According to Hamodia, a group of users filed a request with the Haifa District Court in Israel to file a class action against these three companies. The group is represented by attorney Rimon Zinati and includes computer and cellphone users.

Zinati said in the complaint that “something new has appeared on the tech landscape. Our worst nightmares have come to pass, and a giant tech bubble has burst. That this is an earthquake is an understatement. Since the announcement by the companies of the vulnerabilities of their products, we realize that we are living in a fantasy world and now realize that we do not even have a minimum of privacy.”

Oh. My. God. Run for the hills!

Don’t get me wrong, people are probably right to sue companies all they want. Apple should face all the iPhone slowdown trials it can handle. Cases against Intel, AMD and ARM aren’t warrantless either, as the products these companies sell should make sure that computers of any size and type can be hacked by anyone because of design flaws.

But why is Apple included in this particular suit? And if Apple should be added, doesn’t the same thing go for Microsoft, Google, Linux, and every other company that sells products with Intel, AMD, and ARM inside?

The Israeli court will decide on the matter in the coming weeks.

According to Patently Apple, Intel has been hit with some other class action suits.

Before you file your own class actions suits, make sure you install the latest software updates on your devices, if available.

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Tech wants to solve our tech-related sleep problems

Technology is bad for sleep. It keeps us constantly exposed to an endless cycle of bad news, and the blue light emitted by smartphone and tablet displays suppresses our ability to produce melatonin. Combine that with the feelings of inadequacy genera…
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Apple says Chicago store’s snow problems are result of software issue

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Troubles with snow and ice at Apple’s North Michigan store in Chicago were attributable to glitches in a rooftop warming system, rather than any inherently bad architecture, according to the company.
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