Really Useful IPad Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

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The advancements in technology that have occurred over the past several decaades are quite amazing. Technology is getting stronger, but also arriving in smaller packages every year. These tips can help you get the most from your iPad.

Before you purchase an iPad, you should take the time to make a list of the features you need and decide what kind of storage size you want. There are different models of iPads available and there is no point in spending money on features you are never going to use.

If you are new to using an iPad you may initially think it cannot do much. Don’t be fooled, you simply need to start looking through apps. The real capabilities of an iPad come from the additional applications that you are able to download and use directly from your device.

If you want to organize your apps, create some folders. You can create a folder by tapping one of your apps and holding until all the apps are moving. Drag this app over a second app you want to place in the same folder and a folder containing both apps will appear. Drag other apps to the folder.

Some newer iPads have a mute button instead of a lock orientation one. If you prefer the lock orientation feature, you should go into your settings and tap on the general section. You will be able to choose which function you want to associate with this button. Save your changes when you are done.

Make the most of the “delete all” function that is incorporated within the iPad. For security reasons you can program the tablet to delete all your sensitive data if your password is entered incorrectly 10 times. This is a perfect feature if your tablet has been lost or stolen and you keep extremely confidential details on it.

Take Apple’s iTours to get yourself familiar with your new iPad. It is fun to have all these exciting new apps, but sometimes you could use a little help figuring out how to use them. Apple has an online video tour for every app that comes preinstalled on your device, so be sure to take a look at them.

Using AirPrint, you can print straight from your iPad, as long as you have a compatible printer. AirPrint works with most newer HP printers. If you have a Mac, you can use the Printopia app to print to any Mac printer. To use AirPrint, simply go to the share menu and choose print–that’s it!

Did you know you could print the documents you have on your iPad? You need to purchase an AirPrint ready printer. While you are near the printer, access your share menu and select printer. If you have a Mac computer, you can download an app called Printopia to send your printing jobs to a printer connected to your Mac.

If your iPad turn by turn directions are too soft or loud, change them in settings. Some people may need a little extra volume for these directions, while others like them softer. No matter your need, you can make adjustments right in your iPad settings. You can even turn off the voice if you don’t want it.

Talk to your friends about what applications they use. You may not know that a certain app exists, but your friends might and that app might end up being your favorite. Every now and then, check out what your friends are using, and it might give you some ideas for yourself.

When using your iPad to input a large volume of text, use this time-saving tip. When you get to the end of a sentence, do not type a period. Instead, you can tap the space bar twice in rapid succession. This will automatically insert a period followed by a single space for you to begin your next sentence.

When checking out any new applications, don’t overlook free options. Many times they are just as good as the paid version, although they may include advertisements. This is also a great way to have a type of trial before purchasing the full version that doesn’t have any obtrusive ads on it.

You do not have to save documents to your iPad to share them. Access them via the Internet and open your share menu. You will then have access to a list of all the documents you opened. Tap on the document you want to share. If you want to share an entire page, you will be able to send it as a Word document or as a PDF.

Find out about other Apple products. You may be able to use your iPad in tandem with other devices in the Apple family, making your use of all of them much easier. You can look at the Apple site, or you can just search on the internet for ways that you may be able to use other Apple devices.

If you have some recently purchased apps from the app store you want to hide, it’s quite easy! Open up the App Store and click on the ‘purchased’ tab on the bottom of your screen. It should give you a list of apps and choose the one you wish to hide. Swipe over the app or right over it, and it should now grey out over the ‘installed’ button. A red button will pop up and you will now have the option to hide the app.

Take advantage of free apps for your iPad. Although there are a number of sites that offer apps at reasonable prices, there are also those that give them to you for free. Be sure to check the reputability of the site you download from and read the fine print. You should have no problem getting nearly everything you need at no cost.

Computers no longer fill a room, now they can be held in your hands. When you choose the iPad, you also need to choose to keep learning about what it offers. If you need to learn how to get started using your iPad keep reading this article.

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Analysis: New iPads will help Apple in education but probably not enough

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Enlarge / Apple VP of Product Marketing Greg Joswiak speaks at Apple’s event in Chicago on March 27, 2018. (credit: Eric Bangeman)

In today’s Apple event at Lane Tech High School, Apple CEO Tim Cook reminded the audience that Apple has been in the education business for 40 years. I can’t speak to the 1978-80 timeframe, but I do remember showing up for my sophomore year of high school in the fall of 1981 and walking into the computer lab to find that my beloved Challenger 2P computers, nine-inch black-and-white TVs, and cassette players were gone. In their place were a handful of Apple ][ computers with green-screen monitors. After messing around with them for a day or so, I decided they were an improvement.

That has been the hook for Apple in the education market for the last four decades: it’s an improvement. Back when Microsoft was struggling to put together a polished Graphical User Interface, Macintoshes offered a lower barrier to entry for students and teachers. Unfortunately, that lower barrier generally came with a higher price tag.

Despite that, the combination of a dedicated education sales force, less-expensive hardware created for and targeted at the .edu market—like the eMac, and before that, the Power Macintosh 7500/75—and software tailored to the needs of teachers enabled Apple to make serious inroads in the school system. Apple’s reputation as a secure platform likely helped in the 1990s and early 2000s.

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro (U.S.) second opinion: A great phone that probably won’t make it

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Huawei has had a tough time of things in 2018, getting the rug pulled out from under it just before it launched the U.S. version of its flagship Mate 10 Pro on AT&T. The blows just kept coming with Verizon pulling out of a deal, followed by “security warnings” from some of the American government security agencies. While all of the political mess is somewhat fun to look back at and is good for a nice chuckle or two, my focus here is on the phone itself, Huawei’s centerpiece.

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro (U.S.) second opinion: A great phone that probably won’t make it was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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The OnePlus 6 will probably look a lot like this

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With the Oppo R15 officially announced in China today, we have a good idea of what OnePlus’ next phone might look like, since OnePlus often sources designs from its parent company Oppo. For instance, the OnePlus 5 bears a strong resemblance to the Oppo R11, and the OnePlus 5T ended up looking almost identical to the R11S.

The OnePlus 6 is rumored to have a 19:9 notched display, according to a leak from earlier this month spotted by Android Central. Likewise, the R15 has a notch that imitates the iPhone X’s look, hinting that the OnePlus 6 might also sport an interesting haircut.

The rest of the R15’s specs include a 6.28-inch, 2280 x 1080 OLED panel with slim bezels, a 3,450mAh battery, and a MediaTek Helio P60 processor; it’ll sell for…

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Oppo’s new R15 will probably become the OnePlus 6, and yes, it has a screen notch

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Oppo has announced its latest flagship smartphone, which it calls the R15. Odds are if you’re reading this, you’ll never have the chance to buy it. Oppo sells its phones mainly in China, but you might be able to buy a phone that looks an awful lot like it called the OnePlus 6. And look at that—a screen notch.

Before we get to OnePlus, let’s just go over the R15 to keep up appearances.

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Oppo’s new R15 will probably become the OnePlus 6, and yes, it has a screen notch was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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You’re Probably Drinking Microplastics With Your Bottled Water

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You already know how bad plastic bottles are for the planet. We go through a million of them per minute and are generally terrible at recycling. As a result, bottles join other plastic waste in clogging up waterways, harming wildlife and accumulating in delicate ecosystems.

Now we know this plastic use is probably not too good for us, either. In fact, taking a sip of bottled water might come with more than you bargained for.

The water sold in plastic bottles contains microplastics at levels that might endanger human health, according to a recent study. As a result, the World Health Organization plans to investigate the potential health risks of ingesting plastic, the BBC reports.

Microplastics are pieces of plastic that have broken down a size smaller than a fingernail. About 275,000 metric tons of the stuff enter our waterways each year, according to some estimates.

In the study, which has not been published in a scientific journal and was commissioned by journalistic outlet Orb Media, researchers at State University of New York at Fredonia tested water from 259 bottles produced by 11 different companies and purchased in nine countries. They dropped a red dye into the bottles because the dye sticks to the plastics, differentiating them from the water in which they float. The scientists counted an average of 10.4 plastic particles per liter. Some bottles had no plastic in them at all. In a liter of Nestle Pure Life, there were 10,000.

The findings suggest that a person who drinks a liter of bottled water a day — half of what the average person needs every day — might be consuming tens of thousands of microplastic particles each year, the Orb Media article notes.

We don’t yet know how microplastics affect our health, but there’s reason to think that their buildup in our systems wouldn’t be good for us. We already know that when microplastics build up in animals like fish, they affect their behavior and alter their hormones. Some chemicals in plastic are known to have similar effects on humans.

If you’re shocked that there’s plastic in your water, well, you haven’t been paying attention. A previous investigation by Orb Media found that 83 percent of tap water samples contained microplastics. The shocking thing about this study? The amount of microplastic found in plastic bottles was double what scientists found in tap water.

It’s difficult to imagine a solution that would take care of the problem completely. Municipalities and companies could better filter water before it flows into taps and plastic bottles. But even if we did that, we would still have discarded plastic bottles breaking down into microplastics in water everywhere — not to mention lots of other plastic products. Better filtration would just be a temporary solution to a much larger problem. People, along with the ecosystems in which they live and the animals that live there with them, would probably be better off if governments banned plastics altogether.

The post You’re Probably Drinking Microplastics With Your Bottled Water appeared first on Futurism.


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The Best Journaling App on iPhone Is One You’ve Probably Heard Of

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

There are the apps we try and the apps we use. For the longest time, Day One sat on my iPhone as a wonderful journaling app I never used. Then iPhone Life magazine’s managing editor Rheanne Taylor showed me how she organizes her Day One journaling app. And in that moment, I realized I completely missed arguably the best feature this app has: the ability to create multiple journals. I’ll go more into her brilliant organization below. But with a simple change of outlook, the app has become more invaluable to me than any other note-taking, journaling, or markup app available. If you’re not familiar with Day One, then you’re really in for a treat. This journaling app is beautifully designed and works like a dream. I’ll go over more on what Day One does and why we love it below.

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Day One (Free; Premium 3.99/month)

What It Does

Overall, Day One is a beautiful journaling app with more features than I’ll be able to cover in this article. The Premium version provides you with unlimited journals and unlimited photo storage for $ 3.99 a month or $ 34.99 a year. This is a new model for Day One, which used to be a single-purchase app. For Day One users who bought the app before this transition, there’s a lifetime discount. While a lot of users have not been happy about this change, I think it makes a lot of sense. Day One is planning to add lots of new amazing features. On its website, Day One lists three of these upcoming features: audio recording, writing prompts, and video entries. But in order to do that, the company needs a steady stream of money to invest back into the app. I think it’s worth the small investment for those who want and will use the best journaling app available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Which reminds me, with a premium subscription, you also get the Mac app. So all of your entries and writing will sync beautifully across all of your devices. Hoorah!

The Day One app provides you with four different ways to view your entries: the main Journals view, by photos, on a map, or via the calendar. The main view is where you can quickly start a new journal entry and see a preview of previous entries. The Photos view shows all the photos you’ve added to entries, and you can tap on a photo to view the full entry. The Map view lets you see where you were when you wrote the various entries, and the Calendar view lets you see when you wrote each entry. You can create tags to easily organize notes across journals, search by year, or even song. You can see what you wrote On This Day the year before or even set reminders to journal for certain days of the week or at the beginning and end of a month.

Why We Love It

My Day One journaling app is password protected, which makes it feel like more of a sacred, private place to pour my feelings into than a physical journal or computer document. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Rheanne completely changed the way I organized my Day One app. Being able to create multiple journals, I just assumed I’d have one for each year. But no, Rheanne had a way better idea. She creates different journals for different reasons. So she has one for keeping quotes, one for daily free writing, one for lists, and on. I found this to be absolutely brilliant. Now I have six different journals, all of which I use under different circumstances. If I come across a recipe on Instagram that I really want to try, I add it to my Recipes to Try entry within my Lists journal. And since I can color-code my journals differently, I can visually see which journal I’m in very quickly.

There are many more features I can’t possibly cover here; but if you want a journaling app that’s elegant and wonderful to use, give Day One a try. While the shift to a subscription model has turned some users away, I think we as app consumers need to get used to paying for the features we want, just like we would with a physical product. And Day One is definitely worth it.

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You can watch Netflix on any screen you want, but you’re probably watching it on a TV

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Most Netflix subscribers sign up on phones or computers. But 70 percent of viewing happens on TVs.

You can watch Netflix in almost every country in the world, on any device you want. But the odds are very good that no matter where you watch Netflix, you’re going to watch it on a TV screen.

Netflix says 70 percent of its streams end up on connected TVs, instead of phones, tablets or PCs.

That number isn’t a shock — Netflix has been clear about the importance of TVs for a long time, and it’s why the company has spent a lot of energy working out integration deals with pay TV distributors like Comcast and Sky — but it’s a good reminder that not everything is moving to the phone.

Netflix isn’t an outlier, either. Last fall, for instance, YouTube said that its live TV service, which it had pitched as a mobile-first offering, was generating more than half of its streams on TVs.

Netflix, which laid out its data at a briefing for reporters today at its Los Gatos, California headquarters, said it often signs up viewers on non-TV devices, which also makes sense. While those pay TV integrations are making it easier to buy a Netflix subscription from your couch, in most cases it will still be easier to do it from a PC, which accounts for 40 percent of signups. Phones account for another 30 percent.


But over time, viewing patterns change. Six months into a subscription, most viewers have moved from their smaller screens to the biggest one in their house.


And just to beat this into the ground: It doesn’t matter what kind of Netflix show you’re watching: Dramas, kid shows, Chris Rock specials all end up on your TV, when you can.


Recode – All

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7 Killer Apple Watch Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND


The Apple Watch introduced a fundamentally new way of interacting with a smartwatch. This means there are a whole lot of new tricks to learn about, of course. The latest software version, watchOS 4, brought a lot of new features to the Apple Watch. While we have extensively covered the headline features in watchOS 4, there are a few little-known Apple Watch tricks that aren’t apparent at the first glance. Here’s the scoop you have to know. 1. Set an Image From Gallery as Custom Watch Face Unlike Android Wear, watchOS doesn’t let you set custom third-party watch faces. If…

Read the full article: 7 Killer Apple Watch Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

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