Volkswagen exec gets seven years in prison over emissions scandal

Volkswagen official Oliver Schmidt has been sentenced to seven years in prison and handed down a $ 400,000 fine. In August, the former Volkswagen manager in Michigan pleaded guilty for his role in the automaker's emission-cheating scheme. If you'll re…
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VW executive given the maximum prison sentence for his role in Dieselgate

The man who was in charge of Volkswagen’s US environmental and engineering office before the Dieselgate scandal has been sentenced to seven years in prison. Oliver Schmidt had previously pleaded guilty to violating the Clean Air Act and conspiracy to defraud the US government in August for his role in Dieselgate, where VW was found to have used hidden software to hide the fact that many of its cars weren’t meeting emissions standards.

The prison term and an accompanying $ 400,000 fine were announced at a sentencing hearing today in a US District Court in Detroit. They represent the maximum penalties for those charges.

Schmidt originally faced up to 169 years in prison on 11 felony counts before he entered his guilty plea. He is the…

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Dutch court sentences two dark web drug dealers to six years in prison

Months after Dutch National Police vowed to actively persecute individuals suspected of buying and selling illegal substances on the dark web, two 23-year-old men from the Netherlands have been sentenced to serve time in prison for dealing drugs. The two defendants, Thijs V. from the city of Houten and Mike W. from the city of Muiden, will each have to serve sentences of six years, local news outlet RTL Niews reports. The drug dealers had purportedly distributed dozens of pounds of hard drugs, mainly MDMA. Most of the packages were disguised as unassuming gifts, hidden in peanut butter jars or…

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Introversion’s ‘Prison Architect’ lands on the Mac App Store, Feral ships ‘XCOM 2: War of the Chosen’ expansion on macOS

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The incarceration sandbox game ‘Prison Architect’ has tunneled itself into the Mac App Store, at the same time as Feral Interactive releases the ‘War of the Chosen’ expansion for ‘XCOM 2’ for macOS.
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