Google’s ARCore SDK is out of preview, now any developer can publish AR apps to the Play Store

Following a long preview period which started last August when it was initially announced, Google’s ARCore SDK has now finally reached version 1.0. It’s thus out of preview and allows any developer to create AR-infused apps and publish them to the Play Store for Android. ARCore 1.0 has improved environmental understanding, letting users place virtual assets on textured surfaces like posters, furniture, toy boxes, books, cans, and many more – see an example in the image below. ARCore already works on 100 million smartphones running Google’s OS, complete with advanced AR capabilities…. – Latest articles

The Morning After: Mobile World Congress preview

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Before you wrap this week up, check out our Mobile World Congress preview, so you don't miss any of the new phones we're expecting to see(set a reminder for Samsung's Galaxy S9 event on Sunday.) Also, the FCC is…
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How Mattel is using AR to let you preview Hot Wheels playsets

Taking a cue from Lego, Mattel is betting on augmented reality as a new way to entice shoppers. The company will introduce an AR app this fall, which will generate a virtual version of its Hot Wheels City playsets when you point your phone or tablet…
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IKEA and Teenage Engineering preview their collaboration on Instagram

Teenage Engineering is known for its wonky-looking yet functional synths and speakers, while IKEA furniture fills college (and folks who still live like it's college) apartments. Their powers combined has produced…some neat, boldly-colored speakers…
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