Energizer Power Max P16K Pro smartphone arrives at MWC with 16,000 mAh battery

Energizer wants to make a big splash at MWC this year, and it’s definitely going to achieve just that with the Power Max P16K Pro smartphone that it will unveil on that occasion. The company is best known for its batteries, so it makes perfect sense that its next handset will have battery life as a huge focus. Keyword: huge. The Power Max P16K Pro sports a gargantuan 16,000 mAh battery. That’s four times bigger than what you would expect in this day and age in order to call a device one that comes with a big battery. The new Energizer will obliterate its competition in this area….

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Review: The Power of TouchID in a Padlock

Apple may be moving to facial recognition, but I still like Touch ID. And if you like fingerprint identification, and wish more devices in your life supported it, check out the Tapplock One ($ 99). I saw it at CES and had the opportunity to test it out. 

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The first thing you notice is how heavy duty, and heavy, the padlock is. It’s not cheap, but the company periodically has sales and offers volume discounts. You can also unlock it via Bluetooth and Morse Code, so friends and family members could use it even without registering their fingerprints, although each lock can support up to 500 fingerprints. The battery should last one year and it recharges in two hours using Tapplock’s own proprietary cable. I’ve seen other locks that use a 9-volt battery as a backup power source, so that would have been nice in an emergency.


  • Fingerprint reader for a padlock
  • Heavy duty and water resistant
  • Free companion app
  • Volume discounts
  • Bluetooth and Morse Code unlocking options


  • Proprietary charging cable
  • Heavy

Final Verdict

The Tapplock One delivers the power of Touch ID in a padlock form.


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IDG Contributor Network: Who does JD Power say has best wireless purchase experience?

JD Power just released their 2018 wireless purchase experience study details, and there are two very interesting facts in these results that every buyer needs to know, yet no one is talking about. One is this. While there are winners, there are no losers this year. What I mean is, all the major carriers are now very good. In fact, they are so close it almost doesn’t matter which one you choose, based on this study.

However, there are differences you need to know. There are other factors you should be aware of to determine the best carrier for you. JD Power does a great job year after year of measuring different parts of the wireless experience in general. It keeps carriers on their toes. This is one of many factors to help users choose the best carriers for them.

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Tesla’s latest smart power grid experiment begins in Canada

Tesla's experiments with smart power grids are headed further North. Canada's Nova Scotia Power recently finished setting up a pilot project that will use a combination of Tesla's Powerwall 2 home batteries and utility-grade Powerpack batteries to…
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