T-Mobile in a position to grow its market share with millennials, says report

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According to a new survey, T-Mobile could see major gains in acquiring millennial customers. Research firm Macquarie Capital says that it expects T-Mobile to “gain the bulk of industry net adds in ’18+”. The firm adds that it found price and value to be most important among consumers of all ages, which it believes is a benefit of T-Mobile. In Macquarie Capital’s survey, 46 percent of customers used Verizon while 22 percent use T-Mobile, 19 percent … [read full article]

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s spy shot reveals the position of the dual camera – in the corner

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Xiaomi’s Mix phones have always had stunning design but were lacking in the camera department – something that will soon change. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s promises to bring a dual camera, though the rumors can’t agree on where that camera will be located. An earlier leak put it in the center (with the LED flash separating the two lenses). This latest leak, however, shows a more iPhone X-like position in the top left corner. Alleged photo of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Personally, we prefer the camera centered, but this is the exact same layout as the Redmi Note 5 Pro, which makes this the…

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Arrow acquires eInfochips to further its IoT leadership position

Arrow Electronics has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire California-based product engineering and software R&D services firm eInfochips.

eInfochips specialises in IoT-based business models. Arrow expects to further its IoT platform through the acquisition. Arrow’s IoT “sensor-to-sunset” platform will receive a boost from eInfochips’ efforts that include adding engineering, solution architecture, embedded software development, security, mobile device connectivity, app development, cloud configuration and management, and managed services including big-data analytics.

Michael J. Long, chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Arrow, said: “We will deliver complex and connected IoT solutions and technologies across multiple cloud platforms. This acquisition adds over 1,500 IoT solution architects, engineers, and software development resources to Arrow’s already leading position in IoT design services.”

Matt Anderson, chief digital officer of Arrow, said: “Arrow has redefined design engineering with our industry-leading eDesign digital platform. Customers now collaborate on Arrow.com with hundreds of online-enabled engineers. Our engineers help customers with online reference designs, cloud-based design tools, and our eDesign platform. Connecting eInfochips’ IoT capabilities and engineers to our eDesign platform will substantially augment the scale of eInfochips’ services, delivered via digital tools, to Arrow’s 125,000 customers.”

Arrow had in July teamed up with IBM to integrate IBM's Watson IoT platform and IBM Cloud services into Arrow's ideation-to-production services to gain advantage from the growing IoT market in Asia Pacific. Arrow offered the IBM Watson IoT platform via IBM Cloud, giving them access to more than 160 industry-leading cloud services to incorporate ready-to-use capabilities, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, advanced data analytics and cyber security into their latest IoT inventions to the customers in Asia Pacific.

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Apple’s design team director Jony Ive regains his position after 2 years

Jonathan Ive; the man responsible for the design of many of the company’s most popular products has regained back his position of direct management of product design teams after two years. Jony Ive was named as the Apple’s chief design officer in 2015.  He was later handed off some day-to-day responsibilities while Apple was building its new Apple … Continue reading “Apple’s design team director Jony Ive regains his position after 2 years”
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Intel accuses Qualcomm of abusing monopoly position

There are three constants in the universe – mass, energy, and Qualcomm being engaged in legal battles. The latest complaint comes from Intel, which claims the San Diego company is charging five times more for its licenses while at the same time is offering lower prices for chips for phone manufacturers. Intel has urged the ITC to investigate Qualcomm, as it feels it hasn’t licensed its tech under “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory” terms and is charging absurdly high rates. Qualcomm on the other side said Intel uses patents in certain LTE modems unlawfully and has demanded…

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New Galaxy Note8 leaked renders show camera bump, confirm position of the fingerprint sensor

Last week a comprehensive report shed a lot of light on Samsung’s upcoming Note8 smartphone, including its record-breaking price. One of the things that leak did not have was any kind of image portraying the device. Today, however, two different sources have come up with CAD-based renders of the Galaxy Note8. Let’s start with the more schematic one. Like the other renders outed today, this confirms the position of the fingerprint sensor that was talked about in last week’s leak. We also get the umpteenth confirmation of the dual rear camera setup. As you can see, the fingerprint…

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