The Cryptos is a witty comic strip that pokes fun at cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are finally making waves in mainstream media – a trend that has sent thousands of recreational enthusiasts hastily flocking to talk crypto on various online discussion boards like BitcoinTalk, Steemit, Telegram and Twitter. But perhaps most popular among these is Reddit. The self-proclaimed ‘front page of the internet’ has gradually established itself as one of the go-to places for heated discussions on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the culture around these still-nascent technologies. Among other things, crypto-nerds frequent Reddit to share investment advice, drop trading tips, vent about silly decisions – and quite often, post dank memes. But there…

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Facebook’s new ‘Greetings’ buttons are like Pokes on steroids

Our own director of social media spotted a curious new feature on Facebook last night: a row of ‘Greetings’ buttons beneath a user’s display picture on their profile page. It’s about as bad as you imagine – almost like the return of the SuperPoke from a decade ago. Essentially, the social network is now adding a bunch of variations to the ‘Hello’ greeting it quietly introduced last month for some users. In addition to saying ‘Hello’, you can now send a hug, wink, poke or high-five. These options become available when you hold the ‘Hello’ button, similar to how the additional…

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Tim Cook Pokes Fun at Windows During MIT Commencement Address

Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered the 2017 commencement address at MIT on Friday morning. Beyond speaking about Apple’s history and his own experience with co-founder Steve Jobs, Cook also took the opportunity to poke fun at Windows.

During one portion of the speech, Cook expanded on the difficulty of finding his true purpose in life, while throwing in a playful swipe at Microsoft’s flagship computer. “I tried meditation. I sought guidance in religion. I read great philosophers and authors. And in a moment of youthful indiscretion, I might even have experimented with a Windows PC, and that obviously didn’t work.”

Cook went on, however. It was this inability to find true meaning or purpose that eventually brought him to Apple, he said. This was in 1998, when Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy. But Cook arrived in Cupertino around the same time that Steve Jobs returned to the company. Jobs had just begun the company’s breakthrough “Think Different campaign,” Cook explained. “Before that moment, I had never met a leader with such passion or encountered a company with such a clear and compelling purpose: to serve humanity.”

And it was working with Jobs that ultimately led Cook to embrace a similar purpose, he added. “It was in that moment, after 15 years of searching, that something clicked. I finally felt aligned with a company that brought together challenging, cutting edge work with a higher purpose…

Steve and Apple freed me to throw myself into the work and embrace their mission and make it my own. How can I serve humanity? This is life’s biggest and most important question.”

Ahead of today’s commencement address, Cook toured the MIT campus yesterday. “So impressed by MIT students and faculty who are finding new ways to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. Thanks for sharing your work,” Cook tweeted. He concluded his speech Friday with a similar sentiment, saying that he’s optimistic in the next generation’s future and urging students to use minds, hands and hearts to build something “bigger than yourselves.”

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CBS’ ‘Candy Crush’ Game Show Trailer Out, Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun at It

A few months back we talked about Candy Crush [Free] becoming a TV game show, and a few weeks back we heard that Mario Lopez, of Saved by the Bell, was going to present it. Jimmy Kimmel was able to read Mario Lopez’s mind, and he re-did the TV game show’s trailer with a bit more honesty at the end, so make sure you watch the whole video below. We shouldn’t be surprised that Candy Crush will become a TV game show since the brand has been stepping outside the world of mobile gaming for some time now (including sponsoring the big Coachella party this year). And with most mobile gamers at least knowing—if not actually playing—Candy Crush on their phones, the game show has a ready-made audience.

As you can see from the trailer, the game show will take place in a huge arena with huge screens. It will, of course, be all about matching the right candy, but I’m hoping we have a bonus level where you have to sell your car to have enough money for the necessary IAPs. The game show will go live next month on CBS.