Android 8.0 Oreo update with EMUI 8.0 is in the works for the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus

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Last year Huawei gave us a list of its devices that were to be updated to EMUI 8.0 based on Android 8.0 Oreo, but it was quite short – only the P10, P10 Plus, Mate 9, and Mate 9 Pro were on it. Now it seems that was just the preliminary list, since the company is already working on bringing the new software version to the even older P9 and P9 Plus. The news comes straight from a Huawei product manager, posting on its forums in China. Huawei P9 Plus There’s no release timeline mentioned, only that the update will be made available at some point. Currently the team is busy adapting… – Latest articles

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Best Car Mounts for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus in 2018

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What’s the best car mount for iPhone? Here’s are our picks!

iPhone X and iPhone 8 are here, and that means you’ll need a handy way to tote them around in your car. Check out any one of these awesome mounts and go hands-free on the road!

All mounts in this roundup will fit iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and just about anything older!

Logitech Drive One-Touch smartphone car mount

If you prefer a dashboard or windshield mount, you need to consider Logitech Drive One-Touch (about $ 35). With one quick twist, it mounts to your dashboard or your windshield, and it can be removed just as easily. This mount is ideal for those who use multiple vehicles and need the car mount to transfer easily; it’s also great for single-vehicle households with multiple drivers.

Your iPhone will stay securely in view, thanks to the magnetic universal adapter, which works well through most cases. The only downside is that Logitech only supports horizontal or vertical placement. It does not turn, swivel, or offer an alternate angle. As long as you are satisfied with your iPhone’s position, this won’t be an issue, but it’s good to know in advance.

See at Amazon

TechMatte MagGrip air vent magnetic universal car mount

TechMatte’s air vent mount is inexpensive and well-reviewed, so you may actually end up buying one for all of your favorite drivers. It even doubles as a kickstand for your iPhone when you take it out of the car. It’s like getting two gadgets for the price of one!

The TechMatte MagGrip clips easily onto most air vents and keeps your iPhone easily in sight. No dashboard or windshield space is taken up and no view is obstructed. The mount itself doesn’t swivel, but your iPhone is easy to reposition in spite of powerful magnets.

TechMatte’s mount is as easy and as simple as it gets, and it’s only $ 8!

See at Amazon

iOttie Easy One Touch 3 (V2.0) universal car mount phone holder

To avoid magnets and adapters altogether, take a look at the $ 25 iOttie Easy One Touch. With one push of your finger, your iPhone locks into place, and with another push, releases. This new and improved version has extra space for larger phones while keeping the side arms minimal and away from your screen. The sticky gel pad on the base and included dashboard pad make it easy to attach the mount to your your dashboard or your windshield.

The telescopic arm adds another inch of space between your iPhone and the mount for better viewing. That arm also pivots up and down 180 degrees while allowing you to fully adjust the position of your iPhone. If you’re on the road for hours on end and regularly switching drivers, the ability to adjust your car mount this much is absolutely necessary. iOttie is secure enough to withstand whatever bumps and turns your commute throws at you and your iPhone won’t budge one bit.

See at Amazon

ProClip mobile mounting solutions

For a completely customized car mount, direct your attention to ProClip. They offer a two-part car mount solution that you customize for your specific needs. Firstly, you select your iPhone model from the menu, and indicate whether or not you want to factor in the case you use. You’ll be given a variety of six to eight images to choose from with specs and details for each phone holder offered.

Once you’ve decided on your iPhone holder, you move on to the custom mounting base. Select the kind of base you want (dashboard, pedestal, and so on) and select the vehicle you drive. The bases you will be selecting from are designed to snap into the seams of your dashboard or grip the necessary panels, so no sticky pads or bolts are necessary. Eliminate the guessing by customizing every aspect of your car mount and know that it’s going to fit just the way you want it to.

Pricing starts around $ 30 depending on which iPhone model you have.

See at ProClip USA

Ram Mount Universal X

The Ram Mount Universal X is as heavy duty as they come. Made from composite and stainless steel, this mount could outlast your vehicle. On rough terrain like construction sites or off road adventures, your iPhone will stay in place and the industrial strength suction cup will stay exactly where you installed it. The installation is quick, clean, and ideal for windshield mounting.

The arm and iPhone holder are adjustable to any angle that works for you. The spring loaded holder has rubber coated tips so your phone won’t be damaged, and even the thickest case will fit. It’s easy to lock your iPhone in and just as easy to remove it. In spite of the heavy construction of the overall mount, it doesn’t obstruct your view in the slightest. It may be a little pricy at $ 50, but it’s definitely worth it.

See at Amazon

Spigen Kuel AP12T

Spigen’s newer mount, the Kuel AP12T, is a relative facsimile of the iOttie Easy One Touch, but it comes in a little less expensive and significantly sturdier, according to Amazon reviewer “Bill”.

“As soon as I held the Spigen the one thing I noticed is this feels very sturdy, and the tolerances are much tighter than the iOttie.”[sic] (Amazon reviewer “Bill”)

The $ 19 Kuel is a dashboard mount that adheres via suction cup, and it can be oriented just about any way you like, with an telescopic arm and rotating head that lets you mount your phone the way you want to. The one-touch systems makes mounting and unmounting your iPhone easy — you just have to press it in and the arms automatically lock it in place.

The Kuel is perfect for anyone who needs a sturdy mount that won’t get its jimmies rustled when you hit a bump.

See at Amazon

Nite Ize Steelie

The Steelie by Nite Ize is one of my favorite car mounts for a number of reasons. First off, its $ 28 price tag is fairly easy to swallow, and secondly, its footprint is itty bitty, so it’ll work great in just about any car.

The steel ball adheres to your dash or anywhere you decide to stick it in your vehicle, and then a small, circular pad adheres to the back of your iPhone or your iPhone’s case. That pad then sticks to the steel ball via magnet, making it easy to mount your iPhone and then take it off at a moment’s notice. It also makes it easy to orient your phone any way you like.

Nite Ize has a number of Steelie options, including a mount with arms, a vent mount, a mount with an extendable arm, and more.

See at Amazon

Oliv. Button mounts

Oliv. mounts from ProClip are fantastic, minimalist mounts for anyone who wants a quick mounting solution at a solid price. Oliv. Button mounts are roughly $ 30 and have strong magnets that keep your iPhone handily in place, in whichever orientation you prefer. The base of the mount takes up roughly the space of a Canadian toonie (about an inch in diameter). ProClip makes awesome mounts that are lasting, and it stands by its mounts.

See at ProClip

What do you use?

If you’ve got a favorite car mount for your iPhone, even if it didn’t make this list, let us know all about it in the comments!

Updated March 2018: Added the Oliv. Button mount from ProClip and updated pricing for all the other great options.

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Hands-on w/ the iPhone-size ‘Crave Plus’ 10,000 mAh Portable Charger + 40% off deal [Video]

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The Crave Plus is a portable charger with an iPhone-like design that packs in an impressive 10,000 mAh battery to charge your iPhone and other devices up to 3 times. Thanks to our sponsor Crave, 9to5 readers can get an exclusive 40% off for a limited time.

Get Crave Plus for 40% off with promo code 9to5Mac $ 47.99 (Reg. $ 79.99)

But it’s not just the size of an iPhone. The designed-in-America Crave Plus also takes a lot of design cues from Apple’s phones with its aluminum finish and rounded corners. That makes it a perfect companion to slide in your pocket next to your iPhone 7, 8, or X. With our 40% off discount, you can get the Crave Plus for its lowest price ever, $ 47.99.



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LG K30 and LG Aristo 2 Plus reportedly coming to T-Mobile

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According to a new report, LG’s got a couple of new smartphones headed to T-Mobile. The LG K30 and LG Aristo 2 Plus will be sold by T-Mobile, says well-known leaker Evan Blass. No details on the launch dates or pricing of these two devices have been revealed. The spec details for these two upcoming phones are unclear. Both the LG K20 Plus and LG Aristo being sold by T-Mobile are entry-level devices, … [read full article]

The post LG K30 and LG Aristo 2 Plus reportedly coming to T-Mobile appeared first on TmoNews.


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How To Get Portrait Lighting Feature On iPhone 7 Plus Without Jailbreak

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Here’s how you can enable Portrait Lighting feature on iPhone 7 Plus. No jailbreak is required for this to work.

[ Continue reading this over at ]

Redmond Pie

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Sony Xperia R1 and Xperia R1 Plus Android 8.0 Oreo update starts rolling out in India

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Sony Mobile launched Xperia R1 and Xperia R1 Plus, two new mid-range smartphones exclusively in India last October running Android 7.1 (Nougat), and the company at the launch said that the phones will be upgraded to Android 8.0 (Oreo). As promised, the company has started rolling out the update for the smartphones earlier this week.  [HTML1] Android 8.0 Oreo update brings features like reminders for unfinished tasks such as emails in drafts and messages. It brings a new feature called Xperia actions which intelligently suggests actions based on your usage with all new games and community features. It brings contextual menus for app shortcuts which on long pressing will show more options. The update will also include Oreo default features like notification channels, improvements including Background limits, Snooze notifications, Picture in Picture (PIP) display and more. The Sony Xperia R1 and Xperia R1 Plus Android 8.0 Oreo update has build number S001011_180224. On the official Sony forum, some users are reporting Wi-fi SSID connection and some third-party app crashes after Oreo update.
Fone Arena
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Giveaway: Get one of 15 pairs of MJYUN Truly Wireless Earbuds and charging case (a $39.99 value) plus a 20% off coupon for everyone else [US]

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For years now, the quirky feature of most wireless headphones has been, well, wires. Now, thanks to companies like MJYUN, we have truly wireless headphones and at an affordable price. In fact, 15 of our readers will be getting them for free and the rest of you can take advantage of a 20% off coupon.

When I say truly wireless, I mean not just no wire connecting to your phone, computer, or other host device, but no wire connecting the buds either.

Read More

Giveaway: Get one of 15 pairs of MJYUN Truly Wireless Earbuds and charging case (a $ 39.99 value) plus a 20% off coupon for everyone else [US] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Android Police – Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets

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iPhone X vs Galaxy S9 Plus: Beast Can’t Yet Match the Superiority of the Champ

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Expectedly, Samsung has unleashed Galaxy S9/9 Plus to take the shine away from Apple’s magnum opus—iPhone X. Widely, touted as the best and most powerful Android smartphone, the beast has got plenty to be a show stopper but has the device got enough to be an iPhone killer?

Going by the several reviews from popular tech sites, S9 seems to be a solid option for the people who are enamored by high-end specs. With the gorgeous design, stunning camera and ultra-large screen, the device is primed to be your eye-candy! However, I still don’t find enough inspiration to ditch my iPhone…

iPhone X vs. Galaxy S9 Plus

iPhone X Still Has the Best Edge-to-Edge Display

No matter how much Samsung laughs off the “Notch” and blasts it for being useless, Apple’s flagship smartphone has undoubtedly better edge-to-edge display. While S9 features slim bezel both at the top and bottom, iPhone X screen goes all the way to the bottom and also touch the corners at the top on either side of the notch. Whenever I look at the screen of S9, the eye-sore bezel seems to irritate my end.

The notch is a big hit among quite a few Android smartphone makers. Else, why many of them would be planning to introduce it on their upcoming smartphones.

I’m really surprised to know that One Plus 6 is reportedly coming with iPhone X-like notch. The news just goes on to show how much appreciation it’s getting not just from the diehard fans but also from the noted rivals!

Google has just announced a new Android update called Android P, which adds the support for display notches built into Android devices that mimic the design of the iPhone X.

S9 Lacks the X Factor…

Samsung has tried its best to copy some of the biggest highlights like Face ID and Animoji of iPhone X and failed to make a match for them. Apple’s facial recognition is still far superior on all fronts. And when it comes to animated emojis, the iPhone has a clear edge thanks to the spotless face mapping.

“You won’t find a bigger and better Android phone than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, thanks to its oversized 6.2-inch curved screen and low-light-defeating dual-lens camera. Sure, it looks exactly like last year’s S8 Plus, but it does fix the fingerprint sensor location (it’s now center-aligned on the back) and speakers (now stereo). The new AR Emoji mode is overrated, though, and its higher price is tough to justify. This is for people who want the biggest screen and the best camera on one phone.”TechRadar

“It has a head-turning design, fast performance, a great screen, and a very good camera. Outside of the display, the S9 isn’t a class leader in any category, but it’s good enough in all of them that the whole package makes for a great phone.

Owners of the S8 probably don’t need to upgrade this go-around — the differences aren’t great enough to warrant splurging on the S9 — but if you’re using a Galaxy S7 or any other phone from two years ago, the S9 is a significant step up in every respect.”The Verge

“If you’re looking for a stock Android phone, the Google Pixel 2 XL is still our top recommendation. Updates are important to us, and if you think so too, getting the Pixel means you’ll get fast security and version updates. We think the software experience is cleaner on the Pixel 2 XL, as well, and it’s more fluid. The Pixel 2 XL has a stellar camera, and while the Galaxy S9 may beat it in low-light photography, there are plenty of other areas where the Pixel 2 comes out on top.

Daylight photos and even some nighttime shots are more detailed, and Portrait Mode produces stunning images.

Obviously, iOS fans will need to take a look at the iPhone X. From its gorgeous design, strong camera, and fluid software, there’s plenty to like with Apple’s latest flagship.”Digital Trends

iPhone X Camera is Almost At Par

Agreed, S9 has got a slightly better camera. But iPhone X camera is not far behind with an overall DxOMark score of 97 points and should ideally live up to your mobile photography demand. Moreover, if you wish to have more natural colors in your shots, the iPhone is your safe bet.

“With an overall DxOMark score of 99 points, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus takes the number one spot in our Mobile ranking, edging out the Google Pixel 2 by just one point. The S9 Plus comes with a camera that hasn’t got any obvious weaknesses and performs very well across all photo and video test categories. The Photo score of 104 points is the best we’ve seen so far.

At 91 points the video score is a little lower but still among the best, making the new Samsung an ideal choice for any mobile users who want the best possible still image quality without compromising on video.”DxOMark

And, what about the poor software and rather delayed software update?

One of the main reasons why I love iPhone is more reliable and secure iOS. Apple offers you instant software updates for up to 5 years. Though some of the stock apps for iOS may not be out of the box, they are still far better than those bloat wares you get on Samsung devices. Worse, the North Korean tech giant is well-known for not delivering software updates in time.

Take a classic example, last year’s Galaxy S8 still doesn’t have Android 8.0 in the US, which was launched over six months ago by Google.

It’s the advanced software that makes a smartphone such a great asset. But when your one of the most expensive device is lagging with a year old OS, and there is no clarity when it will get the latest and most talked about features, you are bound to be frustrated…

“And then there’s the perennial complaint with Samsung’s software: why are there so many duplicate apps? The unlocked S9 I’ve been testing has two email apps, two gallery apps, two browsers, and two app stores. The carrier versions will surely have even more duplicative apps. A couple of Samsung’s apps are good — namely the Samsung browser and Samsung Pay — but the rest are inferior to the Google apps that are also installed on the phone, which just makes them annoying. If you care at all about software updates, Samsung is one of the worst manufacturers when it comes to delivering new versions of Android. As of this review, last year’s Galaxy S8 still doesn’t have Android 8.0 in the US, and that was released by Google over six months ago.”The Verge

Your take?

What’s your take on S9 and do you find it good enough to win you over—from the perspective of an iPhone user? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Give it a try to our app and remain connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to read more such editorials.

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Best VR Headsets for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8: Transform Your Smartphone into the Awesome 3D Cinema

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Best VR Headsets for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8

VR headsets are amazing for making the most of power-packed 3D games and movies. They sort of transforms your smartphone into 3D cinema. If you have a great liking for larger than life viewing experience, you would love to pick out one of these best iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus VR headsets.

The qualities that make these top VR headsets so special are the ability to let you fine-tune the viewing as desired. Bestowed with HD lens, they make your viewing an excellent experience and also don’t allow glare or eye fatigue to creep up.

Best VR Headsets for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8

Best VR Headsets for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus

Note: The price of Amazon products is subject to change as it depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, the price of the accessories mentioned in this post might not match the actual one.

Quick navigation:

#1. Pasonomi

Pasonomi VR Headset for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus

What steals the show for Pasonomi VR headset is the trendy design. The headset comes with ergonomic head belt design that offers the needed comfort to let you continue to enjoy marvelous 3D games longer. Soft and thick foam doesn’t the pain strike your head.

High-quality resin lens plays a key role in providing larger than life experience. Adjustable pupil and sight distance makes it very handy for everyone. Moreover, Pasonomi works with a number of VR apps available in App Store and Google Play Store.

USP: Ergonomic head belt design
Price: $ 29.99 on
Buy it from Amazon


ELEGIANT VR Headset for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and 8

What headlines for ELEGIANT are the HD optical resin lenses that not only reduce distortion significantly but also magnify viewing. The head strap is designed to decrease pressure to the eye. Therefore, you won’t feel fatigued even after playing VR games for hours.

You can perfectly adjust lens depth and pupil distance to enhance viewing. Thick padded facial cushion adds more comfort; allowing you to break all the shackles and enjoy gaming in its full-fledged form. Beyond immersive viewing experience, ELEGIANT is compatible with smartphones with 4-6 inch screen sizes.

USP: Thick padded facial cushion
Price: $ 26.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

#3. NSInew

NSInew VR Headset for iPhone X, 8 Plus and iPhone 8

NSInew ticks off all the boxes to be a handy VR headset. Powered by high-definition lenses, it doesn’t allow glare, dizziness or eye fatigue to mar your user-experience. Hence, you will play games for hours without any pan at all.

I like its soft upholstery on the facial side which brings a lot of comfort into the play. There are three head straps, which allow you to perfectly adjust it. Lastly, this handy VR headset fits for all smartphones with 4-6 inch screen size and also comes with Bluetooth remote.

USP: Three head straps
Price: $ 69.99 [$ 31.99 on]
Buy it from Amazon


DESTEK VR Headset for iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8

Primed to offer the whopping 103-degree field of view, DESTEK V4 brings life to your 3D watching experience. With anti-blue light HD lenses, it provides complete protection to your eyes. The face padding with soft leather makes your skin feel comfortable. As a result, you would enjoy your view without irritation.

The head strap features 9 degrees of adjustment upward to ensure the strap doesn’t touch your ears; therefore your head and nose don’t feel any pressure. It lets you perfectly adjust object/pupil distance separately to have the clearest view. Even better, the touch button offers you the essential convenience to control VR games.

DESTEK V4 supports smartphones with 4.5-6 inches sizes.

USP: 9 Degrees of adjustment
Price: $ 25.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

#5. Sarki

Sarki VR Headset for iPhone X, 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

It’s the sporty design that has compelled me to give a close look to Sarki. The headset is well-built and comes with stereo headphones. I like its memory sponge, which doesn’t allow pressure to kill your gaming time.

This VR headset enables you to fine-tune both pupil distance (PD) and focal distance (FD), which makes it ideally suitable for 0-600°near-sighted viewing. The T-shaped straps naturally fit your head. It offers 120-degree wide viewing angle and supports devices with 4.7-6-inches size.

More importantly, the detachable front cover is designed for improved heat dissipation so that your smartphone remains cool throughout. Besides, you get a Bluetooth remote controller to remain in full control of gaming. (If you don’t want to have the remote controller, you can get it at just $ 34.99)

USP: Detachable front cover for improved heat dissipation
Price: $ 42.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Merge VR

Merge VR Headset for iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8

The ability to deliver stunning virtual reality experience makes Merge VR a cut above the rest. Made of high-quality soft foam, the headset seamlessly fits any face. Thanks to dual input buttons, you are able to navigate through your games with consummate ease.

Lenses are perfectly adjusted to fit your eyes. The high-quality material can easily withstand drops. You can pick this top-notch VR headset in nice fascinating colors.

USP: Dual input buttons
Price: $ 35 on
Buy it from Amazon

#7. Pansonite VR

Pansonite VR Headset for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8

Pansonite is timed for an endless 3D movie watching and high-octane gaming. Featuring ergonomic design, the headset doesn’t let fatigue mar your joy. The soft foam fits all the contours of your face; allowing you to breathe comfortably.

The t-shaped strap is made of soft material and feels pretty warm. It comes with HD aspheric lens, which provides high-clarity and also keeps distortion at bay. The hassle-free adjustment of pupil distance (PD) and focal distance make it ideal for everyone. The wider FOV (Field Of View) makes viewing a remarkable experience.

USP: HD aspheric lens for high clarity
Price: $ 49.99 on
Buy it from Amazon


VR WEAR iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8 VR Headset

Get the most out of panoramic spherical 360-degree video or watch some of your all-time favorite movies with IMAX cinema effect with VR WEAR! Another notable feature of this headset is the comfortable lens adjustment in 4 directions for each eye separately.

The finest quality lens with 105-degree vision angle boosts your viewing experience while reducing the dizzying effect. It has a hole for ventilation to keep overheating at bay. The soft construction doesn’t put any pressure on the nose and ear.

Based on your convenience, you can adjust straps. What’s more, it comes with 2 sticker sets to let you change the look of the virtual reality goggles. Besides, VR Wear supports smartphones with 4.5-6.3″ diagonal screen.

USP: Wide viewing angle
Price: $ 27.95 on
Buy it from Amazon


BNEXT VR Headset for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8

If you have set your sights on top-notch VR gaming experience, you shouldn’t miss out on BNEXT. So, what makes it such a hot deal for action-packed gaming?

Well, it’s the bigger lenses that deliver wide FOV that takes your viewing to the next level. Add to that the smooth-sailing adjustment of FD and PD. Head strap can be fully adjusted for perfect fit. Even better, BNEXT has got the support of over 300 VR games so that your marvelous run has an endless ride on the larger-than-life wilderness.

USP: Bigger lenses for wider viewing angle
Price: $ 39.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

#10. KAMLE

KAMLE VR Headset for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8

The one feature, which I don’t fail to check out while buying any VR headset, is the proper heat dissipation design. It’s because it provides better ventilation. As a result, the smartphone remains chilled out and doesn’t get warm even after a marathon play. If you are a hardcore gamer or never seem to get enough of VR gaming, you should keep this headset in mind since it’s got this much-required feature.

With the anti-reflection and radiation protection, it offers the necessary shield to your eyes. Thus you don’t feel like putting it off even after a long run of play. Another feature that has caught my eyes in this headset is the ability to deliver the huge 120-degree field of view which exactly what you’d want to ramp up your viewing.

USP: Massive 120-degree field of view
Price: $ 35.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

So, that concludes our finest list of VR headsets for iPhone!

Your Pick?

So, which one of these top VR headsets has been able to successfully pass your acid test? I know it’s the one that has all the ingredients to stand tall in all the aspects, isn’t it? It would be a pleasure to know your pick.

You might want to have a quick look at:

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How to save up to $250 on Apple’s current 13″ MacBook Pro with coupon and instant savings, plus no tax outside NY & NJ and 0% financing

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Article Image

Readers this week can snap up the lowest prices available on Apple’s Mid 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro, from standard models all the way up to maxed out CTO systems. Save up to $ 250 with exclusive coupon savings and/or instant cash rebates — all with no sales tax outside NY and NJ, as well as no interest financing on approved credit.
AppleInsider – Frontpage News

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