Get Out is playing at AMC theaters for free this Presidents’ Day

Jordan Peele’s Get Out is heading into this year’s Academy Awards with four nominations, including Best Picture, and audiences will be able to see the film again for free at AMC theaters this Presidents’ Day. Peele made the announcement today via Twitter, with a creepy video clip promoting the event as a celebration of the film’s one-year anniversary. (Get Out was released last year on February 24th; the free screenings will be happening next Monday, February 19th at 7:00PM local time.)

Almost immediately upon its release, Get Out was hailed as a modern classic, with Peele deftly using the framework of a traditional horror movie to explore racial tensions while also cleverly wringing humor out of some of the same terrifying situations….

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How to use Shazam with Siri on HomePod to identify songs playing in the room

HomePod’s strand of Siri has its limitations but it’s music features are pretty robust. You can actually use the Shazam song identification features on HomePod, you just need to know the right request phrase for Siri.

The HomePod uses its microphones to listen to the environment and Shazam will try to find a match for the song. You can then get the HomePod to play the song straight from Apple Music. Here’s how to use Shazam on HomePod …



How to Prevent HomePod from Playing Explicit Content

How to Prevent HomePod from Playing Explicit Content

HomePod and Apple Music are perfect for enlivening your music time! While the former has been applauded for having an incredible sound, the latter is renowned for having the exclusive and massive library of songs. By default, you can stream any songs including the explicit ones on the smart speaker. However, you have the option to prevent HomePod from playing explicit content.

Many of you would want to avoid playing music with obscene contents to ensure they do not affect your kids, wouldn’t you? Let me show you how it’s done!

How to Prevent HomePod from Playing Explicit Content

How to Stop HomePod from Playing Explicit Content

Step #1. Launch the Home app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, tap on Rooms tab at the bottom.

Step #3. Next, you need to press and hold on HomePod icon.

Step #4. Next up, tap on Details.

Step #5. Finally, turn off the switch next to Allow Explicit Content.

That’s it!

Going forward, HomePod won’t play explicit content. If you ever wished to return to the default option, follow steps mentioned above and turn on the switch next to Allow explicit content in the end.

Over to you:

With the arrival of Apple’s smart speaker, Google Home and Amazon Echo have got the real challenger. Of course, HomePod still has some catch-up work to do to be at par with their rivals, but it’s just a matter of time before the Siri-based speaker will be lashed with all the ammunition. And you should not doubt that. Case in point: Apple Watch, which is far, better now that what it was launched in 2015.

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Join me in playing this addictive block-sliding game

It seems like every year around this time — the down period between the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona — I find a new mobile game to consume my spare minutes and hours. In 2017, it was the dangerously involving Egg Inc., and this year it’s a beguilingly simple block puzzle title called Slidey.

Slidey is a member of the vast and diverse genre of games remixing the classic Tetris formula. You are faced with an endless supply of squares, which arrive in single, double, triple, or quadruple blocks, that you need to marshal into complete horizontal lines to delete them from your screen. The entire gameplay mechanic is, as the name suggests, sliding blocks left and right to make them fit together…

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How to stop Netflix from playing the next episode automatically

Netflix Logo

The auto-play next feature on Netflix is great when you are binge-watching a show on a cold Sunday afternoon, making it so you don’t even have to touch the remote to watch the next episode of your new favorite show. Despite this undeniable benefit, I however find this feature to sometimes make me watch another episode even though I didn’t really want to. … Read the rest of this post here

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