How to Stop Netflix from Playing the Next Episode Automatically

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How to Disable Autoplay in Netflix

Once an episode comes to an end, Netflix automatically starts playing the next one based on the sort of contents you like watching. Therefore, you don’t have to manually spend time in finding a hot show. But what if you don’t want the entertainment app to dish out movies without your approval? Not a big deal! You can choose to stop Netflix from playing episodes automatically.

One thing worth noting is that auto-play next is specific to each profile. For example, if you have multiple profiles and you wish to turn off autoplay for all of your Netflix profiles, you will need to head over to each profile to disable the post-play feature. Do note that you can’t disable post-play feature from within the entertainment app as it has to be done from Netflix’s website.

How to Disable Autoplay in Netflix

How to Turn Off Auto-Play in Netflix

Note: Post-play feature is available on the following devices:

  • Mac/Windows computer
  • Apple iPad 2 or later running Netflix app version 8.0.0 or later and streaming over Wi-Fi
  • Apple iPhone 4S or later running Netflix app version 8.0.0 or later and streaming over Wi-Fi
  • Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later
  • Apple TV
  • Netflix App for Windows 8
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Chromecast
  • Most Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes
  • Wii U

Step #1. Open a web browser on your device and head over to

Step #2. Now, you need to select the profile for which you wish to disable auto-play next.

Click on your Profile in Netflix

Step #3. Next, click on Account

Click on Account in Netflix on Mac or Windows PC

Step #4. Scroll down to the bottom and head over to Playback settings options and click on it.

Click on Playback settings in Netflix on Mac or Windows PC

Step #5. Finally, you need to uncheck the box next to Play next episode automatically. Make sure to click Save to confirm the change.

Turn Off Autoplay Video in Netflix

You will have to repeat the process for each account to turn off the auto-play feature.

Note: If you are unable to access a Kid’s profile account settings, first choose Kid account and then head over to to access individual settings for that profile.

From now onwards, once an episode has ended, next one won’t play automatically. You need to use the remote to manually choose the next show.

If you ever desire to go back to the default option, follow all the steps mentioned above and check the box for Play next episode automatically in the end.

That’s done!

Stay tuned

Is there any other feature you don’t like about Netflix? Let us know that in the comments.

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What’s ‘Up Golf’? Nothing Much, Dawg, Just Playing This 2D Physics Golfer That’s Out Now

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Thomas Huffman’s Up Golf [] is out now, and it’s a fun game worth downloading. This is a 2D vertical golfing game in the vein of Super Stickman Golf, where you’re trying to instead constantly ascend, getting a point for each hole you get your character-turned-golf-ball into. You can skip holes, but I don’t recommend it.

A major part of the challenge comes from the screen that constantly scrolls upward. So, it’s possible for one ill-considered shot to send you into the abyss, ending your run of golfing. Water and lava traps will also befall you, usually with side entrances, so you have to take care around these in particular. The courses do contain some interesting wrinkles: portals that warp you upward, and springs that can help you if you hit them just right.

You can unlock new characters and landscapes by collecting coins, or can just buy them outright. The landscapes include entirely different themes, such as a vaporwave landscape. Finally, golf meets vaporwave. Beautiful.

If you like 2D golfing games, you’ll likely have a good time with Up Golf. The controls are smooth, with the ability to pull and aim from anywhere on the screen, so you’re never blocking your view of your character. The game also looks great on high-resolution phones. The game is incredibly challenging to get even a double-digit score because there just isn’t much of a margin for error. You have to aim well and be wary of bad bounces, but there is the timing factor to consider with the screen continually rising! You have to get good at making accurate shots, but also quick ones, and it makes for a tense challenge the further upward that you ascend!

Give Up Golf a shot, it’s a well-made endless 2D golfer that I’m having a lot of fun playing. It’s out now on the App Store and on Google Play…you know, if you’ve gone over to the dark side.


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Playing PUBG Mobile with a keyboard and mouse might not be ‘cheating,’ but it’s close enough

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It’s undeniable that PUBG Mobile is the biggest FPS release on Android in years—maybe ever. The full version of the game has attracted a lot of dedicated players, and naturally, there’s significant interest in the mobile edition. The controls are bad, but they’re the same level of bad for everyone… unless you connect a keyboard and mouse. That raises a question: is using a keyboard and mouse in a competitive mobile shooter the same as cheating?

Read More

Playing PUBG Mobile with a keyboard and mouse might not be ‘cheating,’ but it’s close enough was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Android Police – Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets

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YouTube plans to annoy music listeners into subscribing by playing more ads

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YouTube is going to start serving heavy music listeners more ads in the hopes of annoying them into becoming paid subscribers to the company’s upcoming new music service, according to YouTube’s global head of music Lyor Cohen in an interview at SXSW, via Bloomberg.

While that no doubt will be frustrating to users who treat the site like a free streaming alternative, it’s a move that makes a lot of sense for YouTube. After all, Spotify has more or less been using the same business model to convert free users to its paid premium tiers for years, and it currently leads the streaming industry in overall subscribers. “There’s a lot more people in our funnel that we can frustrate and seduce to become subscribers,” says Cohen.

The strategy of…

Continue reading…

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Google upgrades Play app with Instant playing, Arcade mode

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Google introduced changes to its Play app in a recent blog post that will let you play games on Android devices without the need to download them. It also started pushing some UI updates to the Play Store for a better preview of images and screenshots that are still rolling to all customers. The Google Play app comes with Arcade tab on the bottom, letting you preview, browse games and even play some without downloading them in the Google Play Instant category. There are also video trailers, news, and YouTube walkthroughs. First headlines that are available include Clash Royale,… – Latest articles

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Is Fortnite Battle Royale on Mobile Worth Playing?

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Fortnite Battle Royale is the darling child of Epic Games that just about everyone is talking about. And after making a splash on PC and consoles, the game is now available on your smartphone.

But how well does the mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale fare against the PC and console versions? Is it doomed to fail like many other mobile shooters? Let’s find out…

Minimum Requirements

  • Internet Connection: Yes
  • OS: iOS 11 (Android Support to Follow)
  • Minimum Free Storage: 2GB
  • iPhone: 6S / SE or newer
  • iPad: Mini 4 / Air 2 / 2017 / Pro or newer
  • Controller Support: None (Support to Follow)
  • Battery Drain: +- 7% per 15mins (Screen on 75% Brightness)

We tested the game using an iPhone X and iPad Pro 10.5 on a 200Mb internet connection. Bear in mind the game is still very much in beta, so you can expect a few tweaks and improvements to overall efficiency as the game is developed further.

Graphics and Ergonomics

To make Fortnite Battle Royale playable on mobile, some trade-offs were made. Both in terms of the controls and the graphics. Don’t expect to find ultra high details on mobile. That being said the game looks and runs beautifully, all things considered.

fortnite ergonomics

While having the larger screen of the iPad is a little more immersive, the smaller screen of the iPhone makes the game look prettier. Playing on the iPad is slightly more unwieldy, and the on-screen buttons are a little further apart meaning you’re going to be a little slower on the draw.

Getting Started

Before being able to play Fortnite Battle Royale on iOS, you’ll need to get in line and wait your turn by signing up for early access. Once you receive the invitation and you’ve managed to stop hyperventilating, click on the link in the email to go to the app store and download the game.

fortnite invite

Once the game downloads, you will need to sign in to your Epic Games account or, if you don’t already have one, create one. You can easily do this using your Google or Facebook account to make the signup process a little easier.

The Interface

If you have been playing Fortnite Battle Royale on other platforms, you’re going to be pleased that your character, progress, and items will carry over. Your loadout will be as you left it. From this point on, it seems any changes made to your character on one platform won’t sync to other platforms. For example, changing your outfit. This may change in the future.

fortnite dashboard

At the time of writing the only game modes that are available are Solo and Squad, with Duo being temporarily disabled. Solo being you against everyone else, or Squad being you and a team of up to four players against other teams.

As there is no controller support yet, everything is touch based. Moving between the lobby, locker and item shops, moving in-game, shooting, building, everything. If you’re coming from mouse and keyboard or controller, this is going to feel a little different.

fortnite ingame

The health and shield bars have been relocated and replaced with your inventory and build slots. There are a number of buttons placed on-screen along with some touch control modifications.

The Controls

If you have played mobile shooters before, movement and combat will come naturally to you. There are imaginary thumbsticks that you use to control your character. The left stick, which is actually visible, to move, and the right one to aim, shoot, and more. Pro-tip: double tap the left joystick to lock your character into a forward run.

fortnite controls

While there is a button to shoot just above the left joystick, tapping on the screen is a little more intuitive. There are buttons on the right to aim down the sights, jump, and crouch. Finally, to reload, there is a smaller button above your inventory which might be better placed possibly closer to one of the index fingers. As you may have guessed, the game is designed to be used primarily with your thumbs.

Moving, aiming and shooting simultaneously is what you should start practicing. There are going to be a lot of times where you accidentally touch the screen and discharge your weapon. Switching between weapons or building elements will require foregoing movement or aiming, which is a downside to how the game is laid out. Close-up combat is also much easier than some of the long-range shots you need to make.

fortnite controls

Some other modifications include having the doors open automatically which can be closed by tapping on them. Weapons and items are also picked up automatically by running over them. Switching and dropping weapons is also done by tapping.

This would be all well and good if Fortnite Battle Royale was only about moving and eliminating others. But this game is heavily weighted towards the Minecraft-inspired building mechanic. Being great at building can definitely give you both a defensive and offensive advantage against other players. Building is the difference between winning and losing in Fortnite Battle Royale.


This is where the mobile platform has a very steep learning curve. Getting to the build menu requires touching the tool icon next to your inventory. From there you tap on the structural element you’d like to build, choose the area, and make one last tap to initiate the building.

fortnite building

This is slower than on console, and significantly slower than on PC. In both console and PC, actions can be done simultaneously, like running and building, but it takes some getting used to on mobile.

In the beginning, you’re going to remain stationary for long periods of time while you figure out what you’re doing and trying to get a structure in place while trying to move. Fortnite’s combat can be extremely swift, and in the beginning, you’re going to be a little frustrated.

Sound Indicators

One of the biggest changes to Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile is how sound is represented on screen. As the game on other platforms is so reliant on sound, Epic Games needed to cater for mobile users. This is very useful for a few reasons.

Firstly, not all mobile users are going to use headphones. If you find yourself with some spare time and want to have a quick game, you may not always have headphones on you. The other reason is that when the headphones are plugged in it could impede the grip you have on your mobile device. This could negatively affect your gameplay.

fornite headphones

Epic Games catered for this by having directional on-screen sound cues for gunshots, enemy movement, or golden chests. Your player will obviously have to be within proximity for it to be displayed on screen, and the closer you are relative to the sound the bolder it will be on your screen.

On the subject of audio, voice chat still has yet to make an appearance on mobile. Voice is crucial to squad and duo game modes when coordinating between your teammates. The only workaround for the time being is using the Xbox app on iOS to set up an Xbox party chat. Creating a Microsoft account is free along with the Xbox app. After you create a party, invite the friends on your Fortnite squad and chat away while playing the game.

Is Fortnite Battle Royale Worth Playing on Mobile?

fortnite skydive

Is Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile the same as the PC or console versions? No. While cross-play allows you to go up against players on other platforms, it’s not recommended. Unless you don’t have access to a computer or console, but you still want to play with friends, stick to playing against other mobile players.

Has Epic Games translated Fortnite as best they could? Absolutely, 100 percent, yes. Epic Games has set the bar so high for future developers in making Fortnite run so well on mobile. Even with the complex building system and control system, the developer has truly made something special.

Playing Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile will give you certain advantages over PC or console players, like the sound indicators. And future controller support will level the playing field for cross-play even further. Having access to your progress and character while moving between platforms also sets the bar even higher for other developers.

If we’re honest, unlike these games with phenomenal touchscreen controls, controlling Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile takes some getting used to, and you’re not going to be as fast at moving and shooting as a you are on computer or console. However, this is a tiny sacrifice to make in order to play Fortnite Battle Royale on your smartphone.

To answer the question in the headline, yes, Fortnite Battle Royale is definitely worth playing on mobile devices, and sets a new high bar for developers to aim for. So what are you waiting for?!

iPhone and iPad – MakeUseOf

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Zoosk relaunches dating app Lively as a way to meet new people while playing trivia games

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Hoping to capitalize on the popularity of trivia applications like HQ Trivia, dating app maker Zoosk has just released an experimental app that combines trivia with the potential for meeting someone new. The app is a relaunch and complete makeover of Zoosk’s Lively, which first debuted in July 2016 as a dating app that used video to tell stories, instead of static profile images.

The new version of Lively is nothing like its former namesake.

As Zoosk explains, the previous version of Lively’s group video chat app was fun, but people didn’t know how to connect and relate to one another using the video format. It felt awkward to start conversations, with no reason to be there besides wanting to date.

The company went back to the drawing board, so to speak, to think about what sort of experiences could bring people together. Trivia, naturally, came to mind.

Lively aims to reproduce the feeling that comes with competing at a bar trivia night. When you join, you’re placed in a group video chat team of two to four people. Together, the team works to answer a series of 12 questions while discussing the answers over video in real-time. When they finish the questions, they’ll be able to see how their scores compared with other teams.

The “dating” component to the app isn’t quite what you would expect. In fact, it’s less of a way to find a date for a night out, than it is to just make new friends. After the game wraps, you’ll have the option to continue chatting with the other players, if you choose. You can also add people as a friend, if you hit it off.

And when trivia isn’t in session – the games run twice daily at 3 PM and 7 PM PST – you can group video chat with others on Lively.

Because you’re not added to a team with nearby players, your ability to make friends who are also possible real-life dating prospects is decidedly limited. That’s something that Lively could change to support in time, if it’s able to grow its user base. But for now, it needs to match users with any live players in order to fill out its teams.

It’s understandable why it went this route, but it doesn’t lend itself well to meeting someone special – unless you’re open to meeting people anywhere (which some are), or are fine with just making new friends and seeing where that leads.

Unlike HQ Trivia, which features live streams with a host, Lively is just group video chat with a trivia component. That means it won’t be as challenging for Zoosk to operate, as it doesn’t have to worry with bandwidth issues and other costs of putting on a live game show. Also, because there are no prizes or payouts, you can join anytime during the 30-minute gaming session to be placed into a team and play along.

Lively is not the first app to support a group video chat interface where gameplay is an option. A number of video chat apps over the years have integrated games into their experience, including older apps like Tango or Google+ Hangouts, Line, and more recently, Facebook Messenger. But none have integrated games for the purpose of facilitating new relationships.

Zoosk today has 38 million members, but wanted to find a way to reach a younger demographic, which is why it originally launched Lively. The app was the first product to emerge from Zoosk’s in-house incubator, Zoosk Labs, where the company experiments with new ideas to expand its core business.

Whether or not Zoosk can turn trivia players into love connections remains to be seen, but it’s interesting how HQ Trivia’s success has led to this wider market full of knock-offs (e.g. Genius, Joyride, Cash Show, The Q, TopBuzz, Live Quiz,, Halftime Live!, Jam Music, etc.) and other tweaks that follow its idea of live trivia games.

Lively is available on iOS only for now.

Mobile – TechCrunch

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I can’t stop playing Apple’s clever new HomePod ad

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There’s so much going on in Apple’s latest HomePod ad that I don’t know where to begin. The four-minute quirky adventure into music is accompanied by a dancing FKA twigs, and a new track from Anderson .Paak. This talent is backed up by direction from Spike Jonze, famous for lots of off-beat music videos like Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, directing movies Her and Being John Malkovich, and even an amazing perfume ad. While the directing and dancing is impressive, it’s the music that Apple has exclusively sourced that has me gripped.

The YouTube and TV ads debuted two days ago, and it’s already amassed nearly 5 million views on YouTube alone. I’ve had it on repeat ever since. I’d normally drop a fancy new song into a playlist on Spotify, but…

Continue reading…

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You don’t need to be playing Asphalt 9: Legends, and here’s why

Big news dropped this week as Gameloft announced they’ve soft launched Asphalt 9: Legends in the Philippines. This has caused quite a stir primarily because the Asphalt games are among some of the best-looking racing games on the App Store. Heck, you might have already started looking at screenshots and are wondering if you should make a Philippines App Store account just to check it out for yourself. Well, if you are, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t, and here’s why:

[Read more]
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Win Real Money Playing ‘Angry Birds’ in ‘WorldWinner’

Winning real money by playing mobile games has become a weirdly normal thing in recent years, and WorldWinner [Free] is the latest platform to throw their hat into the ring. Their big claim to fame so far is the inclusion of Angry Birds [Free] with an iteration of the game they’re calling Angry Birds Champions which has structured tournaments in two formats. The first is a best of three where you play the same level three times, and the highest score is what is submitted for the competition. There’s also progression mode, which is the same basic idea but instead you play three different levels in a row with only one chance on each level.

Here’s a video of the game in action:

These sort of real-world money lightweight gambling sort of things have been a fascinating trend to watch on the App Store, and I’m really curious to see how it all shakes out. I suppose playing Angry Birds the the potential to make a few bucks makes it more interesting than playing the normal version of Angry Birds but if people get upset about loot boxes as gambling, this feels way more like actual gambling. I guess we’ll see what happens if these services get any level of mainstream traction.