Google says more than 40 carriers and device manufacturers now use its platform for RCS, the next generation of SMS

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 Rich Communication Services (RCS) is basically the standard for the next generation of text messaging, with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE and others now offering features that go far beyond the standard SMS-based messaging apps that tend to ship with your phone — unless, of course, you are an Apple and iMessage user. Read More
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Qualcomm unveils tons of stuff: faster Wi-Fi, new VR platform, AI, audio and other tech

Qualcomm unleashed a pack of announcements that paint a fast, wireless picture of the future of digital tech. Wi-Fi 802.11ax It introduced the first integrated 802.11ax solution for smartphones and computers. An advancement over Wi-Fi ac, it will double the network speed while using up to 67% less power. The module, named WCN3998, features 2×2 antennas and implements a pre-standard implementation (the Wi-Fi Alliance is still tweaking details). It will work with pre-draft 11ax access points due to hit the market later this year and in early 2019. Qualcomm’s new module also… – Latest articles

Tatango Acquires Plyfe to ‘Expand Mobile Communications Platform’

Tatango announced this week that it is officially acquiring New York based Plyfe, which enables marketers to create interactive mobile optimized experiences.

An industry leader in text message marketing software, Tatango says that the Plyfe team has developed revolutionary mobile experience technology that gives marketers “the ability to create personalized, simple mobile web experiences, without the need for a developer.”

With Plyfe’s software, marketers can easily create mobile optimized experiences such as a Personality Quiz, Swipe Left/Right (Tinder for anything), Trivia, Timed Trivia, Registration, Image Based Polling, Video Trivia, Video Polling, # Galleries, Sweepstakes, Leaderboards and more.

“We are very happy that the team at Tatango identified the advantages of Plyfe’s mobile optimized experience technology and the value it will bring to customers,” said Jeff Arbour, CEO of Plyfe. “Tatango is full of fantastic and visionary people and I’m confident that with this acquisition the Tatango platform will further establish itself as the leading text message marketing platform.”

Following the acquisition, we’re told that Plyfe’s technology will be integrated into the Tatango platform. By integrating this technology, brands will be able to send interactive mobile web experiences, through SMS, MMS or RCS messaging, which boasts a 99% open rate.

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Losant gets $5.2M Series A to scale its enterprise IoT platform

Losant, an edge-to-analytics platform for enterprise IoT customers raised a $ 5.2M Series A round. It was led by CincyTech with participation from Rise of the Rest Seed fund, TechNexus, and Vine Street Ventures.

Losant Dashboard

“We’re excited to see our platform power intelligent solutions across a gamut of industries and use-cases. Our customers are pushing new boundaries in industrial equipment monitoring, asset tracking, smart buildings, and more. With endless possibilities, Losant is uniquely positioned to help thousands of companies in their IoT journey.”Charlie Key, CEO of Losant.

Losant’s backer $ 150M ROTR (Rise of the Rest) seed fund is itself backed by notables like Eric Schmitt, Jeff Bezos, Meg Whiteman, Michael Bloomberg, and Reid Hoffman. ROTR fund was launched by Revolution, a DC-based venture capital firm. ROTR is aimed at backing startups outside Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston area.

CincyTech, the main backer of Losant is a venture capital firm that invests in enterprise and business software apps, digital health, and life sciences.

Helm features are integrated directly in the Losant IoT platform for seamless fleet management and device connectivity.

Losant is among the nice portfolio companies being funded in ROTR’s current program. The startup’s core product is SaaS platform that consists of several modules including Edge, Helm, Aperture, Alloy and Kiln. For instance, the Edge consists of device libraries (helps in device connectivity & firmware dev), gateways, and edge compute engine. Losant also offers SDKs and APIs for industrial customers to build their own connected services using the startup’s platform.

The startup plans to use the funding proceeds to scale its IoT platform to serve more customers as it currently has several big clients like Verizon, Bosch, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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BotChain platform for AI bots announces key partners

Talla has announced new partnerships for its blockchain platform for bot registry, identity validation, and event ledgering for AI products.

As the global ecosystem of artificially intelligent bots and software grows, and businesses become more dependant on them, the need for a standardised, trustworthy, and immutable ecosystem to support it also grows.

Talla is looking to address this with its blockchain platform, BotChain. The AI-powered knowledge and information management company has raised $ 12 million in equity funding so far – helping it to build a system that offers universal registration, identity validation, bot audit, and compliance capabilities, along with an event ledger for AI products.

The new partnership programme has just been unveiled, introducing an initial roster of platforms and SaaS applications. Together, they make up 50,000 developers and over 150,000 enterprise and consumer-facing bots, reaching 400 million users with billions of messages every month.

BotChain’s new links

The line-up includes Gupshup, a platform for developers, and B2B enterprise bots Polly, CareerLark, Botkit, Disco (formerly Growbot),, and Botkeeper. The Gupshup platform is deployed at the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and HDFC Bank.

“The rapidly growing and widespread demand for bots that we’ve seen at Gupshup clearly proves the need for a new level of standardisation within the industry, and BotChain offers a powerful solution,” said Gupshup CEO, Beerud Sheth. “Everyone who interacts with a bot in any capacity benefits from this new layer of enablement and increased accountability, and we are excited to be a part of that.”

The BotChain ecosystem is impressively broad, expanding beyond bot, AI, and robotic automation to include software companies, messaging platforms, and enterprise consultants.

Revenue from AI products is predicted to exceed $ 47 billion by 2020, making a universal system for managing this ecosystem an attractive proposition. Blockchain’s immutability makes it ideally suited to the task.

“BotChain will be managed and moulded by an invested and proven group of like-minded partners,” said Anthony Habayeb, head of BotChain partnerships. “Aligned thinking is key for fuelling adoption and acceleration.”

Internet of Business says

BotChain will be eager to establish itself as a serious player in the blockchain space, given the plethora of ‘me too’ companies and cryptocurrencies that are rushing to exploit this fashionable technology. By positioning some big names alongside their forward-looking products, BotChain is well placed to grow with the systems it is supporting.


In other news, decentralised healthcare blockchain platform HealthCombix has partnered with NuCypher to explore distributed security technology to tackle privacy, consent and identity challenges.

HealthCombix is looking to redesign how healthcare is delivered and paid for by using blockchain. NuCypher’s proxy re-encryption (a type of public-key encryption that allows a third-party proxy to transform cyphertexts from one public key to another) will play a key role in this.

“Our goal is to build out the next generation of healthcare systems. We are redefining and redesigning in an open protocol a decentralised network model for healthcare, replacing existing systems with best-of-breed distributed technology in a layered and integrated architecture,” said HealthCombix founder and CEO, Cyrus Maaghul.

“Decentralised key management, privacy, and consent are cornerstone capabilities in this new healthcare economy, and we believe NuCypher is on the leading edge in this space.”

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