Bring home design plans to life with this 3D app that’s just $24.99

Some of us aren’t artists or particularly good at expressing the intricacies of a grand design. If that’s you…or if you just like playing with an incredibly cool and incredibly powerful design app…Live Home 3D Pro for Mac ($ 24.99, 64 percent off from TNW Deals) is gonna be right up your alley.
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YouTube reportedly plans to spend ‘hundreds of millions’ on Red originals

While Facebook and Netflix are (reportedly) spending billions on new programming, YouTube is said to be holding its investments at current levels. Google's video wing is only spending "a few hundred million" on original shows for Red this year accord…
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Apple’s plans for remodeled store in Southlake, Texas shown in new rendering

Earlier this month, we noted that Apple’s retail location in the Southlake Town Square would be closing for renovations on March 4th. Now, a new render of the proposed changes to the site sheds a little more light on Apple’s expansion plans.



UPS Announces Plans to Add 50 Custom-Built Electric Trucks to Their Fleet

Delivering Sustainability

No longer satisfied to purchase pre-built electric delivery trucks, on Thursday, UPS announced plans to start building the vehicles themselves.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, UPS teamed up with Workhorse, an Ohio-based truck maker, to design 50 plug-in electric delivery trucks. The vehicles, to be delivered by Workhorse in 2018, will produce zero tailpipe emissions and have a per-charge range of 160 kilometers (100 miles).

Artistic rendering of plug-in electric delivery truck. Image Credit: UPS
Artistic rendering of plug-in electric delivery truck. Image Credit: UPS

“This innovation is the result of Workhorse working closely with UPS over the last four years, refining our electric vehicles with hard fought lessons from millions of road miles and thousands of packages delivered,” Steve Burns, CEO of Workhorse Group, said in a UPS press release.

“We see this vehicle as being a game changer in the electric truck arena,” Carlton Rose, president of global fleet maintenance and engineering at UPS, told Reuters. “It’s also an industry first because the acquisition cost is comparable to gas and diesel.”

Electric Future

UPS has 35,000 gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles in their fleet, so 50 new electric trucks may seem underwhelming. However, the company is slowly but surely making the transition away from fossil fuels.

In the U.S. and Europe, UPS has already deployed 300 electric vehicles and 700 hybrid vehicles, and more are on the way. Back in September, UPS placed an order with Daimler for three medium-duty electric trucks. In December, they reserved 125 of Tesla’s highly publicized electric semis — the largest order the company had received to date.

By 2025, UPS hopes to reduce their global ground operations’ greenhouse gas emissions by 12 percent and meet 40 percent of their ground fuel needs from sources other than gasoline and diesel. Electric vehicles will play a huge part in reaching those goals.

If all goes well with the first 50 Workhorse trucks, UPS will likely add many more of the vehicles to their fleet in the future. In addition to costing about the same to procure as traditional trucks, the vehicles are expected to have a lower cost of ownership. Those savings could go a long way toward helping UPS stay competitive in the delivery space — especially if Amazon’s new shipping service takes off.

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Google Assistant rolls out ‘routines’ and plans deeper integration with hardware — and even telcos

Google Assistant is rolling out its ‘routines’ feature and plans to embed itself deeper into devices — even integrating directly with telcos.

First announced back in October, the routines feature allows several commands to be linked together from a single phrase. For example, saying “Hey Google, I’m home” may switch on your lights, play some music, set a comfortable temperature, and get the kettle boiling.

Perhaps most intruiging are Google’s plans to integrate with telecoms providers

The virtual assistant integrates with a wide range of IoT devices today for specific actions such as turning on your Hue lights. Google will soon integrate with the specific hardware of a device so a user could say “Hey Google, open my camera’s portrait mode” for smartphones with the feature.

While it’s camera-based features Google is focusing on first, the company plans to expand it to other innovations that hardware manufacturers may debut in the coming years. Initial partners include Sony, LG, and Xiaomi.

Perhaps most intruiging are Google’s plans to integrate with telecoms providers. Users could ask for things such as how much data is left in their plan, add certain features like roaming passes, or even ask for programs to be recorded in the case of companies which also offer DVRs with TV packages.

There’s no current timeline for the feature, but it sounds as if carriers are being supportive of Google’s plans. Initial carriers will include Sprint, Vodafone, Koodo, and Telus.

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