IDC: Google shipped 3.9 million Pixels in 2017, Essential Phone sales under 90,000

During its earnings call earlier this month, Google revealed that its device shipments doubled in 2017 compared to 2016, but as usual the company didn’t give us any hard numbers. Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped IDC, one of the big analyst houses, from releasing its estimates. According to Francisco Jeronimo, IDC’s Research Director, Google shipped 3.9 million Pixels last year. The analyst also confirms Google’s own report saying that shipments have indeed doubled. That said, Google is still very far from being anywhere near a market leader in this regard. Given that its distribution… – Latest articles

Google is being sued for the 2016 Pixel’s microphone problems

Hot on the heels of the Project Fi news, it appears that Google is being sued for another problem. Last year we reported that many original Pixel and Pixel XLs were having microphone-related issues caused by a physical defect in the device. Now the same group of attorneys that put together the LG bootloop lawsuit is seeking a class action against Google for the OG Pixel’s microphone defect. 

Google did appear to take the original reports of microphone problems quite seriously last year, going so far as to replace phones which exhibited the issue.

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Lawsuit claims Google ‘knowingly sold’ Pixels with microphone issues

Shortly after Google released its first branded smartphones in 2016, the Pixel and Pixel XL, some early adopters reported a microphone issues. While they were fixed in phones produced later, the problems disabled all three mics on the devices and oft…
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Users with Android 8.1-powered Pixels and Nexuses are reporting swipe issues

Looks like the Android 8.1 update has brought along some annoying issues for users of Google’s Pixel and Nexus branded devices. A large number of reports on Reddit as well as the company’s own online forums indicate users are facing swipe-related problems with their units post the update. Reports say actions like swiping up to bring lock screen, swiping to dismiss lock screen notifications, or swiping to answer or decline calls not only require extra effort, but multiple tries as well, thus making the entire user experience quite annoying. For its part, Google has just said it’s… – Latest articles

Google rolls out January security update for Pixels and Nexuses

As a new month has just begun, Google is ready to push out the latest Android security update to the Nexus and Pixel devices it still supports. The company has already made the usual factory images and full OTA zip files available for download, and you can grab those if you’re really impatient and don’t mind using command line tools to take care of the installation (and have nothing against a data wipe if you go the factory image route). Otherwise, it’s best just to wait a few hours, or, in the worst case scenario, a few days, to get the over-the-air update. The rollout should commence… – Latest articles