It’s Pokemon Day – Go celebrates, Alexa and Google Home talk Pikachu

Today is the Pokemon Day – it’s the date the original Pokemon game was released back in 1996. And there are different happenings right now to celebrate the birth of the worldwide phenomenon. Niantic is celebrating the day by adding a Pikachu with a party hat just for today. This is not the first occurrence of the party creature, but the ones caught today will come with a special new Present move. Triple stardust will come with each Pikachu you capture on this day, too. Niantic has also partnered with Snapchat for special Pokemon lenses made of the starter creatures, and Bulbasaur… – Latest articles

Pokémon Go Day: How to get Party Hat Pikachu now!

In honor of Pokémon Day, Pikachu is getting its festive Party Hat back — but just until February 28!

Pokémon Go is celebrating Pokémon Day by once again bringing back its festive Party Hat Pikachu for a limited time. But don’t delay — Pikachu with a pointy purple party hat is only available until February 28.

It’s Pokémon Day but the event lasts two a few days?

Don’t quibble about the count, just get with the catching.

Break out those official start and end times, would you?

Sure thing:

  • Starts: Monday, February 26 at 1:00 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET
  • Ends: Wednesday, February 28 at 1:00 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET

Didn’t Pikachu have special hat events previously?

Absolutely. Pikachu had a Santa hat during the Holiday and New Year’s Event, an Ash-hat on the one year anniversary, and a Party Hat on last year’s Pokémon Day.

Will Party-hat Pikachu spawn?

You bet. They won’t always show up on Sightings, especially if there are a lot of PokéStops nearby, but if walk within 40 m, Party-hat Pikachu will burst onto the scene.

Does Party-hat Pikachu have an increased spawn rate?

So far, so increased. Party hat Pikachu isn’t everywhere the way Santa hat Pikachu was, but it’s far more places than Party hat Pikachu was last year. Pokémon Go can adjust the spawn rate at any time, though, so get it while you can!

Be a good way to get that Pikachu Fan medal!

Indeed, and the Rocker medal for Electric types.

  • Pikachu Fan: Catch 300 Pikachu for gold.
  • Rocker: Hatch, catch, or evolve 200 electric-types for gold — including Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu.

Can you track Part-hat Pikachu?

If you can find a nest or a spawn near a PokéStop, you should be able to track Party-hat Pikachu, no problem.

  1. Tap the Nearby Tab at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Tap the holiday Pokémon you want to track.
  3. Tap the Footprints button to start tracking.

Once you get to the PokéStop, Pikachu will spawn and you can catch away!

How to track Pokémon with Nearby and Sightings in Pokémon Go

Can you get Party-hat Pikachu from incense or lures?

Also yes. Pikachu with an Party-hat is still just Pikachu. So, Lure and Incense away!

Can you get Party-hat Pikachu from an egg?

Most likely! Pikachu has been replaced in eggs by baby Pichu, and while baby Pichu didn’t get a Party Hat or a Santa hat previously, it got an Ash hat and a Santa hat more recently.

If it does, you’ll only be able to get a party hat Pichu from a new 2 KM Egg received after the start of the Pokémon Day Event, though. 2K Eggs from prior to the start of the event can only hatch regular Pichu.

So, if you want a baby with purple pointy cap, get as many 2 KM Eggs as you can and start walking!

How do you increase your odds of catching an Party-hat Pikachu when you find it?

Pikachu can be notoriously hard to catch. Not Dragonite hard, but certainly not easy. It often has a red target circle, teasing its low catch rate Still, there are things you can do!

  1. Use a Razz Berry (1.5x). Golden Razz Berry (2.5x) if you have ’em. Unlike other bonuses, it’s not dependent on you hitting the target. It’ll work when you do.
  2. Throw a Curve Ball (1.7x). A successfully thrown Curve Ball has a higher catch rate than a Great Ball and almost as good as an Ultra Ball.
  3. If you’re going for your first Party-hat Pikachu, throw a Great Ball (1.5x) or even Ultra Ball (2x) too. The bonuses stack.
  4. Go for a Nice, Great, or Excellent throw by nailing the center of the target circle. Again, the bonuses stack.

How to stack bonuses and to catch tough Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Can you get an Party-hat Raichu?

Of course! Just like last year, you’ll be able to evolve party hat Pikachu party hat Raichu —  as long as you have 50 Pikachu Candy you’re willing to spend ’em.

  1. Tap on the Pokémon ball icon.
  2. Tap on the Party-hat Pikachu you want to evolve.
  3. Tap on Evolve.

Any Party-hat Pikachu or Pokémon Go questions?

If you have any questions about the Pokémon Day event, drop them in the comments below!

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We’ve waited years for the iPhone to support wireless charging. We wanted that convenience, we said. We wanted to be just like our Android brethren, we said. And now, I’m happy to share that we can all unite over a wireless Pikachu charger. A company called TeknFun just announced the Pikachu, which it says should be compatible with Samsung devices and the iPhone 8 and X.

It’s available through GameStop for $ 49.99, although it appears to be unavailable at the moment, even though it’s advertised as an online only product. It features three USB ports and Pikachu’s cheeks should light up when charging.

I love it. Now I need to buy a iPhone X or 8 so I can use it.

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A Pikachu Talk app is coming to Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices

The Pokémon Company announced yesterday that a Pikachu Talk app for Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Amazon Alexa devices would be launching in Japan this year, RocketNews24 reports. The free app will launch overseas sometime in 2018, to which I say, “Pika!”

Oh, pardon my French, do you not speak Pikachu? That’s too bad, because Pikachu will only be able to converse with you in its native language. So you can ask Pikachu what the weather will be like, and its response will likely be some combination of “pika pikas.” Still, I’ll take it!

I’m hoping that the app will be a lot more responsive than the Nintendo 64 game Hey You, Pikachu!, which let you talk to Pikachu through a microphone and try to befriend it into moving into your house….

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