Phone from ‘The Matrix’ resurrected in the modernized Nokia 8110 Reloaded

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Continuing a pattern of reviving older smartphones in an attempt to stay relevant in the mobile phone industry, Nokia has resurrected one of its more famous designs, bringing back the Nokia 8110 as a feature phone with a bigger screen and a sleeker appearance, while still retaining its well-known physical slide-out design.
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Why does my phone make it so hard to turn off Bluetooth?

Lately, my phone really wants me to turn on Bluetooth. I only own one Bluetooth gadget (a UE Boom 2 I keep around my apartment) and I typically turn the antenna off when I’m not actively using it, but lately it’s been popping back on when I’m not looking. It’s a deliberate move by Apple: under iOS 11, turning Bluetooth off from the control center simply puts Bluetooth on time out until the next morning instead of disabling it permanently. Even when it’s off, the antenna stays on, looking for new devices. You can turn it all the way off by digging into the settings menu, but as soon as you turn it on for any reason, the cycle starts again. The assumption is that, between Apple’s EarPods, the Pencil, and the HomePod, the average user has…

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The first Android Go phone is here

Last spring, Google said it was taking another shot at reworking Android to keep it running fast and smooth on lower-end devices. The initiative was called Android Go, and the very first phone running it — technically, “Android Oreo (Go Edition)” — is being announced today by Alcatel. It’s called the Alcatel 1X, and, well, it’s not all that much to get excited about.

That’s partly because the 1X is a low-end phone, which means it has to impress on value rather than specs and flourishes. But it’s also because, in our initial hands on with the phone, the operating system didn’t run smoothly at all, despite Google’s optimizations.

Google later told us the phone was not running a consumer build of the OS, and an Alcatel representative…

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LG’s V30S ThinQ is the AI-fueled phone the V30 should’ve been

In the midst of a tricky fiscal year, LG decided to run with a new strategy: cook up interim smartphones to sell between its major flagship releases. The plan was based in part on the surprising success of phones like the X cam, and since the company…
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OnePlus is fixing its 5 and 5T to play Netflix in HD, but you have to physically send your phone in to get it

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OnePlus’ phones are a great value, but they’ve each individually had a few drawbacks. One negative they all had in common, though, was a DRM deficiency. None of the company’s handsets supported the correct DRM level required for HD playback in Netflix. Distress on the subject came to a head late last year, and OnePlus surprisingly announced that it would add the feature in the future. In a comment on OnePlus’ forums today the company confirmed that it was now able to update handsets to support it, but the process will require that you send the phone back to OnePlus for the update. 

The deficiency stems from OnePlus’ failure to perform the steps required to reach the L1 security level in Google’s Widevine DRM, which is required by Netflix for HD playback.

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