Now is the Perfect Time to Grab a ‘Fortnite’ Invite Code From Our Discord Server

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It’s been a couple weeks since Fortnite [Free] dropped on iOS, and if you don’t have an invite yet, now is the perfect time to pick your invite up. Thanks to additional invites, and people spreading the love after getting them, our users have a surplus of invites in the #fortnite_codes channel on our Discord server. Come in, put down your code requests, and pass the time by playing Pokecord in the channel. Is your obscure Pokemon knowledge finally going to become useful? Regardless, this is a great spot for you to finally get that invite for yourself.

Just remember, when you do get your invite, don’t play in class. A teacher made a request, and, well, Epic decided to warn his students. Epic is listening!

Once you have your invite, be sure to join #fortnite on our Discord server, where you can share your Victories Royale, and find squads to get those wins. Manage to get some cool moments, or have some handy tips? We might also be looking for squads when we’re pulling down those wins on our streams!

Have fun, y’all!


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These clumsy robots prove AI is far from perfect

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

When a person screws up we call it human nature. So what does it mean when a machine that’s trying to imitate our intelligence makes a mistake? According to the doomsayers, it means robots could attack us because of faulty reasoning – and that’s scary. But, it’s hard to fear a machine that can be defeated with tropical fruit. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best robot fails we could find to remind everyone we’re still in charge. For starters, who could forget the Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot demonstration? The company showed off its new technology at The Congress of…

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Neptune 5: A Practically Perfect Plasma-Based Distro

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

ZevenOS’ Neptune 5.0, released earlier this month, offers a refreshing take on a classic KDE-based Linux distro. Neptune 5 Refresh replaces version 4.5 and closes a dormant period that had produced no new releases for more than two years. The wait may be worth it for Linux fans who are devoted to the KDE Plasma desktop. Neptune 5 sports an easy-to-use USB installer tool. An included Persistent Creator makes it simple to store the operating system to the USB drive. You can update the USB drive installation easily.
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How to perfect your pitch deck — according to a guy that gets a lot of pitches

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

One of the most critical tasks startups face, is creating a killer elevator pitch — a short, verbal description of who they are, what they do, and how they are going to succeed as a business. There are countless blog posts and listicles that have been created to guide founders through this process, but they rarely include how to get to actually get the chance to do the elevator pitch. The elevator pitch process has led to parodies on sites like the Startup Elevator Pitch Generator and “it’s like x for y” pitch roulette sites. This doesn’t mean that creating…

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Create the Perfect Wedding Invitation Using These Phone Apps

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If you’re planning a wedding, then you know how much is involved. Big or small, ceremonies take coordination for the location, photographer, flowers, and of course, the invitations.

For an intimate wedding with just a few friends or family members, you may decide to forego the expense and hassle of physical invitations. But you can still send something beautiful to your guests in the form of digital invitations.

These mobile apps are simple, offer attractive options, and take the work out of physical wedding invitation ideas.

1. Wedding-Invitations

create your own wedding invitations with wedding-invitations mobile app

For a basic invitation where you choose the background and wording from a variety of options, take a look at Wedding-Invitations.

First, tap the Designs tab on the bottom and scroll through the lovely options. Once you pick one, the Wordings tab will automatically open. Then, review categories like Fall Wedding, Children Inviting, or Religious.

Once you have your design and wording, you can adjust the font style, color, and size in addition to editing the words. When you finish, just save or share your invitation with a tap.

Wedding-Invitations is free and does contain ads. However, they are only at the top or bottom of the screen rather than taking over in full screen like many others. Plus, if you are interested in the premium version which gives you many additional designs, there is an in-app purchase available.

Download: Wedding-Invitations for iOS (Free)

2. Wedding Invitation Cards Maker by vcsapps

create your own wedding invitations with wedding invitations cards vcsapps maker mobile app

Wedding Invitation Cards Maker for Android is easy to use and provides tons of customizations. Start by entering optional details such as the greeting, location, and type of RSVP. Select a date and time and tap Create Invitation.

You can then choose a design by tapping the Cards button on the top right. There is a nice selection of backgrounds in all colors and styles. When you pick one, you will see any of the details you entered initially pop right onto the card. But you will also notice a slew of editing options.

Add stickers, quotes, blur, a signature, a photo, and effects. You can also choose the font style and color, plus edit or move all text blocks and other items right where you want them. Then, easily save or share your invitation.

The app does contain ads that follow you through your creation process which you can remove with an in-app purchase. But if you don’t mind them, you can create a gorgeous invitation that fits your ceremony perfectly.

Download: Wedding Invitation Cards Maker for Android (Free)

3. Wedding Invitation Cards Maker by Cruise Infotech

create your own wedding invitations with wedding invitations cards Cruise Infotech maker mobile app

Wedding Invitation Cards Maker is another good, free option for your invitations. You can pick from cards or frames, both of which have plenty of choices. Open the app, tap Start, and then choose either Cards or Frames from the top.

Invitations range per taste from cute and casual to stylish and elegant. Once you make your pick, tap the text boxes to pop in your details. You can also insert romantic quotes, add themed stickers, and adjust the colors. You can save your creations to show your partner or share one right away.

This app is a bit heavy on the ads which you can remove with an in-app purchase. However, if you can get past them, Wedding Invitation Cards Maker has really pretty options.

Download: Wedding Invitation Cards Maker for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Invitation Card Maker

create your own wedding invitations with invitation card maker mobile app

Invitation Card Maker is a great app for wedding invitations because it also offers options for engagement, party, and birthday events.

Tap the Wedding tab at the top and then scroll down through a variety of invitations. You can choose from simple designs to those with photographs for just the right look.

When you find one you like, tap Edit and then add your details along with icons, new text or image boxes, and adjust the background color, gradient, or pattern. After you finish your invitation, hit the Checkmark and then share or save it.

If you decide to continue using Invitation Card Maker for its other offerings, you can remove the ads with an in-app purchase.

Download: Invitation Card Maker for iOS (Free)

5. Evite

create your own wedding invitations with evite for mobile

If you like the idea of an app with more than just wedding invitations, check out Evite. With everything from Independence Day to wine tasting events, you have tons of invitation options.

For your wedding, you can either enter a term into the search box or select Browse and scroll down to Wedding Ceremony. When you pick the one you want, you will be prompted through the creation process. You’ll add a host, title, date, location, and message.

With a free account, you can save your creations, invite guests, or share your invitations from within the app. If you decide to invite guests, just allow access to your contact list and you can receive notifications when guests respond.

Evite has plenty of little extras that make it a terrific app for your wedding invitations. And best of all, there are no ads to get in the way.

Download: Evite for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Canva

create your own wedding invitations with canva for mobile

One final app to check out for your wedding invitations is Canva. Canva is actually a robust graphic design tool, but it offers an excellent selection of wedding invitation templates. So after your wedding day, you can hold onto Canva for plenty of other tasks like social media posts, logos, and banners.

For your wedding invitations, just create a free account. Then in the top navigation, scroll to and tap on Invitation. Enter the word wedding into the search box to view your options. You can easily see the free and paid templates and tap a design to get started.

Canva provides a selection of editing tools for adding your details, adjusting the font style and format, rearranging items, changing the color, and inserting images. When you finish, tap Share and then select your file type to save it.

With great features, attractive templates, and no ads, you can’t go wrong using Canva for your wedding invitations.

Download: Canva for Android | iOS (Free)

Create the Perfect Wedding Invitation

If you are having a huge wedding or are simply traditional, then you may want to stick with physical invitations. But if your wedding is small or you want to do something different, try these terrific digital invitation options.

And if you need a little help with the other pieces, see how you can use Trello to plan your ceremony and websites that can help you save money on your wedding overall.

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Little Caesars patents robot that assembles perfect pepperoni pizza

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Little Caesars was today issued a patent for a robot designed to help assemble pizzas, meaning life’s about to get a lot easier (or a lot harder, depending on your perspective) for hapless human cheese spreaders. The patent shows a device shaped like a stove top, with stations for different pizza-making tasks. The robot picks up a pan with pizza dough, squishes it, and then distributes sauce, cheese, and pepperoni in the proper proportions. According to the company’s explanation in the patent, the robot would free Little Caesars from the tedium of repetitive tasks and allow them to “perform other…

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Wacom’s new Intuos tablets are perfect for the beginner doodler

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Wacom announced an upgraded version of its Intuos pen tablet today, which comes bundled with software options like Clip Studio Paint and a new pen with 4,096 levels of pressure.

The new Wacom Intuos comes in small and medium sizes and three different colors: charcoal black, pistachio green, or berry pink (only available in some regions). The Intuos Small with Bluetooth is available now for $ 99, the Medium is $ 199, and you can choose two out of three software downloads: Corel Painter Essentials 6, Corel AfterShot 3, or Clip Studio Paint Pro. There’s also an even cheaper model of the Intuos Small that comes without Bluetooth for $ 79, but it only comes in black and software options don’t include Clip Studio Paint.


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Into The Breach Would Be Perfect For Mobile

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

If you ask just about anyone to name their absolute “must-buy” mobile games, FTL is bound to be on that list. With an awesome premise, tons of replayability, and a tough-as-nails roguelike sensibility, it’s a game you can fire up at any time just about anywhere and have a good time. With the release of Subset Games’s follow up title, Into The Breach, this week, a lot of people have been wondering if this game has the same potential to be a smash hit on mobile, and the answer is a resounding yes. Here’s why:

It’s great

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Netatmo Welcome review: A near perfect no-hidden-fees indoor security camera with face recognition

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Netatmo’s approach to security cameras is refreshing. In a market that’s filled with companies limiting what you can do with the hardware you bought just in order to get you to sign up for a monthly subscription, Netatmo asks only that you purchase its camera. Video storage is free thanks to MicroSD card support as well as optional Dropbox and FTP uploads. Face recognition is free and gets better with time as it learns.

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Netatmo Welcome review: A near perfect no-hidden-fees indoor security camera with face recognition was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Best AR Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad: Perfect Brainteasers for Free Times

Best iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are always on my hit list, as they never seem to get old. Apart from being a great killer of free times, they are an excellent exercise for the mind! Willing to have a go at some of the finest conundrums? You shouldn’t look beyond these best AR puzzle games for iPhone and iPad.

These augmented reality games let you interact with the real world. You can maneuver things around you and challenge your friends and loved ones to lock horns with you in real-time!

Best iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Games

Best iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Games

Note: We have already compiled a long list of the best puzzle games for iOS 2018. If you wish to explore more, head over to this post.

#1. Euclidean Lands

Euclidean Lands iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Euclidean Lands is a fascinating puzzle game. It features great mechanic, which integrate isometric architecture and turn-based movement into a medieval game world.

You need to shift and rotate the world to change perspective. Solve as many tricky puzzles as you can to decimate your enemies. With a number of deadly boss fights, you won’t get much time to breathe.

There are five chapters and 40 extremely challenging levels. All of your enemies are of different types and capability, so you will have to play the game with extra cautious to defeat them.

Price: $ 3.99

#2. GNOG

GNOG iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Set in a world of toys and mysteries, GNOG is a fun-loving 3D puzzle game. You will enjoy playing with monster heads and like discovering the hidden worlds inside them.

The game offers optional AR support which completely transforms the tabletop into an awesome toy box wherein you will have interesting physical interaction with its world. To ensure your iPhone doesn’t drain the battery fast, the game also features a battery saving mode. Hence, you will play the game to your heart’s liking without being worried about the rapid power consumption!

Price: $ 4.99

#3. Flat Pack

Flat Pack iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Flat Pack is a pretty simple AR puzzle game wherein you have to trap your enemies and prevent them from escaping the confines. There are over 30 challenging levels, and each one of them is exciting to play. And in the wonderful AR mode, you will play the game in the real world environment.

Jump into epic boss fights to showcase your skill. Discover all the stars to unlock a secret ending. This 2D and 3D hybrid have got enough tricks to keep you hooked for more!

Price: Free

#4. PuzzlAR: World Tour

PuzzlAR iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Play classic jigsaw puzzles in their all-new avatar! Pick out different pieces of construction amazing Forbidden City, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal and Saint Basil Cathedral and more. All of the landmarks have remarkable surroundings with charming colors and sounds.

Depending on your mood or skill, you can choose your difficulty level. Push yourself harder and achieve the best score on the leaderboards. Besides, this puzzle game supports multiple languages including English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, etc.

Price: $ 2.99

#5. Splitter Critters

Splitter Critters iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Take your love for exploring new world and planets to the next level! Splitter Critters offers an incredible experience to explore the unique world. While discovering new planets, you will have to encounter danger and even solve puzzles.

Crack the conundrums to move ahead and grab a lot of points to stay ahead. Don’t fail to create a milestone for the rest to follow. To ensure your journey never gets bored, the immersive soundscapes of each world to keep you entertained.

Price: $ 2.99

#6. AMON

AMON iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

How about playing with ancient 3D scanned sculptures from museums around the world? It would indeed be nice, wouldn’t it be? The rule of the game is that you have to follow Amon, the God of Air who is on a mission to connect a world of puzzling optical illusions using augmented reality.

All the puzzles are thought-provoking, so unless you are on top of your gaming, you won’t be able to crack them. With the cool sound playing in the background, your epic journey never has a dull moment.

Price: $ 2.99

#7. Tsuro

Tsuro iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Tsuro is one of the finest puzzle games I have ever played. To get started, you have to create a path, place a tile and slide your stone along the path created. Make sure to play cleverly as other players’ path can take you off the board or in the wrong direction.

All the paths will cross and connect so choose them cleverly as your choices will affect your journeys. The game supports up to 8 players and lets you play against your friends on Game Center and Facebook. You can also go solo if you don’t want to play with anyone. The fabulous animation and scintillating pyrotechnics ensure your gaming never hit a boredom patch.

Price: $ 2.99

#8. YuME: Alice’s Dream

YuME iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Time to play the puzzles combined with oriental culture and classical melodies! In this game, you have to follow a gorgeous heroine named Ling and take part in the returning-home journey in stages based on traditional Chinese culture.

Experience the traditional Chinese landscape paintings with oriental art style in the real world. Your oriental adventure is lashed with tons of puzzles.

The classical melodies help you remain engrossed and play with high spirit. Moreover, the game is compatible with multiple languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and more.

Price: Free

#9. ARise

ARise iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Arise is a smart 3D puzzle game that can offer plenty of food to your thought! Challenge yourself and thing beyond the usual lines to solve puzzles using visual cues whilst moving around the world.

Smartly guide your pint-sized adventurer to score a lot of points to get the high score. Correctly align magical connections to create paths. With the gorgeous graphics and pretty simple but intriguing concept, the game keeps you hooked up for more.

Price: $ 2.99

#10. Cradle of Empires: Match3 Game

Cradle of Empires iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

What strikes me in Cradle of Empires is stimulating storyline. The awe-inspiring quests and larger-than-life characters further enrich its profile. You have a big task at hand, and that is to assist an ancient rise from ruins and regain its lost charm.

Take the help of Nimiru and Egyptian settlers to eliminate Amrun’s curse and reinstate the ancient civilization. Rise to the fore and showcase your heroics to decimate the evils.

The game is designed to challenge your matching, building and collecting skills. You get to play six different matches full of a number of hurdles. And yes, there are three modes to test both your skill and patience.

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite?

Ten to one, you have liked exploring these AR games, haven’t you? Which one of them has won more points from you? Do let us know your pick in the comments.

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