The iPhone X reveals why Tim Cook was so mad about Palm

 At the unveiling of Apple’s new flagship smartphone yesterday, the iPhone X, CEO Tim Cook said it was something the company’s staff had been working on for a decade. The new interface looks fluid and intuitive. But it also — if you’ve been smartphone watching for long enough — engenders a distinct feeling of déjà vu… Read More
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Report: Palm is making a comeback next year

I fondly remember Palm’s handheld devices as being the ultimate in personal technology, back when I first saw them grace my father’s desk in the 90s. It was one of the first gadgets I’d seen that featured a touchscreen with handwriting support, a boatload of apps and enough memory to help digitize dad’s overflowing rolodex of contacts. Now, Chinese hardware maker TCL (which currently owns the BlackBerry brand) tells Android Planet that it’s looking to revive the Palm brand with new devices next year. It isn’t clear exactly what sort of gadgets we can look forward to, but TCL’s marketing…

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Palm brand will return in 2018, with devices built by TCL

Palm’s early smartphones and PDAs were a staple of the late 90s and early 00’s. After the release of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 and Android in 2008, Palm began selling smartphones with its new webOS operating system. The company was purchased by HP in 2010, but after poor sales, HP discontinued webOS and all Palm products in 2011.

TCL acquired the rights to the Palm brand from HP in 2011, and promised to “re-create a new company in Silcon Valley” to develop new Palm devices.

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Palm brand will return in 2018, with devices built by TCL was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Palm is making a comeback in early 2018

Guess who’s (going to be) back? Palm. While we may not have heard anything about the now-defunct mobile brand for a few years, it’s making a comeback early next year. Seriously. The company responsible for Palm’s upcoming resurrection is TCL, as revealed back in 2015 when it first made its intentions known. It’s definitely getting pretty good at recycling old brands in the mobile space: first Alcatel, then BlackBerry, now Palm. We wonder what’s next. Don’t be surprised to see a TCL-made Sagem smartphone near you at some point. Anyway, the word regarding Palm comes straight from TCL,… – Latest articles