This prehistoric ‘murder swan’ isn’t the only terrifying dinosaur to haunt your nightmares

A newly discovered fossil from Mongolia made headlines this week, as the nightmare version of modern-day swans: it has a bill — with teeth. It has feet — with claws. And it has flipper-like arms — with extra claws. This turkey-sized dinosaur, dubbed Halszkaraptor escuilliei, waddled the Earth more than 70 million years ago, where it probably terrified all the prehistoric fish that darted past those clawed feet.

Called a “murder swan” by Ed Yong at The Atlantic, the odd-looking fossil was described this week in the journal Nature. But it’s not the weirdest-looking dinosaur to emerge from the Earth.

Here are a few highlights from the fossil record to add to this nightmare menagerie.

Beibeilong sinensis

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Prisma adds HD image processing up to 12MP, but only with a subscription plan

Most photo filters in apps like Instagram are intended to retain the general vibe of the original photo, but Prisma is different. This app processes your photos into completely new pieces of art with the power of neural networks. It’s like if Google’s DeepDream engine became your camera. Prisma has undergone some changes since it debuted in 2016, and today it adds something big. Specifically, big photos.

According to the changelog, Prisma can now process your photos at resolutions up to 12MP.

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WorkSpan Survey: Only 11% of Marketers Spend Their Budget Effectively

99 out of 100 marketing executives say it would be valuable to have a better handle on joint budgets when marketing with partners—46 percent say it would be “extremely valuable”

That’s the key takeaway this week from WorkSpan, a Business Network for marketing with partners, that has just announced the results of a new survey that looked at the tools marketing executives use to track campaigns and how effectively their marketing budgets are being used and how they measure the success of campaigns.

The survey was conducted online within the United States by Propeller Insights on behalf of WorkSpan November 7-13, 2017, among 100 marketing executives—44 percent VPs of marketing, 32 percent CMOs and 24 percent SVPs of marketing. The results were weighted to the U.S. census for age, gender, region and income.

The top three concerns of American marketing executives are digital marketing (87 percent), product marketing (80 percent) and partner marketing (67 percent)—although 83 percent of senior level marketers aren’t using a partner management tool.

VPs, SVPs and CMOs unanimously agree that marketing with partners has benefits, prime among them:

  • Increased lead generation — 58 percent
  • Access to new potential customers — 50 percent
  • New market segments — 50 percent
  • Access to partner audiences and brand power — 48 percent
  • Stronger media outreach & better social media content — 47 percent each

“Companies need to engage with thriving ecosystems of partners to make themselves strategic and valuable for their ecosystem, but this creates many potential complications and inefficiencies,” said Mayank Bawa, CEO and founder of WorkSpan. “We created WorkSpan to make joint marketing with partners accountable, innovative and impactful at scale—and to create unparalleled visibility throughout the process, making their campaigns more effective and helping them to put every cent of their marketing budgets to good use.”

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Wanna raise millions on Kickstarter? Here’s how… and it’ll only cost you $24.99

There’s a whole lot of money out there for the right ideas. Right now, you can learn how to get some of that cash behind your own big idea with this Ultimate Crowdfunding course bundle, available for only $ 24.99 from TNW Deals.

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Today only deal: Free Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch with Galaxy Note8

If you are planning to purchase Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note8 smartphone, here’s a deal for you: for a limited time, the South Korean company is offering a free Galaxy Tab A 8″ with each purchase of the flagship phone. The deal is on the unlocked Note8 (costing $ 950), and the tablet – which is currently going for somewhere between $ 170 and $ 200, depending on your choice of retailer – is in the smoky blue color option. Also, as already mentioned, it’s a limited time deal, ending today only. So those interested in availing it may have to act really fast. Source – Latest articles