DirecTV Now is offering a free Apple TV 4K when you prepay for 3 months

This deal just got even better.

When you prepay for three months of DirecTV Now service you can score an Apple TV 4K for free. That’s right, if you dish out $ 105 for three months of the basic service tier, you get the hardware at no cost. Apple charges $ 179 for the Apple TV, so even if you do it just to get the Apple TV for less, it makes sense.

The Apple TV 4K is delivered via FedEx within two weeks of signing up, and you can cancel the auto-renewal so you don’t pay any extra. You may be thinking that you don’t have a use for DirecTV Now so this deal doesn’t make sense for you, but it’s worth it for the hardware, and it gives you a chance to trial a new streaming service to see how it works out for you.

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JBL Link smart speakers review: Offering several great alternatives to the Google Home

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After the Google Home was announced, it was only a matter of time before Google, like Amazon, made it possible for other brands to create their own Assistant-enabled speakers. We’ve already reviewed the TicHome Mini, a small portable alternative to the Home Mini, and today we’re taking a look at JBL’s line-up of Google Homesque speakers: the Link series. In this review, I will focus on the portable IPX7-rated cylindrical Link 20 and the larger stationary Link 300.

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Google offering 20 percent discount on Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL to ‘loyal’ Nexus owners

Google Pixel 2 XL hands-on

Google wants to help Nexus owners get a new Pixel phone.

Google is now emailing “loyal” Nexus owners to offer them a 20 percent discount on a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. “As a thanks for being a loyal Nexus owner, here’s a 20% discount on any Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL,” the email reads.

The discount is applied at checkout and is valid through February 28. This deal is only available using the “Shop now” link provided in the email, meaning that it’s not a discount code that just anyone can use.

With this 20 percent discount, the Pixel 2 64GB will cost around $ 520 while the Pixel 2 XL 64GB will set you back around $ 680.

It’s unclear exactly how Google is determining who a “loyal” Nexus owner is, but it seems likely that Google is sending it to customers who previously bought a Nexus device from the Google store. If that’s you, keep an eye on your inbox for a nice discount on a new Pixel smartphone. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

Project Fi offering $80 in credits to new customers who buy a phone

Google Project Fi logo large

Interested in giving Project Fi a try following today’s expansion of international coverage? If so, Google’s got a deal for you.

Google’s Project Fi is offering $ 80 in service credits when you sign up for service and buy a new Fi-ready phone. Google offers a few different phones through Fi, like the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the original Pixel XL, and the Android One Moto X4.

Also of note is that Google is still discounting the Pixel XL and Android One Moto X4. The Pixel XL is available for $ 549, which is $ 120 off its normal price, while the Android One Moto X4 has gotten a $ 150 discount and is available for $ 249.

To qualify for this offer, you need to sign up for Project Fi with an email address that’s never been activated on Fi. You’ll get an $ 80 service credit applied to your account after your new phone has been activated on your account and has remained active for 30 days.

This Project Fi promotion will be available through February 28. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

HP expands its Device-as-a-Service offering to include Apple

HP is expanding its Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering to cover Apple’s iOS and macOS hardware.

As part of HP’s expanded DaaS offering, known more generally under the industry term of managed mobility services (MMS), customers will be able to pair iPhones, iPads, Macs and other Apple devices with HP’s support, managed services and analytics.

Apple for years pushed, without much success, to get its hardware and software into the office. But the organic adoption of its iOS devices – especially the iPhone – finally forced enterprises to take it seriously.

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