Apple repair facility in California made about 1,600 false alarm 911 calls since October

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Emergency dispatch centers in Elk Grove and Sacramento, Calif., have over the past four months seen an increasing number of false alarm calls originate from an Apple facility in the area, with workers there fielding about 20 such calls per day.
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Mario may finally be getting his own encyclopedia in English this October

Mario may finally be getting his own English-language encyclopedia on October 23rd, a tome that tracks the three decades of his existence in Nintendo games, as spotted by Kotaku.

The original book came out in Japan in 2015, and an English translation was reportedly set to be released on June 15th last year, according to Amazon preorders, but those listings were taken down without an explanation. Nintendo and the publisher, Dark Horse Comics, kept silent. But now the Super Mario Encyclopedia has appeared on Amazon with a new release date. It’s available for preorder now for $ 39.99, listed as being sold by Nintendo, but the listing doesn’t have an image. German and Spanish versions of the encyclopedia were made available last October. Dark…

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