Apple says all new iOS apps must accommodate the iPhone X’s notch

If you’re building a new iOS app this year, you’ll have to ensure that it fully supports the iPhone X’s Super Retina Display – which means that it’ll have to accommodate the notch, reports 9to5Mac. The rule comes into effect from April 2018 and concerns apps submitted from then onwards; Apple will also require devices to use the iOS 11 SDK for their builds. That’s not surprising, given that the iPhone X did fairly well last year. According to Canalys, Apple shipped 29 million of them in Q4 2017, and KGI Securities claims that the company will launch a 6.1-inch…

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Will Apple Slim Down the TrueDepth Camera Notch for 2018’s iPhones?

Apple is readying a trio of new iPhone models for the fall of 2018. While all three are slated to boast Face ID, thanks to their adoption of Apple’s TrueDepth camera system; as far as we know, the company has no imminent plans to update its Face ID technology this year.

That may be the case.. However, a new research note published this week by Barclays investment bank paints a slightly different picture.

Saying that they believe Apple’s Face ID system will “evolve slightly,” Barclays analysts Andrew Gardiner, Hiral Patel, Joseph Wolf, and Blayne Curtis predicted in their research note that Apple will incorporate a “smaller notch” on its 2018 iPhones.

The note, a copy of which was obtained this week by MacRumors, goes on to corroborate earlier rumors that Apple will bring Face ID to a redesigned, 2018 iPad model.

“Based on several data points within the 4Q17 reporting period and our supply chain meetings at CES, we remain confident that Apple is set to deploy its TrueDepth 3D sensor across the iPhone range in 2018 and to also add it to the pending iPad Pro refresh as well,” the analysts assert, noting that, “Given the complexity and multiple years spent developing the current generation of [TrueDepth camera] module, combined with supplier comments over the past month regarding multi-year customer commitments, we do not envisage a major change to the architectural make-up in 2018.”

However, “We do expect the sensor to evolve slightly, potentially reducing in size (i.e., smaller notch) and improving in specificity […] helping to further drive very strong growth [for some Apple suppliers] in 2H18 as the second generation of sensor ships in this year’s new iPhones.”

Will Apple Make the Notch Smaller?

While the idea of a “smaller notch” (relative to iPhone X’s) sounds like something we can all get onboard with, the likelihood of it actually happening, unfortunately, is quite slim.

As we mentioned, not only is Apple’s current TrueDepth camera system several years ahead of its closest competition, but from a historical standpoint, Apple has never before rushed to modify a feature or design element so shortly after its debut.

Touch ID security was introduced alongside the 7th generation iPhone 5s, for example, and has remained a central iPhone feature to this day. But as the analysts, themselves, confirm Apple is expected to transition its range of iPhone, and at least one iPad, from Touch ID to Face ID this year.

Barclays prediction also appears to contradict an earlier rumor that Apple will not be making any substantial updates to its TrueDepth camera system until 2019, at the earliest.

As always, therefore, we highly recommend taking this prediction with a grain of salt until further notice.

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Apple’s upcoming iPhone X sequel may have new design with a smaller notch

iPhone X

As it turns out, the notch on the iPhone X proved to be far less of a divisive issue than initially anticipated. Though many people were quick to call the notch an unseemly distraction when Apple originally unveiled the device this past September, the reality is that the notch is far more conspicuous and irksome in pictures than it is in your hands. In short, the controversy over the iPhone X notch quickly evaporated once the device actually started shipping.

That said, Apple is reportedly interested in making the notch even smaller on future iterations of the iPhone. According to a new investor note from analysts at Barclays (originally obtained via MacRumors), the TrueDepth camera system that powers Face ID will reportedly be smaller on upcoming iPhone models. Consequently, the notch itself will occupy a smaller footprint on the front of the device.

Barclays’ note reads in part:

We do expect the sensor to evolve slightly, potentially reducing in size (i.e., smaller notch) and improving in specificity […] helping to further drive very strong growth [for some Apple suppliers] in 2H18 as the second generation of sensor ships in this year’s new iPhones.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first report we’ve seen which points to the iPhone X notch shrinking in size. Just last month, a report surfaced indicating that Apple has been working on a way to combine the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system with the device’s front-facing camera, a design that would result in a smaller notch.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the Barclays note corroborates reports we’ve seen about the make-up of Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup, which is to say that Apple later this year will introduce a trio of new iPhone models that all  incorporate support for Face ID. As Ming-Chi Kuo noted not too long ago, Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup will likely consist of a revamped iPhone X, a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, and a 6.1-inch iPhone with an edgeless LCD display.

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Google Android P said to embrace iPhone X Notch design

Google is said to be planning on taking the iPhone X  notch design with its next major OS upgrade, and it will also be a complete overhaul of its software according to the sources of Bloomberg. Furthermore, the next major update will tightly integrate the Google’s voice assistant, improve battery and support new designs, like … Continue reading “Google Android P said to embrace iPhone X Notch design”
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Android Pistachio Ice Cream to embrace the notch, integrate Assistant even more

This year’s Android update is reportedly codenamed Pistachio Ice Cream internally, though Google may choose to go with another moniker when it launches. Android P is expected to better accommodate handsets with an iPhone X-like notch at the top of the display, according to “people familiar with the situation”. Google Assistant will be even more integrated into the OS and emphasized by it, as developers will be able to use it inside of their apps. The Google search bar widget may also finally integrate with the Assistant, but apparently these two features are so complicated to implement… – Latest articles