‘Mega Man Legacy Collection’ is headed to Nintendo Switch May 22

Mega Man fans were likely excited to hear that the next chapter in the venerable video game franchise, Mega Man 11, is slated for a release sometime this year. At the same time, Capcom announced plans to release two new Mega Man Legacy Collection com…
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How to use your amiibo with Nintendo Switch

You can get special exclusive in-game swag with certain amiibo on the Switch. Better start collecting now!

Amiibo, those adorable tiny statues that take up too much space on your bookshelf and inevitably become a pressure point in your relationship when your significant other complains that you’re becoming addicted to collecting them. Well, there not just for looks. They serve a very useful purpose in Nintendo Switch games. They generate items, sometimes exclusive items, within a game that you’re playing. Want to dress your Skyrim character like Link? It’s possible with the right amiibo!

How amiibo work with Nintendo Switch

Amiibo have this tiny chip at their base. The chip stores identifier data, like which Switch the figurine is registered to, which rewards should be doled out in which games, and whether it’s already been used in a particular game that day.

The chip in the amiibo uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to send this information to a small NFC reader in your Switch’s right Joy-Con controller (or the Pro Controller). When you place the amiibo on joystick on the right Joy-Con, it’ll send the data to your Switch.

How to set up amiibo on Nintendo Switch

What happens next depends on which game you’re playing. In some games, you might get special powers. In others, exclusive outfits or in-game currency.

How to trigger the in-game rewards in different games

With all these cool, exclusive in-game items you can get, you might be wondering how to go about getting them. Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as just tapping your amiibo to your Joy-Con and something suddenly appears on the screen.

Nintendo wants to immerse you in the game you’re playing, which means triggering an amiibo’s action has to fit the game’s design. In some games, you’ll have to go through a couple of steps before your bag of loot appears in front of you.

How to use amiibo with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Before you can use your amiibo in BotW, you have to enable the ability. It’s off by default in your system settings.

  1. Press the Plus (+) button on the right Joy-Con controller.
  2. Press the R or L shoulder button to scroll sideways until you get to the system settings.
  3. Select Options from the system settings menu.
  4. Select amiibo.
  5. Select Use amiibo.

After you’ve enabled the ability to use amiibo, you can trigger the rewards any time.

  1. Press and hold the Up button on the left Joy-Con D-Pad (the one that brings up the Runes).
  2. Scroll to the right on the right Joy-Con joystick to select the amiibo Rune.
  3. Press the L shoulder button to trigger the amiibo.
  4. Place your compatible amiibo on the right Joy-Con’s joystick to scan the NFC chip.

The loot will fall on the ground in front of you so make sure you’re not on a hillside or the edge of a river.

How to use amiibo with Super Mario Odyssey

You’ll have to complete the first two kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey before you can start using amiibo. In the Sand Kingdom, after you’ve beaten the Broodals, head back to your ship. A new object will be nearby. It looks like a little satellite with a Toad hovering over it. That little satellite is Uncle Amiibo and once you speak to him, you’ll be able to trigger your amiibo anywhere in the kingdom at any time.

  1. Press the right arrow on the D-pad on the left Joy-Con.
  2. Place your compatible amiibo on the right Joy-Con’s joystick to scan the NFC chip.

Loot will pop up from Mario’s head and automatically be added to your inventory.

Note: It’s a good idea to check in with Uncle amiibo whenever you come across him. He provides some bonus help by locating Moons that you haven’t already found. Nice bonus.

How to use amiibo with Splatoon 2

To unlock new characters in Splatoon 2 (like Callie and Marie) or get some cool gear, you can find the amiibo trigger in your amiibo Box in the back of Inkopolis Square.

  1. Scan the front of the amiibo box
  2. Press the A button to start the process.
  3. Place your compatible amiibo on the right Joy-Con’s joystick to scan the NFC chip.
  4. Select Do it for me!
  5. Scan the amiibo one more time to befriend the amiibo in your game.

With amiibo in Splatoon 2, you can befriend these characters, which could give special gear that makes you harder to get splattered.

How to use amiibo with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you can unlock some sweet new outfits to match the amiibo you’re triggering.

  1. Navigate to the game’s menu screen (the screen that shows up between games when you quit a race).
  2. Scroll down and select amiibo.
  3. Place your compatible amiibo on the right Joy-Con’s joystick to scan the NFC chip.

As you scan compatible amiibo, new suits will appear. To wear one, select your Mii Avatar when choosing a driver. Then, select the outfit you want to wear.

How to use amiibo with Skyrim

In Skyrim, your amiibo will drop a loot crate that will provide some helpful armor, gear, and noms. Some amiibo, especially the ones from The Legend of Zelda series, will reward exclusive items that are difficult to find in the game.

  1. Press the B button on the right Joy-Con controller.
  2. Select Magic from your menu.
  3. Select Powers
  4. Select amiibo.
  5. Press the ZL or ZR trigger button to equip amiibo as a power.
  6. Exit the magic menu.
  7. Press the trigger button you mapped to amiibo.
  8. Place your compatible amiibo on the right Joy-Con’s joystick to scan the NFC chip.

A loot chest will drop in front of you so make sure you’re not on a hillside or near a deep body of water.

Which amiibo should you buy?

So, now that you know how cool amiibo are and how they can reward you with some pretty sweet in-game swag, you might be wondering where to start? Have no fear. Just find the games you love and get started.

For the true amiibo collector

If you’ve been a collector of amiibo for a while, you probably already have more than a few collector figurines. If you’re looking for some good peripherals for your amiibo, look no further.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about how to use amiibo on Nintendo Switch? Put them in the comments and I’ll help you out.

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Grab a Pro Controller for your Nintendo Switch at just $50

Stock up on Switch accessories at a discount today.

Amazon has the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on sale for $ 49.99. It’s usually sold for around $ 70. If you need some extra Joy-Cons, you can grab them in Neon Pink and Green for $ 61.99 at Amazon, or Yellow for $ 61.99 at Walmart.

You can also pick up an extra Nintendo Switch Dock for $ 60 for a limited time at Amazon, down from $ 90.

The Pro Controller is perfect for anyone who feels like the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers are too small for their hands. The Pro Controller is a bit larger than standard gaming controllers today, but it feels great to hold and it’s not big enough where players with small hands wouldn’t enjoy using it too. It takes the guesswork out of “how do I use these Joy-Cons?” and lets you focus on the game at hand. It features amiibo support, motion controls, HD rumble and more. It comes with a USB-C cable to charge it up.

Sure, you lose some of the Switch’s uniqueness by playing with this controller, but you’ll probably find it a bit easier to navigate in games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Arms once you do. Even games like Super Mario Odyssey, which is on sale at Amazon for $ 49 right now.

The Pro Controller deal is also available at Walmart.

See at Amazon

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Best Nintendo Switch Games on Sale Now

Are you searching for a great game for your Switch without the high price? I’ve found the best games for a fraction of their price!

Have you played all of your Nintendo Switch games and you’re looking for a bit more fun? I know how pricey they can be, especially if you’re on a budget. Sixty dollars on a game seems a bit high, but I have found some great games currently on sale for your pleasure!


Brawlout is a great co-op fighting game with 6 unique characters and various different level backgrounds. You can get your hands on this game for $ 15

See at Nintendo eShop

Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing

Take on your friends with Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing, up to four other players and loads of rock and roll music. Take to the track with this game for $ 6.

See at Nintendo eShop


Brawl is a four player game with three different challenges where you play as some rather creepy characters. Take your buddies down with Brawl for $ 8.

See at Nintendo eShop

Frederic: Resurrection of Music

Play as Frederic as he comes back to life, only to realize that music has been essentially destroyed. Take back the world of music for $ 4.

See at Nintendo eShop

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL

Tiny Troopers is a great arcade game where you have to fight against multiple enemies. Enjoy shooting the heads off of zombies and evil people alike for $ 11.

See at Nintendo eShop


Go back to the 70’s with Stikbold, a dodge ball adventure game with up to 6 other players. You can get this game on sale now for $ 13.

See at Nintendo eShop

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern

Make your way through this dungeon of puzzles as you try to find the treasure in this castle. Find your way to the end of these puzzles for $ 7

See at Nintendo eShop

Sparkle 2 EVO

Evolve your way to the top of the food chain in Sparkle 2 EVO. Make sure to get this beautiful puzzle game for $ 2.50.

See at Nintendo eShop


Perception takes you into this horror game as you take on the life of a blind woman. Run and hide from what unknown being is following you for $ 12.

See at Nintendo eShop


Follow Violett as she goes around, discovering the new, creepy place she’s just moved to. Take on the adventure of Violett’s life for $ 5.

See at Nintendo eShop

The Next Penelope

Take your friends on the racetrack and shoot them as they pass by with the Next Penelope. You can get your race on with this gameon sale for $ 11.

See at Nintendo eShop

Astro Bears Party

This puzzle solving game has a great feature to it: cute, fluffy bears. Take on your friends or play on your own as these four bears for $ 3.

See at Nintendo eShop


Take on different planets as colorful robots with your friends, family, or on your own. Be the ruler of every planet in the galaxy for $ 12.

See at Nintendo eShop


Get a hand on that beat with Superbeat: Xonic, a new musical game with 68 unique songs. Start hitting the best notes for just $ 30 when on sale.

See at Nintendo eShop


Take Wryn through the world so she can complete her dream of being the best video game hero. Take down some of the best villains for $ 11.

See at Nintendo eShop

Rocket League

Like soccer? Like monster trucks and other crazy vehicles? Love the thrill of competitive team sports? Then you’ll love Rocket League! It’s the most fun you can have smacking around a giant ball with a car! It’s only $ 15 this week.

See at Nintendo eShop

Uurnog Uurnlimited

Make your way through this 2D platformer as you collect all the animals in every world. Grab this while it’s on sale for $ 12, and save all of the animals.

See at Nintendo eShop

Super Beat Sports

Play sports against these music-loving aliens with five different options. Win against the aliens with up to 4 of your friends for $ 12.

See at Nintendo eShop

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers

Become your favorite Cartoon Network character and take down your enemies in Battle Crashers. Be Chowder, Jake, or even Mordecai as you play through this game for just $ 25.

See at Nintendo eShop

Monster Jam Crush It!

Crush everything in your way as a monster truck driver. You can take on multiple stadiums with multiple trucks for only $ 25.

See at Nintendo eShop

Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome is a top-down cyberpunk game where you have to get through each level by killing all of the enemies that come your way. Get this game and play with up to four of your friends for $ 10.

See at Nintendo eShop


Match up the colors to defeat every level in this game, Tumblestone. For $ 10, you can play against your friends or yourself in this puzzle game.

See at Nintendo eShop

Golf Story

This game isn’t just about golfing on the course, but you have to keep up with people outside of the courses. Grab this game for $ 12, and explore all 8 environments while getting close to the characters.

See at Nintendo eShop


Take on this puzzle game on your own or with friends and online players. You can grab this game for $ 13 to solve all these puzzles.

See at Nintendo eShop


NeuroVoider is an RPG with over 8,000 enemies and up to four players in multiplayer. If you want to play this pixel-art style game, you can grab it for $ 12.

See at Nintendo eShop

Retro City Rampage DX

This 8 bit game is sure to take you back to the arcade days, and you will get an old-school, GTA feel with this game. Make your way through the city and rec havoc for just $ 10.

See at Nintendo eShop

Infinite Minigolf

Create your own character to look just like you as you go through every golf course one your own or with friends. With multiple courses and even the ability to create your own, you can grab this game now for $ 7.

See at Nintendo eShop

What are your favorite sales?

Any games you love that are currently on sale? Let us know in the comments below!

Updated February 12th, 2018: We’ve added the games that are on sale for this week!

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