Microsoft’s next big Windows update will use AI to fight malware

Windows Fall Creators Update will come with a hefty serving of security upgrades, made timely by the increasingly rampant cyberattacks targeting the platform these days. In a blog post, Microsoft has revealed how the upcoming major update will level…
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You won’t need cable to watch the Premier League next season

Good news for football fans in the US who love the English Premier League: NBC Sports has announced a standalone streaming package that will include 130 games, both live and on-demand, from the upcoming 2017-2018 campaign. The Premier League Pass, wh…
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vivo X9s/X9s Plus to be made official next week

Chinese smartphone manufacturer vivo has confirmed that it will be unveiling a couple of new smartphones next week. The vivo X9s and X9s Plus will be made official on July 6 according to a teaser posted by the company. While there’s nothing much known about the vivo X9s at this moment, the Plus variant was listed on TENAA’s website last month. The documents revealed some key specifications, including octa-core 1.95GHz processor, 5.85-inch Full HD display, and 4GB/64GB memory configuration. The device features a 16MP main camera, and a dual front camera setup of 20MP+5MP. It runs… – Latest articles

Rose Pink Galaxy S8+ will launch in Taiwan next month

There are already plenty of color options for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, including Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver, Maple Gold, and Coral Blue. That’s an awful lot of colors to choose from, but if you wanted a pink phone, you were unfortunately out of luck. Samsung has announced a new color of the S8+, named “Rose Pink,” but it will only be available in Taiwan (for now).

The Rose Pink model joins the other S8/S8+ colors available in Taiwain, which were recently rebranded for some reason.

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Facebook wants to be your next destination for streaming TV shows

After reluctantly admitting that it is indeed a media company last December, Facebook is starting to get into the business of producing content including original TV-quality shows and unscripted video shorts. The social network is said to be betting big on fresh shows targeted at audiences aged 17-30, with plans to allocate budgets of up to $ 3 million per 30-minute episode to producers in Hollywood. For reference, that’s similar to costs for Breaking Bad and a bit more than early seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Facebook has reportedly already lined up a relationship drama called Strangers, a comedy series…

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8 stories to read while you wait for the next season of American Gods

The first season of American Gods ended with a bang earlier this week, leaving us with a long wait until we get to see just what happens next for Shadow, Wednesday, and the others. However, like The Handmaid’s Tale, the show is based on a novel, and there’s a number of others about similar things: gods and magic.

Here are eight stories that you should check out while you wait for the show to return.

Image: William Morrow

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

The logical place to start with this sort of list is Neil Gaiman’s companion novel to American Gods, Anansi Boys. Charles Nancy learns that his father, Mr. Nancy (played by Orlando Jones in the Starz series), has died. Soon, he discovers that his father was the trickster…

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is coming to PS4 next week

The enhanced version of Call of Duty 4 is now a standalone title — at least on PS4. Today Activision announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will be available on Sony’s console on June 27th for $ 39.99. The game — which features the same story campaign and multiplayer maps as the 2007 original, but with updated visuals — was previously available bundled with special editions of last year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. As of now, however, there’s no word on when the remastered version will be available to purchase on either PC or Xbox One. The publisher says that there will be “other platforms to follow” the PS4 launch. The next major Call of Duty game, meanwhile, takes the series back to World War II, and will be…

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Scientists Selectively Erased Memories In Snails — Are We Next?

Snail’s Minds Rendered Spotless

In the U.S. alone, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is estimated to affect about 8 million adults every year. Whether these individuals are struggling with events from a battlefront or a violent past encounter, they are likely to have at least two kinds of memories associated with their trauma — associative memories and non-associative memories.

Associative memories contain important information about the traumatic event, like who hurt you, or perhaps where the event took place. Non-associative memories, on the other hand, are about details that are not directly related to the traumatic event, but can still trigger symptoms of PTSD. But now, scientists have found a way selectively delete non-associative memories while retaining associative ones — at least in snails.

Image Credit: Schacher Lab/Columbia University Medical Center
Image Credit: Schacher Lab / Columbia University Medical Center

They were able to do this by blocking various molecules associated with an enzyme called Protein Kinase M (PKM), which is critical for maintaining long-term memories. Researchers recently reported in the journal Current Biology that they were able to erase different kinds of memories by blocking different molecules associated with PKM, and were even able to erase specific memories by blocking certain variants of these molecules.

“By isolating the exact molecules that maintain non-associative memory, we may be able to develop drugs that can treat anxiety without affecting the patient’s normal memory of past events.” Jiangyuan Hu, a co-author of the paper, said in an interview for a Columbia University press release.

Mastering Memory

While the team is hopeful that these methods will be as effective in humans as they were in snails, many more studies are needed before we get to that point. And, as yet, the team isn’t sure that the memories they erased are gone forever — only further research can clarify this issue.

This line of research may hold incredible promise for people suffering from PTSD, other mental health issues caused by traumatic events, and even drug addiction. However, this is a delicate area. Memories serve a purpose in most cases, and if we erase bad memories we may find ourselves making the same mistakes. In addition, some theorize that it’s not the memories per se that are the problem — it’s the recall process gone awry that causes the trauma to be re-experienced.

Furthermore, it isn’t clear how successful scientists will be at erasing only specific memories when, by their very nature, memories are interlinked with one another. Even if they can, will all of a person’s other memories make sense in context when one life-changing yet negative experience is suddenly gone?

Still, the team believes that the only way we can know if erasing memories is a viable medical strategy is by studying it. “Our study is a ‘proof of principle’ that presents an opportunity for developing strategies and perhaps therapies to address anxiety,” co-author Samuel Schacher said in the press release.

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HTC’s next Edge Sense features for the U11 still seem very gimmicky

HTC today released a video of some new features coming to Edge Sense, the headlining, squeeze-your-phone-to-do-something feature of its U11 smartphone. The examples shown include Google Maps (which automatically zooms in when you squeeze), Google Photos (same thing), Calendar (change to a different view with a squeeze), and the ability to end calls by — you guessed it — squeezing the phone.

I don’t know about you, but my response to every single one of these new functions was “okay, but why wouldn’t I just do this the regular way?” I can understand the convenience part if you’re stuck using the U11 with a single hand, but so far the best thing about Edge Sense is using it as a shortcut button for your favorite apps. Or to turn on the…

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Sharp will reportedly start building OLED TV panels next year

Now that Sharp is under new ownership by Foxconn, it may have big plans for a return to TV prominence. In a move that could explain a sudden push to recover the use of its name from Hisense, the Japanese company apparently has a plan to add OLED TV p…
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