‘New’ Galaxy S9 facial recognition still fails on security

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Samsung touts the new Intelligent Scan facial recognition system in the Galaxy S9 as better than the easily fooled system used in the S8, but there’s no real-world change for owners of the new device. Samsung’s facial recognition technology remains far less secure than Apple’s Face ID. The Galaxy S8 offered facial recognition and iris […]

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Cash For Apps: Make money with android app

5G needs a “new mindset” towards Internet rules, telcos warn

The Best Guide To Selling Your Old Phones With High Profit

 Carriers have kicked off the world’s biggest mobile phone tradeshow with calls for an “investment friendly framework” to fund rollouts of next-gen 5G network technology and level the playing field with Internet giants. “We need a new mindset,” argued Telefonica CEO José María Álvarez-Pallete López, giving the first keynote of the morning here at Mobile… Read More
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Tapinator Says Blockchain Emerging as a ‘New Frontier’ for the Gaming Industry

The overall value of the global cryptocurrency market reached an all-time high of more than $ 700 billion on January 3, 2018, a clear indicator of the increased interest in the adoption of digital currencies and their underlying blockchain technology.

That’s the opening salvo in a statement to media this week from Tapinator, as the company suggests that blockchain is already being successfully implemented across various market sectors and is expected to revolutionize a significant number of industries over the next decade, including the financial, healthcare, real estate, legal and gaming industries.

Mobile gaming in particular is a promising segment for blockchain adoption, with the fastest growing rate in the whole gaming industry and over $ 40 billion in revenues in 2017.

“Tapinator, Inc. has positioned itself to exploit these market trends and establish an early lead within the blockchain gaming industry through the recent creation of its subsidiary, Revolution Blockchain LLC.,” a provided statement reads. “Other companies poised to capitalize on opportunities in the blockchain sector include Bitcoin Investment Trust, Riot Blockchain, Inc., Bitcoin Services, Inc. and Marathon Patent Group, Inc.”

To learn more about Tapinator and what the company is up to, click here.

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Fans make 80 new levels for ‘New Super Mario Bros.’

If you're pining for some classic Mario and don't have a copy of Super Mario Maker to hand, there's always Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. As the name implies, it's a fan-made successor to the portable title from 2006. The 80-level campaign was created w…
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Apple pushes Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV with ‘What’s New’ screen, paid Twitter ads

Article Image

Apple has gone all-in on promoting the new Amazon Prime Video app, and is not only telling users that it is available after a tvOS 11.2 update, but has taken out Twitter "promoted" tweets noting it as well.
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Google Assistant gets ‘trending’ and ‘new’ sections, additional subcategories, and more

Finding Assistant services can be a pain. Unless you’re constantly scrolling through all the available options, you’re going to miss things. Google is rolling out a number of changes to Assistant that will make it easier to find apps and services. Developers will also have a few new tools at their disposal to build Assistant apps. 

Of primary importance on the user side, the Assistant menu will now have better discovery features.

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Google’s AI Is A “New Paradigm” That Unites Humans and Machines

Google’s AI Investment

Google is fully aware of artificial intelligence’s (AI) potential — DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI is one of today’s most well-known examples of its capabilities — and in an earnings call this week, the company made it clear they believe the future of technology lies with AI.

During the call, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet (Google’s parent company), praised the company’s decision to invest in AI early, highlighting the concept’s trajectory from “a research project to something that can solve new problems for a billion people a day,” according to an Inverse report.

Pichai went on to note how Google’s AI research is already producing products that utilize machine learning, such as the Google Clips camera that debuted earlier this month. “Even though we are in the early days of AI, we are already rethinking how to build products around machine learning,” said Pichai. “It’s a new paradigm compared to mobile-first software, and I’m thrilled how Google is leading the way.”

Pichai went on to note the performance of Google Assistant since its implementation. While the AI powering it may not be smarter than a fifth grader, it continues to learn and help people “get things done in the real world,” said the CEO. Work done by DeepMind this year to add imagination and teach AI to manage real-world tasks has almost certainly been a factor in Google Assistant’s success.

Last month, Google Cloud Chief Scientist Fei-Fei Li said that AI needs to be more human-centered, noting that making that shift would lead to better communication and collaboration between humans and AI. Li’s words may have impacted the way Google’s AI is used to improve services, such as Google Photos and Google Maps.

“500 million people now use the machine learning smarts of Google Photos to manage and share their memories,” said Pichai. “The billion-plus people using Google Maps now get thoughtfully contextual information like how to find parking where they are going.”

AI’s Future

Consumers aren’t the only ones benefiting from artificial intelligence. According to Pichai, businesses are also starting to learn how to use AI and machine learning to grow and remain relevant in a world that’s embracing more powerful technology.

White House AI Report: Everything You Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]
Click to View Full Infographic

Google isn’t exempt from this, either. The company has created an AI that’s better at making AI systems than human engineers are. It’s an exciting development, to be sure, though it and AlphaGo Zero, which has self-learning capabilities, may cause some concerns, such as those held by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and Pichai’s comments both highlight the technology’s current capabilities while also acknowledging its future. AI’s effect on jobs and the ethics of the tech still need to be addressed, but provided we can control it, AI is poised to lift humanity to new heights and radically change the world for the better.

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A ‘new’ version of iTunes brings back apps and ringtones

Still need a way to manage your applications and ringtones in addition to your music, movies and other media on your iPhone? Well, there's an app for that. Following iTunes' massive overhaul (version 12.7 if you're keeping track at home), the company…
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Tim Cook Jumps to No. 3 in Vanity Fair’s ‘New Establishment List’

Earlier this week, Vanity Fair released its annual ‘New Establishment List’ for 2017. Known as the publication’s self-styled list of the top 100 most notable “Silicon Valley hotshots, Hollywood moguls, Wall Street titans, and cultural icons,” the exposé is a thoughtful tribute to the most noteworthy faces (and a nod to their most noteworthy accomplishments) of the year.

Vanity Fair has been publishing its New Establishment List each year since 1994 as a way to shed light on those who are out there “setting the global agenda and leading the Age of Innovation,” according to its editors, and two of Apple’s top executives made the cut (again).

First up we have Cupertino’s Chief Executive, Tim Cook, who climbed to the No. 3 spot on this year’s list — up considerably from his place at No. 11 on last year’s list. Cook’s accomplishments speak for themselves.

    With a market cap north of $ 800 billion, Apple is on track to be a trillion-dollar company.
    As consumers reject the new MacBook Pro and Apple arrives late to the game with HomePod, an Echo wannabe, the company is clinging to the iPhone for more than half of its revenue—an inauspicious strategy, since phone sales are predicted to decline.
    Cook showed up at Trump Tower in December to kiss the ring, then went to the White House in June to try to convince Trump of the importance of coding in schools.

Next up we have Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet software and services, Eddy Cue, who as the manager of iTunes, iCloud, the App Store and more dropped to No. 73 on this year’s list from his previous ranking at No. 54.

    Launching HomePod, Apple’s voice-activated virtual assistant. The product, a competitor to Amazon’s Echo, may be the new hit Apple so desperately needs as interest in the iPhone wanes.
    Planet of the Apps, Apple’s foray into original programming under Cue, “feels like something that was developed at a cocktail party,” according to one review.

Other Notable Figures of 2017

Climbing from her previous ranking at No. 73 to No. 44 on this year’s list is Laurene Powell Jobs — the widow of Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs, and herself co-founder of the educational and philanthropic organization, Emerson Collective. Powell-Jobs’ achievements for 2017 include her acquisition of a majority stake in The Atlantic this past July, as well as her investment in an entity called Monumental Sports and Entertainment — owners of several Washington, D.C.-area sports franchises including the NBA’s Wizards and the D.C. Capitals.

Finally, among the myriad of Hollywood heavyweights to make this year’s list is everyone’s favorite wrestler-turned-actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who earlier this year starred in Apple’s hilarious Siri-inspired advertisement.

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iOS 11 Grand Master Reveals ‘New’ AirPods with Minimal Changes

Over the weekend, the iOS 11 grand master (GM) unleashed a wealth of information about Apple’s upcoming devices, including some of the company’s new accessories.

One of those accessories happens to be the next-generation version of Apple’s wireless earbuds. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith dug into the iOS 11 GM and uncovered a render of what appears to be an updated version of AirPods, which you can see below. Troughton-Smith shared the render alongside other findings via Twitter on Saturday.

The render reveals something key about AirPods 2.0 — they haven’t changed much. Both the earbuds and the clamshell charging case remain a stark white color, and there are few if any design differences aside from one. Namely, the LED “status light” charging indicator has apparently been moved from inside of the charging case to the outer front.

Troughton-Smith also shared an animated render of the new AirPods, presumably sourced from the iOS 11 GM, too. The animation shows off the clamshell opening design of the charging case and the new placement of its LED indicator. Interestingly, the status light is blinking white — which Apple’s website says is an indication that the earbuds are ready to be paired. That could suggest that some of the existing LED signals will remain the same on the new AirPods.

Unfortunately, there’s little else that can be gleaned from a single render and a short animated clip. References to the accessory within the iOS 11 GM don’t reveal any details other than an in-house designation (AirPods 1,2). Similarly, until today, there haven’t been any rumors suggesting Apple would refresh its wireless earbuds so soon — so it’s impossible to say for sure what new features the company might add to its next iteration.

Of course, if Apple is indeed gearing up to unveil a new version of AirPods, we likely won’t have to wait long for its announcement. The company is expected to unveil its new lineup of devices tomorrow, Sept. 12. iDrop News will be covering the event live, so check back for the latest news and updates.

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