In Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, zombies are the political activists America needs

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Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet loves people. That’s unusual for a zombie narrative. Most zombie narratives present people as lurching, decaying, cannibalistic monsters. Misanthropy, paranoia, and loathing have been central to the modern zombie genre since George Romero first gleefully showed humans leaping for each other’s throats, even before they got turned into zombies. “They’re us, that’s all,” Peter (Ken Foree) says mournfully, watching brainless ghouls wander emptily around the mall in 1978’s Dawn of the Dead.

That basic insight, and the disgust that comes with it, has remained at the heart of the zombie genre ever since. Zombies are people, people are zombies, and all of them are just worm food with insatiable appetites. Even the…

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The Morning After: Zuckerberg’s apology and Netflix’s new typeface

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to Thursday. We touch on why deleting Facebook is hard for some of us, squeeze a sorry out of Mark Zuckerberg and test out the comfortable future of Oculus VR.
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Netflix’s sleek new typeface will save it a ton of money

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Typefaces are vital to a brand’s identity. For a while now, Netflix has been known by is use of the striking Gotham font. However, spiraling licensing costs have forced the streaming titan to look elsewhere, resulting in it launching its own bespoke typeface: Netflix Sans. Netflix Sans was the product of a collaboration between an in-house team and the iconic font foundry Dalton Maag. It solves a couple of problems: first, Netflix was paying millions every year just for the privilege of using Gotham. When you license something at such a scale, it gets really pricey. Speaking to design blog…

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Netflix’s real advantage is that it’s a tech company first

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Netflix hasn't been coy about its plans to take over Hollywood. The company has already said it could spend up to $ 8 billion on original content this year alone. But, for all the awards House of Cards or Icarus rack up, one of the reasons Netflix has…
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NYT: President Obama could be Netflix’s next big signing

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Given Netflix's recent list of talent deals, it's hard to imagine who they could reach an arrangement with next. According to a report by the New York Times, the streaming service is in "advanced negotiations" with former President Barack Obama and f…
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Unlock Netflix’s Hidden Features and Become a Streaming Superstar

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Hidden Features of NetFlix

Netflix has long been a superb entertainment app. It’s got almost everything to keep you pumped up. Enjoy using this app and wish to get the most out of it? Well, we have listed out a number of smart tricks that can let you unlock Netflix’s hidden features and also enormously bolster your user-experience.

Instantly access the sort of movies and shows you love watching. Enable captions and also stop the app from burning your limited data plan. Oh yes, there is also a way to prevent the app from playing episodes without your nod! So, what’s stopping you man from unraveling these coolest hacks for Netflix?

Hidden Features of NetFlix

Netflix’s Hidden Features

Make Movie Requests

Many of you would be surprised to know that the app lets you also request movies, which you like to watch. To do so, head over to Netflix help center. Then, go to “Request TV shows or movies.”

Once you have requested a movie, the app will check out if the license is available. Your desired content will be uploaded soon if it’s there.


Using an app called Upflix app, you will be able to quickly sort movies by their IMDb, Flixster, or Rotten Tomatoes rating. It will help you quickly find out the content you want to watch. To watch any movie, just tap on it, and the app will direct you to the official Netflix app.

Find out the Expiration date of favorite TV Shows and Movies

Netflix shows expiration dates on TV shows and movies to ensure you remain fully aware of them. To check expiration date of any show which is getting ready to leave the entertainment app in the next 30 days, head over to the details page of the TV show or movie.

Find Out What Others Recommend

It’s great to remain connected with the other users and get to know the movies that are spicing up their mood. If you wish to stay updated about what other Netflix users recommend, keep a tab on this page: r/netflixbestof on Reddit.

Fast Forward Without Using The Mouse

Simply tap Shift and the Right Arrow to fast-forward, or Shift and the Left Arrow to rewind.

Access The hidden settings menu

When watching a Netflix movie on your computer, hold down Shift+Alt (Shift+Opt on Macs) and left click.

You should see a pulldown menu where you will have the option to fix buffering issues and also adjust other settings.

Netflix Shortcuts for Computer

Some handy keyboard shortcuts can let you comfortably control your music on the computer. Besides, it will also ensure you spend less on clicking and more on listening.

  • F: Full-screen
  • Esc: Exit full-screen
  • Shift+Left arrow: Rewind
  • Shift+Right arrow: Fast Forward
  • Up arrow: Volume Up
  • Down arrow: Volume DownM – Mute toggle
  • Space: Toggle Play/Pause
  • Enter: Toggle Play/Pause
  • PgUp: Play
  • PgDn: Pause

Enable/Disable subtitles and Captions in NetFlix

You can also enable subtitles, captions, and alternate audio for many TV shows and movies on your iPhone/iPad, Apple TV, and computer? Jump over to this quick guide to find out how it’s done.

Use the Secret Codes to Instantly Track Down the Contents You Want to Watch

No longer want to spend a lot of time in finding out the contents you wish to watch? There is a little hack that can let you quickly track down the sort of contents that fire your adrenaline.

So, how does this effective trick work? Well, you just need to insert the number of the specific category you wish to view in the below-given URL.

We have listed out all the niche categories to let you easily find your desired content.


  • 11146: Anime Fantasy
  • 6721: Anime Series
  • 7424: Anime
  • 11881: Adult Animation
  • 2653: Anime Action
  • 9302: Anime Comedies
  • 452: Anime Dramas
  • 3063: Anime Features
  • 2729: Anime Sci-Fi
  • 10695: Anime Horror

Action and Adventure

  • 1365: Action & Adventure
  • 77232: Asian Action Movies
  • 46576: Classic Action & Adventure
  • 43040: Action Comedies
  • 43048: Action Thrillers
  • 8985: Martial Arts Movies
  • 2125: Military Action & Adventure
  • 7442: Adventures
  • 10118: Comic Book and Superhero Movies
  • 7700: Westerns
  • 10702: Spy Action & Adventure
  • 9584: Crime Action & Adventure
  • 11828: Foreign Action & Adventure

Classic Movies

  • 48744: Classic War Movies
  • 52858: Epics
  • 32473: Classic Foreign Movies
  • 53310: Silent Movies
  • 47465: Classic Westerns
  • 31574: Classic Movies
  • 31694: Classic Comedies
  • 29809: Classic Dramas
  • 47147: Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 46588: Classic Thrillers
  • 7687: Film Noir


  • 52804: Faith & Spirituality Movies
  • 2760: Spiritual Documentaries
  • 751423: Kids Faith & Spirituality
  • 384: Independent Dramas
  • 5763: Dramas
  • 3179: Biographical Dramas
  • 29809: Classic Dramas
  • 528582748: Courtroom Dramas
  • 6889: Crime Dramas
  • 4961: Dramas based on Books
  • 3653: Dramas based on real life
  • 6384: Tearjerkers
  • 2150: Foreign Dramas
  • 7243: Sports Dramas
  • 500: Gay & Lesbian Dramas
  • 384: Independent Dramas
  • 9299: Teen Dramas
  • 11: Military Dramas
  • 12123: Period Pieces
  • 6616: Political Dramas
  • 1255: Romantic Dramas
  • 5012: Showbiz Dramas
  • 3947: Social Issue Dramas
  • 26835: Faith & Spirituality


  • 1252: Campy Movies
  • 10944: Cult Horror Movies
  • 4734: Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 9434: Cult Comedies
  • 4195: Independent Comedies
  • 6548: Comedies
  • 869: Dark Comedies
  • 4426: Foreign Comedies
  • 1402: Late Night Comedies
  • 26: Mockumentaries
  • 2700: Political Comedies
  • 9702: Screwball Comedies
  • 5286: Sports Comedies
  • 11559: Stand-up Comedy
  • 3519: Teen Comedies
  • 4922: Satires
  • 5475: Romantic Comedies
  • 10256: Slapstick Comedies
  • 7627: Cult Movies
  • 8195: B-Horror Movies

Children and Family

  • 67673: Disney
  • 10056: Movies based on children’s books
  • 51056: Family Features
  • 11177: TV Cartoons
  • 783: Children & Family Movies
  • 6796: Movies for ages 0 to 2
  • 6218: Movies for ages 2 to 4
  • 5455: Movies for ages 5 to 7
  • 561: Movies for ages 8 to 10
  • 6962: Movies for ages 11 to 12
  • 10659: Education for Kids
  • 27346: Kids’ TV
  • 52843: Kids Music
  • 5507: Animal Tales


  • 5161: Foreign Documentaries
  • 5349: Historical Documentaries
  • 4006: Military Documentaries
  • 180: Sports Documentaries
  • 10005: Religious Documentaries
  • 2595: Science & Nature Documentaries
  • 3675: Social & Cultural Documentaries
  • 6839: Documentaries
  • 3652: Biographical Documentaries
  • 9875: Crime Documentaries
  • 90361: Music & Concert Documentaries
  • 1159: Travel & Adventure Documentaries
  • 7018: Political Documentaries

Horror Movies

  • 8711: Horror Movies
  • 8195: B-Horror Movies
  • 6895: Creature Features
  • 10944: Cult Horror Movies
  • 45028: Deep Sea Horror Movies
  • 8654: Foreign Horror Movies
  • 89585: Horror Comedy
  • 947: Monster Movies
  • 8646: Slasher and Serial Killer Movies
  • 42023: Supernatural Horror Movies
  • 52147: Teen Screams
  • 75804: Vampire Horror Movies
  • 75930: Werewolf Horror Movies
  • 75405: Zombie Horror Movies
  • 6998: Satanic Stories
  • 7077: Independent Movies
  • 11079: Experimental Movies
  • 11804: Independent Action & Adventure
  • 3269: Independent Thrillers


  • 8883: Romantic Movies
  • 9916: Romantic Independent Movies
  • 502675: Romantic Favorites
  • 36103: Quirky Romance
  • 9916: Romantic Independent Movies
  • 7153: Romantic Foreign Movies
  • 1255: Romantic Dramas
  • 35800: Steamy Romantic Movies
  • 31273: Classic Romantic Movies
  • 5475: Romantic Comedies

Foreign Movies

  • 10398: Japanese Movies
  • 8221: Italian Movies
  • 10463: Indian Movies
  • 3960: Chinese Movies
  • 10757: British Movies
  • 7462: Foreign Movies
  • 29764: Art House Movies
  • 11828: Foreign Action & Adventure
  • 32473: Classic Foreign Movies
  • 4426: Foreign Comedies
  • 5161: Foreign Documentaries
  • 2150: Foreign Dramas
  • 8243: Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies
  • 8654: Foreign Horror Movies
  • 6485: Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 10306: Foreign Thrillers
  • 7153: Romantic Foreign Movies
  • 3761: African Movies
  • 5230: Australian Movies
  • 262: Belgian Movies
  • 5685: Korean Movies
  • 1613: Latin American Movies
  • 5875: Middle Eastern Movies
  • 63782: New Zealand Movies
  • 11567: Russian
  • 9292: Scandinavian Movies
  • 9196: Southeast Asian Movies
  • 58741: Spanish Movies
  • 61115: Greek Movies
  • 58886: German Movies
  • 58807: French Movies
  • 5254: Eastern European Movies
  • 10606: Dutch Movies
  • 58750: Irish Movies


  • 1701: Music
  • 52843: Kids Music
  • 1105: Country & Western/Folk
  • 10271: Jazz & Easy Listening
  • 10741: Latin Music
  • 9472: Urban & Dance Concerts
  • 2856: World Music Concerts
  • 3278: Rock & Pop Concerts
  • 13335: Musicals
  • 32392: Classic Musicals
  • 59433: Disney Musicals
  • 13573: Showbiz Musicals
  • 55774: Stage Musicals


  • 4370: Sports Movies
  • 5286: Sports Comedies
  • 180: Sports Documentaries
  • 7243: Sports Dramas
  • 12339: Baseball Movies
  • 12803: Football Movies
  • 12443: Boxing Movies
  • 12549: Soccer Movies
  • 6695: Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling
  • 12762: Basketball Movies
  • 9327: Sports & Fitness


  • 8933: Thrillers
  • 43048: Action Thrillers
  • 46588: Classic Thrillers
  • 10499: Crime Thrillers
  • 10306: Foreign Thrillers
  • 3269: Independent Thrillers
  • 31851: Gangster Movies
  • 5505: Psychological Thrillers
  • 10504: Political Thrillers
  • 9994: Mysteries
  • 11014: Sci-Fi Thrillers
  • 9147: Spy Thrillers
  • 972: Steamy Thrillers
  • 11140: Supernatural Thrillers

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

  • 1492: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 1568: Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 3327: Alien Sci-Fi
  • 47147: Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 4734: Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 9744: Fantasy Movies
  • 6926: Sci-Fi Adventure
  • 3916: Sci-Fi Dramas
  • 1694: Sci-Fi Horror Movies
  • 11014: Sci-Fi Thrillers
  • 6485: Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy

TV Shows

  • 83: TV Shows
  • 52117: British TV Shows
  • 46553: Classic TV Shows
  • 26146: Crime TV Shows
  • 74652: Cult TV Shows
  • 72436: Food & Travel TV
  • 27346: Kids’ TV
  • 67879: Korean TV Shows
  • 4814: Miniseries
  • 25804: Military TV Shows
  • 52780: Science & Nature TV
  • 10673: TV Action & Adventure
  • 10375: TV Comedies
  • 10105: TV Documentaries
  • 11714: TV Dramas
  • 83059: TV Horror
  • 4366: TV Mysteries
  • 1372: TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 9833: Reality TV
  • 60951: Teen TV Shows

Control Data Usage

Is Netflix eating into plenty of cellular data on your device? No problem. You can control data usage on your device and prevent your limited bandwidth from falling short of the target. Navigate to this hands-on guide to control data consumption.

Make the Most Ultra HD

Netflix offers HD content to enliven your movie time. You can easily set it up to enjoy watching movies. Just make sure to stream your favorite shows only on Wi-Fi to prevent rapid data consumption.

Step #1. Open the app and head over to your Account.

Step #2. Now, select playback settings and click “High” on data usage.

Step #3. Next, click the save button to confirm.

Hide titles from viewing history

If you wish to keep certain titles under the wraps, hide them from your viewing history.

Step #1. Head over to visiting

Step #2. Now, you should see all of the titles you have watched on the activity page.

To hide, Individual titles or series, you need to click on the “X” next to that title or series.

Once you have hidden a title from your viewing activity page, it will no longer show in your Recently Watched or Continue Watching row.

Do note that once you’ve hidden a title from your viewing activity, it cannot be re-added until you play it again.

Stop autoplay in Netflix

The auto-play feature ensures your favorite movies continue to play without any hindrance. But if you don’t want them to play without your permission, you can choose to stop auto-play.

To disable this feature (called Post-Play).

Step #1. Open Settings app and then go to Your Account → Playback Settings.

Step #2. Now, uncheck the box for “Play Next Episode Automatically.”

Avoid Test Participation

The entertainment app keeps on bringing some cool features from time to time. And, I personally like giving them a try. But you might not have those early birds, you can stop them from sneaking in the app.

Step #1. Open Settings app and head over to Your Account.

Step #2. Under Settings, tap on Test Participation and then turn off the switch.

That’s all!

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