Wallpapers of the week: neon signs

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The new iPhone 8 and X screens have an incredible ability to highlight bright spots in imagery. Naturally, the iPhone X’s OLED screen is the best example of this capability. With that in mind, I stumbled across some neon sign photographs. Bright colors of the neon signage against dark contrasting background highlights the impressive new screens. These original photographs were curated via unsplash, the free photography site, which I highly recommend browsing…. Read the rest of this post here

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Gallery: Apple promotes upcoming Shinjuku store and Japanese retail expansion with vivid imagery, neon signage

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

After revealing the location of a new retail store in Tokyo earlier this week, Apple is now promoting the grand opening of Apple Shinjuku with a new neon-themed video, signage, and promotional imagery on the company’s Japanese website.



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Rediscovering a love of music with HomePod, HomeKit, and neon

When Apple announced HomePod during last year’s WWDC, I observed the introduction with only passing interest. Music had taken a back seat in my life. While I was fascinated by HomePod’s design, I never thought that I’d end up with one on my desk several months later.



Design the Look and Taste of Your Dream Beer in ‘Brew Town’ Craft Beer Simulator from ‘Fist of Awesome’ and ‘Neon Horizon’ Developers

AppBox Media, responsible for Neon Horizon [Free] among many others, and Nicoll Hunt’s studio I Fight Bears, of Fist of Awesome [$ 0.99] and Maximum Car [Free] fame, are teaming up on something decidedly different for both developers. It’s a beer crafting simulation game called Brew Town, and it’s arriving on iOS and Android March 22nd. Like creating games in Game Dev Story, in Brew Town you’ll be responsible for creating new and interesting beers, then stocking and (hopefully) selling them to eager customers. As we all know how fun it is creating silly game types in Game Dev Story, I think Brew Town will take things to the next level with their robust custom bottle creator. Check it out and the rest of the game in this trailer.

This isn’t the first time we’ve done some brewin’ on our mobiles, as the excellent 2013 sim Fiz: Brewery Management Game offered a similar experience a few years back and is still a super fun game. Brew Town looks like it goes in a pretty different direction though, literally building all the various pieces of an actual brewing town, and of course the incredible level of customization for all your wacky beer ideas.

The developers’ own description sums up Brew Town quite well: “A tycoon game like no other, Brew Town is all about you crafting your way to success. Want to make an almond flavoured stout? Go right ahead. You’d rather have a caramel-nougat IPA with a space-themed label? Step right up. How about a chili-infused red ale with a bright orange bottle featuring a GIANT T-REX ON FIRE? Let’s just say you’ve come to the right place.” Given the previous work of all involved, I really can’t wait to get my hands on Brew Town. It’s scheduled to release next month on March 22nd for free, so get your taste buds ready. Until then you can find some more information as well as a bunch of awesome custom bottles at Brew Town’s official website.


Nintendo set to sell neon ‘Splatoon’ Joy-Con controllers in the US

Love the Nintendo Switch controllers but tired of only having them in gray? The company will broaden the Joy-Con color palette in the US market when it releases them in neon pink and neon green later this month. While these hues have been out in Euro…
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Straightforward Space Shooter ‘Starfighter Neon’ Hits Steam Today, Testers Wanted for iOS and Apple TV Version

Top-down space shooters are a staple of the iOS platform since even before the App Store was officially around. With a genre that’s so well-trodden, most new games try to add in complexity and features to try and mix up the formula somewhat. Which is great of course, but there’s also something to be said for a straightforward, no nonsense space shooter, you know? That is the aim of Starfighter Neon from developer Michael Higgs aka MadeOfDinosaurs. Starfighter Neon proudly boasts no “epic settings, huge boss battles or an emotional story line” and promises that “it isn’t / won’t be free!” It’s weird we live in a world where a game not being free is a positive feature, but that’s mobile games in 2017 for you. Starfighter Neon will have no ads or IAP, just lots of glowy retro visuals and lots of enemies to blast to bits.

Starfighter Neon launched on Steam today for the paltry price of $ 1.49, which is 25% off its already absurdly low regular price of $ 1.99. I’d expect the iOS version to cost about the same. Speaking of the iOS version, MadeOfDinosaurs is working on that version as well as a version for the Apple TV right now, and is looking to gather some testers. If you’re interested in beta testing this one, head over to the thread in our forums for the details on how to sign up. Otherwise look for Starfighter Neon’s iOS and Apple TV versions to release in the very near future.


Razer launches neon green Hammerhead USB-C earbuds

It’s hard to find USB-C earbuds despite so many Android phones — including Google’s Pixel 2 devices and the Razer Phone — making a switch to the new connector while getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Fortunately, there’s a new pair of USB-C buds just released called the Razer Hammerhead USB-C. They’re made to match the Razer Phone, but you can easily plug them into any other device that has a USB-C jack.

The earbuds are fitted with 10-mm drivers and acoustic chambers to deliver “deep, distortion-free bass,” according to the company.

Razer’s earbuds include an in-line remote and mic along a flat cable that should help reduce tangles. They’re also magnetic, so you can snap them together when not in use. The main…

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Arena Mode DLC and $2.99 Sale Price Hit Stellar Dual-Stick Shooter ‘Neon Chrome’

It’s hard to believe that 10tons launched their fantastic dual-stick shooter Neon Chrome [$ 2.99] on iOS almost an entire year go, as the game still feels as fresh and fun as it did last November. Following its great reception on mobile, questions quickly turned to when 10tons would be releasing the Arena mode DLC that had been added to the desktop version of Neon Chrome this past January. Well, it took longer than I think we all thought it would, but today that Arena mode DLC has finally arrived in the mobile version of Neon Chrome.

The Arena mode acts as a survival type of mode and has you choosing a class type and running through wave after wave of increasingly difficult baddies until finally succumbing to the challenge and posting your score to a global leaderboard. The Arena mode will set you back $ 1.99 and offers even more ways to enjoy this already highly replay-able shooter. Oh, and if you have yet to pick up Neon Chrome on iOS, there’s some extra incentive. It’s currently on sale for just $ 2.99 down from its normal price of $ 9.99, meaning you can grab the base game and the DLC for less than the normal cost of the game itself. Whadda deal!


‘Time Recoil’, the New Top-Down Shooter from ‘Neon Chrome’ Developer 10tons, is Heading to Mobile and Seeking Beta Testers

10tons has been making games for desktop and mobile for well over a decade, with a variety of games both casual and hardcore under their belt. However, I think most people will probably recognize them from putting out one of last year’s best games, the dual-stick shooter Neon Chrome [$ 9.99], which is currently prepping the release of a huge Arena DLC update. Well, a little over a month ago 10tons released a brand new top-down shooter on desktop and consoles that looks like it could be the cousin to Neon Chrome. It’s called Time Recoil, and its main hook is that as you kill enemies you’ll slow down time, giving you the chance to carefully pick off your next targets. The more people you kill, the longer you can keep time slowed down, making for some incredibly cinematic gun battles. Here’s the launch trailer for the desktop and console version of Time Recoil, so you can see what it’s like in action.

Seeing as how closely Time Recoil resembles Neon Chrome, you might be thinking to yourself “Hey, 10tons should bring Time Recoil to mobile!” Well, good news for you then, friend! 10tons IS bringing Time Recoil to mobile, and according to their post in our forums, they have a fully playable build already up and running on mobile devices. They did have to tweak the game for the mobile iteration; most significantly they turned it into just a single-stick game since you have limited ammo and will need to focus on your movement and triggering your shots as opposed to just spraying bullets everywhere you point your thumb. Here’s how an early version of Time Recoil looks on the iPad.

The switch to single-stick is interesting, as with the aiming assist they’ve built in this appears to test your ability to time and string together cool kill combos rather than worry about your aiming skill. It sounds kind of refreshing, actually. With the mobile version of Time Recoil already so close to being finished, 10tons is now in the spit and polish phase, and in order to get things tip top before release they’re seeking out a limited number of beta testers to try out the game on mobile. If interested you can sign up at this link though space will definitely be limited. Otherwise feel free to follow along with the game’s progress in our forums and once we have a solid release date for Time Recoil on mobile we’ll let you know.