Android Users Are Finally Getting a Native Dark Mode

For years, iOS and Android users have been requesting a proper dark mode for their respective operating systems. And now, it seems, the latter camp is getting their wish fulfilled. A Google Issue Tracker post seems to confirm that dark mode is coming to Android. The post was made by a Google employee in response […]
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LastPass now supports Oreo’s native Autofill

The password managing app LastPass has added support for Android Oreo’s Autofill framework, which means it will fill app logins and forms more seamlessly on Android. However Chrome and apps that haven’t been updated to support Oreo’s autofill framework will require you to revert to the old way of autofilling logins through the accessibility-based option. LastPass announced that it’s working on support for Oreo’s Autofill framework back in April of 2017. However early issues prompted LastPass to release a separate beta app in which to continue work on the Oreo Autofill… – Latest articles

Android 9.0 P To Bring Native Support For iPhone X-Like Display Notches Later This Year [Report]

Google to bring native support for iPhone X-like display notches to Android 9.0 P later this year according to a new report.

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Microsoft Cortana app update brings native iPad support

Microsoft Cortana iPad

More than two years after launching on the iPhone, Cortana has made its way to the iPad.

Microsoft today updated its Cortana app for iOS with iPad support. The look of the app is largely unchanged from the iPhone version, but now the UI is optimized for the larger display of the iPad.

Also rolling out as part of this update, which is version 2.6.8, is a faster start-up. Microsoft says that this new version of Cortana launches 20 percent faster than before.

Cortana is a digital assistant similar Siri or Google Assistant. It can answer your questions about things like the weather and your calendar, help you start a list, do conversions, and more. It can also set reminders based on email or location and track packages and flights.

Because Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps to be set as default apps on iOS, Cortana can’t be “built-in” to your iPhone like Siri can. That means that you’ll have to launch the Cortana app every time you want to use it rather than simply calling Cortana up with your voice. Still, for Windows users that like having Cortana on their desktop, it’s nice to see a native Cortana app available for the iPad, too. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts