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Global LTE has not gotten much faster on average, but its reach keeps growing

OpenSignal regularly releases reports of how well US carriers are performing against each other based on millions of crowd-sourced data points collected from the app of the same name. Today, OpenSignal released a report that analyses the state of LTE on a global scale, measuring average LTE speeds availability on a per-country basis. According to the report, average LTE speeds have pretty much plateaued toward an average of 50Mbps. This means that the growth of average speeds has slowed down (if that makes sense) and in the past several months, networks have succeeded in expanding LTE… – Latest articles

Chemicals Like Perfume Produce as Much Air Pollution as Cars

Contributing Emissions

When we think of air pollution, we likely think of vehicle emissions and their significant contribution to global climate change. However, in a recent study led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), scientists found that the top contributor to urban air pollution is actually a close race between vehicle emissions and chemical products that are created from petroleum — products like perfume, cleaning agents, pesticides and paints. These findings are published in the journal Science.

The study’s most surprising finding is that these products contribute about as much to air pollution as the entire transportation sector, even though people use significantly more fuel than they do petroleum-based chemical products. In fact, people use 15 times more fuel, by weight, than they do these products. So how can this be?

Air pollution in the form of smog over the city and hills of Los Angeles, as seen from within an airplane.
Smog over Los Angeles, 2010. Image Credit: Raul Alvarez / NOAA

Well, one reason is that chemical products produce tiny particles capable of damaging human lungs at a rate twice as high as the transportation sector. The nature of these two pollutants and how we use them makes their impact different from one another. Gasoline is typically stored in airtight vessels and is burned to release energy. Chemical products are designed to evaporate, so instead of storing them so rigidly, we apply them to our skin and our homes, purposely allowing them to enter the air.

Making Changes

This study found that current air pollution inventories overestimate the contributions of vehicle emissions, while underreporting emissions from chemical products by about two or three times. Previous Environmental Protection Agency research estimated that emissions contributed about 75 percent of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, and chemicals about 25 percent. The new study suggests the ratio is more like 50:50, partially because vehicle pollution standards have become so much more stringent in the past few decades.

Though air pollution has seen a live-saving decline in some places, like the United States, it continues to be a huge issue worldwide.

“As transportation gets cleaner, those other sources become more and more important,” said Brian McDonald, lead author and scientist in NOAA’s Chemical Sciences Division, in a press release.

As we continue to “clean up” the transportation sector, it is imperative that we use this vital information. Air pollution can have an astonishing array of negative health effects, from dementia in adults to stunted brain development in children, and even death. Transportation might be the most visible contributor to this, but it is not alone.

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The Latest Update for ‘Thumper: Pocket Edition’ Adds a New Touch-Based Control Scheme and Much More

Breath of the Wild aside, Drool LLC’s chaotic ‘rhythm violence’ release Thumper [$ 4.99] was one of the first experiences that really ‘sold’ me on the Nintendo Switch. Seeing such a vibrant, colorful and complex indie classic make the transition to a handheld device just felt so perfect, and sure enough set a precedent for a deluge of titles to release on the hardware in the months afterwards. Despite this, there was a nagging voice in the back of my head that wondered ‘would this game be even better on iOS’, and as if the developers knew what a fantastic idea this would be, Thumper: Pocket Edition made its debut on the App Store last month. Taking full use of the Super Retina Display and extended real estate on the iPhone X, Thumper was a stunning romp for rhythm fans that went down a treat on our forums, despite some minor control niggles that emerged amongst our community. Thankfully, the developers have listened to feedback from fans, and have today released an update for Thumper that adds a new touch-based lane switch control scheme alongside a number of other welcome improvements.

In the 1.06 version of Thumper, the star feature is undoubtedly the aforementioned touch-based lane switch controls, which should an alternative option with added precision if the previous configurations didn’t sit well with you. Other additions include improved layout and visual quality of the menus and text within the game, better rendering quality for older devices with Apple’s A7 chip (so iPhone 5S and iPad Air users are covered), a moved and configurable pause button, Polish language support, and a number of smaller enhancements that are outlined in Drool’s latest tweet. Considering Thumper already had such a strong, critically-acclaimed base game to build on, these improvements only further support the argument that the iOS port is the best version of the game. At the very least, if you want a slick spectacle to show off your new iPhone, Thumper’s gloriously vibrant aesthetic design and blistering sense of speed are almost unmatched on the App Store. Download the latest 1.06 update for Thumper now, and let us know your impressions on our forum thread.