The Collapse of Test Automation: Why Most Companies are Failing

There’s no doubt that most of the organizations across multiple verticals are aiming toward advanced agile practices, DevOps and continuous deployment. They don’t really have a choice, due to the digital transformation that forces more frequent releases and appealing functionality to continuously be released.

Software Automation Reality

The reality, however, shows that the industry stands today on average ~20% test automation (The Broken Promise of Test Automation).

Source: WQR 2017-2018

There are common reasons that are driving this trend – some are related to limitations in test automation tools, skillset maturity, organization maturity curve and lack of best practices.

You can read more about these challenges in the below posts I’ve recently published on InfoWorld:



The Market Needs A Different Approach to Automation

The market needs a better working test automation solution, that can drive productivity in a smarter way and can increase the market average to a higher rate.

There are a few pillars in the test automation domain that if addressed properly, can support the automation percentage growth:

  • Better object and visual analysis to drive automation and compare the app across platforms automatically (Test authoring support).
    • Flakiness is in many occasions attributed to poor object locators used during the test code
    • Visually identifying UX glitches per each app version can enhance test automation stability as well as increase quality

          An Example for iPhone X UI Glitch on the WWDC Native App

  • Efficient test automation suite maintenance that guides based on rules which tests to include in a test cycle, which to remove, which to “fix” etc.
    • As product matures, tests become either obsolete, or in some cases duplicated and therefore useless. Being able to automatically scan through suites, compare to user stories, and drive decisions can dramatically improve the coverage and productivity of both developers and testers.
    • Learning from production the end user experience, and guiding the right tests against the right platforms is another great step forward
    • Code coverage analysis (SonarQube) should also be part of the solution and continuously report on blind spots, inefficient tests, uncovered UX flows and more.

  • Addressing the test execution throughout the entire pipeline is another key element. In the above we addressed the “what to run” on “what platforms”, and in this pillar, the solution should advise the frequency of “when to run” these tests – Per commit, each build acceptance tests, each regression etc.
  • Test automation backed by a “smarter” Lab is an additional key to enhance automation productivity and coverage.
    • Auto configuration of relevant environment – setup the “right” environment based on the test context is an error prone activity, automating it per the relevant environment can solve this challenge (auto config IOT environment, Banking database, connected cars, unique engagement environment etc.)
  • Continuously measure and provide dashboard with metrics on cross organizational automation efficiency and health is another way of controlling automation maturity and continuously improving on it.

Bottom Line

As the market moves closer and closer toward digital engagement and adds more layers of complexity as part of the use cases, the more platforms, automation tools and methodologies also need to adapt. Having a low level of automation means an even lower automation level in the future unless something changes in the tools, discipline and methods.

As a DevOps organization, we  recommended to identify what’s blocking your teams from moving faster, and see what required changes (perhaps pick from the above , list) that can help mature your organization velocity.

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BlackBerry: The Most Important Mobile Company of the Future?

As BlackBerry phones left the market, the company fell out of sight. However, behind the scenes it has been moving into industries like automotive. Also, it remains the leading vendor providing mobile security to our politicians, military personnel and major corporations. As we move into an era when our smartphones become our key to everything, and when the machines around us are highly connected, mobile, and increasingly have our lives in their hands, the security of these things has become a critical weakness.

Getting The Most From Your New IPad

How can the iPad be made even better? Can this even be possible? This article endeavors to show you a few tips and tricks which will make your iPad an amazing computing machine, whether you want to use it to take high quality video to post on Youtube or to surf the web while in the bathtub.

To create folders on an iPad is easy. Simply hold your finger over an application icon until it starts jiggling. Once it starts jiggling, you simply drag and drop it on another application icon. The iPad names the application at the time it is made; however, you can rename the folder to your liking.

If you use your iPad to store sensitive information, you can turn on a feature that will delete all this data in case a wrong password is entered ten times. Go to your settings, tap on general and select the pass-code lock feature. Use a password you will not easily forget.

You can adjust your email settings to allow you to increase the number of lines displayed in preview. Go to settings and then to mail, locate the preview setting. Switch this to show more text; perhaps five lines. This will allow you to see more, which will make it faster for you to skim through your emails.

For the devoted iPad user who spends a lot of time traveling, it is essential to carry an extra battery that has been charged. It is very inconvenient to run out of juice while on a plane or train, with no hope of plugging in a charger until the destination has been reached.

Are your spotlight searches taking too long? You can restrict the folders that are searched by going into your settings. Tap on general and select Spotlight search. You can then choose which folders will be included in your search, which is very useful if you only use this search feature to find media content.

Change the passcode on your iPad. You automatically are prompted for only a four-digit password. However, this is not as secure as you would like since this not only gets you into your iPad but also is used to encrypt your data. Therefore, go to Passcode Lock under your General Settings and turn off Simple Passcode. After that, you will be able to make the password any length you like using any keyboard characters.

Taking screenshots on an iPad is a cinch. Simply press both home and sleep together. This will take the shot you want and place it with all of your other photos.

Use the following trick to quickly mute your iPad. Hold the volume-down key for a couple of seconds. This is a lot easier than constantly adjusting the volume controls. When you want to hear your device at a normal level again, just hold the volume down for the same amount of time.

Turn on multitasking gestures in your iPad settings. These multitasking gestures give you ways to control your screen with a few flicks. You can switch windows, switch applications, and more. It makes your iPad feel very sci-fi as your touch becomes your only control. If you don’t like the gestures, you can always turn them off again in settings.

When setting up FaceTime on your iPad, make sure that your email and phone number is correct. Your iPad default sets your FaceTime to include your initial email address, but you can set it up for more. Go to the settings area on your iPad and set up your FaceTime for numbers and emails.

Let your children play with the iPad. Because the functions run on a touch screen, even small toddlers can have fun with it. This is a great way to introduce the computer to your young children. Watch how they use this tool, and you will be amazed at how quickly they learn on it.

One of the neat features of the iPad is the Photo Booth. You can get more enjoyment out of this feature if you use it on your friends and family. Tapping the “twirly camera” icon will let you use the camera on the back and take photos by tapping the shutter button.

Wait until accessories are on sale until you buy. Your iPad comes with what you need up front – the iPad and a charging cable – and everything else can wait. If you want a standing charger, case, keyboard, screen protection or any such item, they go on sale frequently online, so keep your eyes peeled and be patient.

If you only like to type on your iPad using your thumbs, there is a simple way for you to split your keyboard. When you have your keyboard pop up, simply touch both sides of it with your thumbs and swipe towards the outside. This will split your keyboard instantly, and you can make it whole again by swiping inwards.

Look for a quality video tutorial to help you figure things out that you are having difficulties with. You can find step by step guides to doing just about anything on your iPad. It will benefit you greatly to learn how to do things the right way the first time. These videos will be the easiest way to learn.

When you are not using your iPad, make sure that your screen locks relatively quickly. Having your screen locked can keep your battery usage to a minimum, and thereby increase your battery lifespan. Look in General – Auto-Lock to find your settings, and set your device to lock as fast as it possibly for best results.

You can take a screenshot of your iPad in a very simple one-step process. Hold down on your home button as well as the power button at the same time. Release both after about one second. You should hear a camera sound go off, and your screen should go white. This means that a screenshot was taken, and it will be stored in your photos’ section.

Anyone can use an iPad successfully, whether they are a baby playing with a number learning app or a senior who wants to play Tetris. Everyone and anyone in-between can find great utility in this tablet. This article has provided tips to make the iPad the best tool for anyone who wishes to own one.