Apple Releases New Video On How To Get the Most from HomePod

Apple has shared a new video on its YouTube support channel that highlights how one can get the most out of their HomePod. The three-minute video shows how one can ask Siri on the HomePod to play music and podcast, use the iPhone as a remote control for the HomePod, use the HomePod as a speakerphone for incoming calls, control HomeKit compatible appliances, and more. Continue reading
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Apple Shares New Video on Getting the Most From HomePod

Apple this afternoon shared a new HomePod tutorial video on its Apple Support YouTube channel, which is designed to help new HomePod users get the most out of their new speakers.

The three minute video covers various Siri commands for accessing music, podcasts, news, and personal requests, using the iPhone as a HomePod remote, using the HomePod as a speakerphone, controlling HomeKit devices, and more.

As a warning, this video does include “Hey Siri” commands that have the potential to activate your own HomePod when you watch it, so you might want to watch with headphones.

In the description of the video, Apple links to multiple HomePod support documents, which are useful for HomePod owners who are still learning the ins and outs of the HomePod. These documents cover topics like using the Home app, using VoiceOver, listening to Podcasts, AirPlaying audio, and more.

This is the fourth HomePod tutorial video Apple has shared to introduce users to the new device. Last week, when the HomePod was released, Apple shared three other short videos on using Siri to Play Music, using the HomePod’s touch controls, and adjusting the HomePod’s settings.

All of the videos have been uploaded to Apple’s YouTube support channel, which was introduced back in November. This YouTube channel is where Apple shares tutorial videos that are designed to provide users with tips on using their iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other Apple devices.

At MacRumors, we’ve also shared several how tos and guides for accessing and using all of the HomePod’s different features, which can be found in the how to section of our HomePod roundup.

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Apple shares tutorial video explaining ‘how to get the most’ from HomePod

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Continuing a recent surge in HomePod-related tutorial videos, Apple on Friday posted a fresh explainer to its official YouTube support channel covering general device features, from music playback to Siri commands.
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12 of Apple’s Most Iconic Patents and Recent Trademarks

Love them or hate them, patents make up an important part of the business world. And Apple owns a lot of patents. In 2016, the company was granted more than 2,000 patents, placing them in the number 11 spot for most patents awarded.

With so many patents being granted every year, sometimes it can be hard to know who owns what. Often times companies take each other to court over patents, such as the infamous court battles between Samsung and Apple. Because of this, it’s hard to know which patents are the most valuable until they’ve been defended in court. In fact, often times a technology is covered by multiple patents, not just one.

To convolute matters further, there are patents and then there are trademarks. Unlike patents, trademarks are mainly used to register a term or phrase (i.e. iPhone, Red Vines, Wendy’s). However, they can also be very valuable to how a service is perceived. Apple gives unique names to many of its proprietary services (such as iMessage) to help make them unique. Use the Right Arrow to Browse 12 of Apple’s Most Iconic Patents and Recent Trademarks.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: How to quickly complete the Host the Most event

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has added five new animals and brought back the Host the Most mini event. Here’s how to welcome all the new animals and complete the event fast!!

Thanks to the Host the Most seven-day event, you have the opportunity to invite new friends to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. During the event, if you host three animals at your Campsite that have never been invited before, you’ll earn big rewards! Here’s how to complete the Host the Most event the fastest way possible.

Invite any animals to your Campsite that you’ve been hoarding

At this point, many of us have either already welcomed all the new animals to our Campsite or have come close. If you prepared from the previous Host the Most event, you will have completed all of the requests for new animals, but not invited them to your Campsite (hint for the next Host the Most event: don’t invite animals to your campsite. Hold onto them until the next event). If there are any animals waiting to be invited to your Campsite, now is the time to ask three of them to join. If you have at least three animal friends waiting in the wings, you’re done. Event crushed!

Otherwise, you’ve got some work to do.

Craft items for animals you’re close to welcoming

If you have a few animals already visiting your campground that you’ve been working on getting all of the items they want before they’ll visit your Campsite, finish those up. Each crafting item might take a long time, but it’s possible you’ll use up fewer resources than trying to invite the brand new animals that have just been added. Depending on how many new items you have to craft, you might only have to take up one crafting table per request.

Level up those friendships!

All animals have a minimum Friendship Level requirement before they will visit your Campsite. Some are as low as Level 3, which you can accomplish with the first round of requests. Others are as high as Level 10. Once your character level (that’s you in the game) reaches higher levels, Friendship Level requirements go up, too.

Get those friendship levels to their minimum requirements as fast as possible. You might even want to use some of those Request Tickets to help improve your friendships.

The new animals – what they want and what they’ll give

Since Host the Most event is to celebrate the new additions, here’s a list of the new animals, what they want, and what rewards they give when you complete requests.


  • Main material rewarded – wood
  • Minimum friendship level – 3
  • Special craft item at level 10 – Reversi Piece
  • Furniture required to invite to your Campsite:
    • Minimalist Lamp – (1 minute) 6 steel
    • Coffee Maker – (1 hour) 6 steel
    • Aloe – (1 minute) 6 wood
    • Hammock – (1 minute) 3 wood, 3 cotton
    • Counter Table – (30 minutes) 3 wood, 3 steel


  • Main material rewarded – paper
  • Minimum friendship level – 7
  • Special craft item at level 15 – Flying Saucer
  • Furniture required to invite to your Campsite:
    • Earth rug – (5 hours) 30 cotton
    • Octopus chair – (4 hours) 30 cotton
    • Red cone – (3 hours) 30 steel
    • Asteroid – (7 hours) 120 steel, 3 cool essence
    • Lunar Rover – (6 hours) 120 steel, 3 cool essence


  • Main material rewarded – paper
  • Minimum friendship level – 3
  • Special craft item at level 10 – Big Amp
  • Furniture required to invite to your Campsite:
    • Hammock – (1 minute) 3 wood, 3 cotton
    • Stage-floor rug – (30 minutes) 6 steel
    • Sleek dresser – (1 hour) 6 steel
    • aloe – (1 minute) 6 wood
    • Modern sofa – (1 minute) 6 cotton


  • Main material rewarded – steel
  • Minimum friendship level – 5
  • Special craft item at level 15 – Pinball Machine
  • Furniture required to invite to your Campsite:
    • Flower pop carpet – (30 minutes) 1 basic flower pop carpet, 2 cotton
    • Fan palm – (3 hours) 30 wood, 3 friend powder
    • Kitschy clock – (2 hours) 30 steel
    • Lovely love seat – (1 hour; 30 minutes) basic love seat, 2 cotton
    • Dart board – (2 hours) 60 steel, 3 cool essence


  • Main material rewarded – steel
  • Minimum friendship level – 3
  • Special craft item at level 10 – organ
  • Furniture required to invite to your Campsite:
    • Round black rug – (1 hour; 30 minutes) 6 cotton
    • Sleek lamp – (1 minute) 6 steel
    • Sleek table – (30 minutes) 6 steel
    • Hammock – (1 minute) 3 wood, 3 cotton
    • Aloe – (1 minute) 6 wood

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about the fastest way to earn all of the Timed Goals for the Host with the Most event? Put them in the comments and we’ll help you out!

Updated February 2018: Updated with information about the five new animals added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

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