Mobile Marketing: How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing Marketing, Communications and Advertising

Mobile Marketing: How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing Marketing, Communications and Advertising

Mobile Marketing: How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing Marketing, Communications and Advertising


Mobile Marketing is a clear, practical guide to harnessing the mobile consumer and tackling the rising challenges of divided user attention across multiple screens at the same time. It demystifies the vast spectrum of tools and techniques now available and explains how to optimize these dynamics into an innovative and effective mobile marketing strategy. Now that website search rankings take into account mobile optimization, no serious marketer can do without a thorough understanding of mobile.

The first edition of Mobile Marketing won the Judge’s Choice Award in Social Media at the Small Business Trend’s 2014 Book Awards. This fully revised 2nd edition includes straightforward explanations on mobile optimized content, app development, social media and proximity based marketing. It has also expanded to include two brand new chapters on mobile and email and on location-based devices, plus cutting-edge updates on advances in wearable technology, mobile payments, virtual reality and strategies for the changing user journey. Integrated with tactical checklists, easy application frameworks and powerful case study insights such as Heineken, WordPress, MailChimp, Nike Training Club (NTC), Google Play and Moz, if provides a full overview from service provision and technology integration to content strategy, ready to capture fast-moving consumers on the go.

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No, YouTube’s mobile live streaming is not yet open to all – but it’s very close

 YouTube appears to be further opening up mobile live streaming by dropping requirements on subscriber counts in order to gain access to the feature, according to reports out today. Google, however, has disputed claims saying the new functionality is now available to all users, instead stating that only a subset of YouTube’s users have access for the time being. That said, mobile… Read More
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Google’s Seurat technology turned a film-quality Rogue One scene into mobile VR

Google has a new tool called Seurat that’s designed to take high-end, film-quality 3D scenes and turn them into something that can run on mobile hardware. To demonstrate the technology, Google partnered with IMXLAB at Lucasfilm to take a high-fidelity digital set from Rogue One, which originally took hours per frame to render, and compressed the polygons and textures into something that could run in realtime on its prototype WorldSense headset.

We got to check out a demo, and it did indeed look great. The scene — a dark and foreboding Imperial Hangar — has realtime reflections and lighting effects, along with a looming, animated K-2. It’s not exactly cinema quality, but it’s better than what you’d normally see running on mobile hardware…

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Google’s AMP now powers 2B+ mobile pages and 900K domains, loads 2x faster

 As Google looks for ways to keep people using its own mobile search to discover content — in competition with apps and other services like Facebook’s Instant Articles — the company is announcing some updates to AMP, its collaborative project to speed up mobile web pages. Today at the Google I/O developer conference, Google announced that there are now over 2 billion AMP… Read More
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Selena Gomez releases new vertical music video you can only watch on Spotify’s mobile app

Selena Gomez released a new song called “Bad Liar” today, which, if you keep up with those kinds of things, you might already know about. What you might not know is that there’s also a new video for the song, and you can only watch it one particular way: vertically, on a smartphone, exclusively on Spotify.

Another thing: you won’t find the “Bad Liar” video if you just mosey over to Gomez’s Spotify page. It’s only available as part of Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlist. Eventually the video will likely move over to YouTube, but for now, you’re stuck with Spotify’s mobile app and a vertical view.

This is not the first time Spotify has added music videos to playlists. The service’s RapCaviar playlist often features videos…

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