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Mobile is making itself felt in retail in obvious and not-so-obvious ways. But Visa and Kroger are dealing with mobile in very different ways, with Visa — perhaps a decade too late, but late is better than never — conceding that the authentication of mobile payments makes signing for a purchase no longer necessary. Meanwhile, Kroger is pushing mobile checkout but still wants shoppers to wait in line to pay.

Let’s start with Visa. In a very significant — and long overdue — move, Visa last week (Jan. 12) joined fellow card brands MasterCard, American Express and Discover in signaling an end to the payment signature, as of April in Visa’s case. Technically, the brands merely said that signatures are no longer required, but given that retailers have begged for the end of signature for years, as a practical matter, it will be gone in the U.S. before the summer arrives.

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Disney Partnering with Established Mobile Developers for Slate of Upcoming Mobile Games

Disney senior vice president Kyle Laughlin announced today that his company will be pursuing game development relationships with four established mobile partners. This may seem like quite a sharp turn for some fans hoping to see further console and PC related titles but it makes a lot of sense to put eggs in a basket as versatile and successful as the mobile platform. Venture Beat’s Dean Takahashi broke the story earlier today.

The game titles have not yet been announced but the big 4 to take the helm on each of these Disney franchises have been. RPG maker PerBlue, Franchise game veteran Ludia, and celebrity game heavy weight Glu have all been tapped. Of course any list of the usual mobile suspects would feel incomplete if Gameloft wasn’t in mix, but they are and we have a surprisingly diverse roster of developers that all have a very specific area of expertise. These devs are responsible for a whole lot of chart topping games. Glu’s Design Store [Free] still has 8.7 million daily active users despite being released over a year ago. Gameloft’s Sonic Runners [$ 2.99] garnered a “best original Sonic game on mobile” from our own Shaun Musgrave. Gameloft’s current Disney title, Disney Magic Kingdoms [Free] is still soaring high on the charts. Other games you might see climbing are Ludia’s Jurassic World: The Game [Free] and Glu’s Kim Kardasian: Hollywood [Free].

What this line up tells us is that there is very likely going to be a panoply of options for Disney fans who aren’t PC or console gamers. With the closure of titles like Marvel Heroes and Disney Infinity, we are less likely to see much diversity on those platforms. Of course Kingdom Hearts is going to continue to be a juggernaut. For folks hoping to see replacements for the less successful games, time and patience may be the only writing they receive on the wall today. Even though we aren’t seeing Disney step boldly out in multiple platform directions today I think this bodes really well for everyone. They are showing a commitment to working with “partners that have had success before” according to Laughlin and I would whole heartedly agree. We are going to see less work from unproven game studios and that means higher quality games and the better the games are, the more Disney will be willing to branch out in the future. Disney may not have an iron in every fire, but these ones are bound to light up their sales figures and propel their game business in a great trajectory.


YouTube testing new dark mode on iOS mobile app

YouTube is now testing new ‘Dark Mode’ for its iOS mobile app. A screenshot with the new option in the setting page is being posted by a user on Reddit. The feature is already live for some and is enabled with YouTube app version number 13.01.4. Since it is in testing phase the feature seems to be limited to a handful of users, meaning that despite updating the app to V13.01.4, the feature is not enabled for most users. This is a server-side activation done by YouTube. Even the App Store description for the version number 13.01.4 has no mention of the dark mode. With iOS being the first platform to get the Dark Mode, we expect the feature would be available to Android somewhere down the road. YouTube has already rolled out the dark mode for the desktop website last year which can be enabled by clicking the profile icon in the right corner on the YouTube website. Once YouTube starts the wide roll out of the Dark Mode for its app we will update you on the same. Source | Via
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What mobile gaming can learn from the Nintendo Switch

While Nintendo might not have had things all its own way since it began developing for mobile, one thing it has got right is the release of the Switch. After the disappointment of the WiiU, which I still can’t really explain, the Switch felt a little make or break for the big N. And it’s fair to say it fits squarely in the make category.

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7 Trendy Free Mobile Games That Beat Angry Birds


Back in 2009, a game called Angry Birds took the world by storm. It starred a vengeful clan of birds who got angry at some green pigs for stealing their eggs. The game utilized slingshot physics that were revolutionary at the time, and it was a blast to watch the structures collapse. There’s been an Angry Birds game every year since the original release, including some spin-off titles. But after almost a decade, it’s time for something new. While you have a ton of options for mobile gaming entertainment, it can be hard to find something great. We’ve handpicked a…

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