Apple iPhone X sells out in minutes in South Korea

Apple has sold out the iPhone X in South Korea – LG and Samsung’s home market. South Korea’s biggest carrier – SK Telecom – has confirmed that it has exhausted all of its iPhone X pre-order stock in 3 minutes – in contrast, the initial iPhone 7 stock took 20 minutes a year ago. SK Telecom has said to Korea’s Yonhap News Agency that it had less than half as many iPhone X units as it had iPhone 8 ones and that the silver iPhone X took about 1 minute to sell out in pre-orders. Industry analysts estimate that around 150,000 iPhone X units were allocated to South Korea. According… – Latest articles

Check Out the First 6 Minutes of ‘Sky’ Narrated by thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen

One of the biggest surprises of 2017 for me was seeing thatgamecompany, the award winning studio behind such amazing games as Journey and the recently released on iOS Flower [$ 4.99], announce their newest game during an Apple event this past September. The game is called Sky and while it debuted on an Apple TV it’s actually going to be fully universal with support for iPhone and iPad. In fact, being that the game is developed for mobile first, the entire thing has been designed around touchscreen controls and should largely be playable with just a single thumb or finger. While thatgamecompany has said that Sky is a “game about giving” and we knew there was a huge social component with other live players all playing inside the same world, we still don’t really know a ton of details about what you actually do in the game. Well, the good folks over at IGN have posted a lengthy video narrated by thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen which shows off the beginnings of the game while he discusses some of the thinking that went into the design decisions in Sky. It’s incredibly interesting, check it out.

There are so many interesting insights in that video it’s hard to single out just one. I think it’s really interesting that so many people who played Journey wished that they could have played the game together with friends and family, and I love that they’re heavily leaning on the social aspect of Sky because of that. Also, this relates to another interesting design decision in that multiple players will need to work together in harmony to accomplish certain goals. It’s certainly fun to compete directly with other humans, but it’s also very rewarding to work together towards a common goal. Beyond any specific design points, Sky is just an incredibly interesting world in general, and I really can’t wait to explore it when it releases first on iOS in the coming months.

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How to switch from RAM-hungry Chrome to speedy Firefox Quantum in 2 minutes

Having used Chrome for ages, I’ve gotten used to the browser’s sluggish performance and gluttony for system memory, and I’ve a feeling I’m not alone. With the launch of Firefox Quantum, we can finally break free from those shackles: the latest version of Mozilla’s browser uses an all-new CSS engine and memory management techniques to load pages faster and handle piles of tabs better than Google’s offering. I’m making the switch today, and you can join me by following these simple steps to transition painlessly from Chrome to Firefox Quantum in under two minutes. 1) Install Firefox Quantum Head to…

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Alibaba passes $1 billion in sales in first 3 minutes of Singles Day

Alibaba is cleaning house during China’s Singles Day festival, the biggest day in online shopping all year. #Double11: Total GMV has hit US $ 1 billion in 2:01 minutes. — Alibaba Group (@AlibabaGroup) November 10, 2017 In two minutes of sales time, Alibaba’s gross merchandise volume totaled $ 1 billion. By the forty-minute mark, the site’s sales had surpassed $ 7.5 billion. The first delivery was made 12 minutes after midnight. Other sources confirm that 97 percent of sales made on the site in the first 30 seconds were from mobile devices. Less than 15 minutes into Alibaba’s Singles day GMV has…

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Xiaomi sells over 150K Redmi Y1 phones in 3 minutes

Xiaomi announced the Redmi Y1 and Redmi Y1 Lite on Thursday, and their first flash sale today, saw over 150,000 units sold in just three minutes. The information was confirmed by Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi India Managing Director. The extremely affordable devices were introduced by Xiaomi in New Delhi last Thursday, accompanied by a cheeky #LoveYourselfie slogan, since the Redmi Y1 has a 16 MP camera and LED flash on the front. The device can also fit two SIM cards and a microSD one at the same time. The 3 GB RAM version costs INR8,999 ($ 140), while the 4 GB RAM variant is… – Latest articles