The Morning After: The real world doesn’t matter in ‘Ready Player One’

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Today, we have a new look Reddit, for the first time in forever, test the newest (and cheaper) iPad and take a closer look at Ready Player One.
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Hider 2 conceals your personal files in a matter of clicks

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

The standard password protection for your Mac is surprisingly weak. A motivated thief or hacker can still access your hard drive with a few lines of code if your computer is stolen or your Internet connection is compromised. Hider 2 for Mac adds a crucial level of protection for your most sensitive information, and it’s on sale for just $ 12.99.

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In ‘Ready Player One,’ the real world doesn’t matter

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

When Steven Spielberg introduced Ready Player One at SXSW this year, he made a surprising statement: "This is not a film that we've made, this is — I promise you — a movie." And really, there's no better way to put it. It's a pop culture-driven, no…
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This galaxy without dark matter is bending the rules of space

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

The complexities of space are pretty mind-boggling, but there are a handful of accepted theories on which scientists base their research. Space is a vacuum, for example, while a light-year is about 5.88 trillion miles. So researchers at Yale Universi…
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Scientists Found a Galaxy With Almost No Dark Matter. Here’s What That Means.

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Roughly 65 million light-years away from Earth is a galaxy called NGC 1052-DF2 (DF2 for short). But DF2 may as well be called F-U, because that’s what it’s saying to scientists who thought they understood galaxies, dark matter, and really anything about our universe.

What makes DF2 so special, you may ask? It appears to contain virtually no dark matter.

We’ve never seen dark matter directly. We only believe dark matter exists because we can see how it affects “regular,” or baryonic, matter. Based on these indirect observations, researchers have estimated that dark matter makes up about 27 percent of our universe.

Since dark matter was (sort of) discovered, researchers assumed dark matter was essential to galaxy formation. Dark matter would clump together. Then, the gravity from those clumps would attract baryonic matter, forming the stars, planets, and other objects we can actually see within a galaxy. Easy, right?

Based on this understanding, the team studying DF2 thought they had a pretty good idea how much dark matter it contained. But when they calculated how much dark matter DF2 actually had, they discovered it contained only 1/400th the amount they expected.

“It challenges the standard ideas of how we think galaxies work,” Pieter van Dokkum, a Yale University professor and lead author of a paper on DF2, now published in Nature, said in a press release. “This result also suggests that there may be more than one way to form a galaxy.”

DF2 is unique in other ways, too. It doesn’t fit the characteristics of a spiral galaxy, which typically have dense, central regions, spiral arms, and a disk. But it also isn’t like known elliptical galaxies, which have a black hole at their center.

Instead, DF2 is a rare ultra-diffuse galaxy. “It’s so sparse that you see all of the galaxies behind it,” van Dokkum said. “It is literally a see-through galaxy.”

This might seem counterintuitive, but DF2 actually supports the existence of dark matter, which some theories argue doesn’t exist.

“For those kinds of theories, it wouldn’t be possible to ever have a galaxy that looks as though it doesn’t have dark matter,” Jocelyn Monroe, a particle physicist and dark matter expert at Royal Holloway, University of London, who was not involved in the study, told The Verge. “So [this galaxy is] really interesting for the potential it has to exclude some of these ideas.”

The researchers hope to pin down the age of DF2. “At the moment, we only know its older than 10 billion years, but we’d like to know if it’s 10 billion years old or 13 billion years old, which is right after the Big Bang,” van Dokkum told ABC.

If DF2 does end up being 13 billion years old, it could rack in another superlative: the oldest galaxy ever discovered.

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‘Tekken’ Cheats and Hacks Guide – Waza Matter With You?

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

The new mobile version of Tekken [Free] should come with a disclaimer: This is not a port. Indeed, it’s something new even for one of the most revered fighting game franchises in video game history, an installment designed from the ground up specifically for mobile. As such, it’s not sporting the kind of complexity that once befuddled young arcade-goers (this one, anyway) with a button for each specific limb. but it’s not as dumbed down as you might think either. Also, like Kendrick Lamar might say if he was a bit geekier, it’s got CCG inside its DNA. So while you could just wander free through Tekken and see what it throws at you, it’s always nice to have a guide. Come with us and we’ll explain some of the most important concepts, how you can earn premium currency and unlock more fighters and much more.


What a Waza is and Why You Should Care


Like many mobile fighting games to hit the App Store prior, the basics of combat in Tekken are pretty familiar. Best played with two hands, you use your left hand to control movement, swiping back or forward to dash in or out, and holding down on the left side of the screen to block. Basic attacks are performed by tapping on the right side of the screen — including chained combos that are different for each character — as well as a strong attack that can break through an opponent’s guard that you can execute by holding down on that side.

Tekken goes beyond those touchscreen staples and throws the collectible card game element into the mix with Waza, which are especially strong attacks controlled by a deck of cards unique to every character. There are five general types of Waza cards — Guard Break, Launcher, Strike, Stun and Throw — and every character’s starting deck has a variety of different types.

In a fight, Waza cards pop up in random order and have cooldown timers of various lengths. While in cooldown status, you’ll see them slowly start to fill up with only the general type symbol on them, then the pictured move for each card will be visible when they’re available for use, and you simply tap on the desired card to activate the attack. Waza are even more powerful when chained together in combination, and any cards you have available that make for good combos will helpfully display the numbers 1-3 so you know the order to use those techniques.

Crucially, the right mix of Waza can make a character of any given level better than an equivalent foe simply by having better cards available. Waza come in multiple rarity tiers, with rarer cards typically doing more damage, having shorter cooldown timers, or both. Tinkering with the decks of your fighters gives Tekken a level of strategy you won’t find in many other mobile fighting games.

All of this talk about Waza segues very nicely into the next obvious topic …


How to Get More Waza Cards


There are actually two ways to increase the number of Waza available to any of your fighters, including the primary method you might not expect. Tekken uses a shard system (called fragments here) to unlock new fighters similar to that found in oodles of other mobile titles of various genres. However, the interesting twist is that when you find fragments of a character you already have, they get converted into Waza instead. It’s a nice feature that helps take the sting out of coming up short in the gacha part of this particular game, as extra Waza are always useful, and especially when you’re starting out, the Waza you acquire in this fashion are likely to be rarer and probably better than the ones already in your deck.

Of course that begs the question about what happens when the Waza themselves are duplicates. Even here, there’s a silver lining, as any duplicate Waza are turned into a currency called Essence. That can then be used to craft any Waza available to that character, based on the following cost chart:

  • 1-Diamond Waza = 500 Essence
  • 2-Diamond Waza = 1250 Essence
  • 3-Diamond Waza = 8100 Essence
  • 4-Diamond Waza = 40500 Essence

Yep, those 4-Diamond Waza are not cheap, but they also do fairly insane amounts of damage compared to less rare techniques, so if you play often with the same characters and end up converting a lot of Waza into Essence, they aren’t completely unattainable either.


How to Unlock More Fighters


A game like Tekken with a roster of dozens of fighters isn’t much fun of you can’t add a bunch of them to your roster in fairly short order. As we mentioned previously, there’s a fragment system in use here where you need to collect 10 fragments to unlock a fighter, and rarity matters too. For example, a 4-star Panda fragment doesn’t help you at all toward unlocking the 3-star Panda.

That said, there are also opportunities to earn fighters flat out without collecting fragment first, along with a bunch of different ways to gain more fragments without spending any money or necessarily playing for long periods of time. Let’s quickly run them all down.

  • Complete a Story Mode level – Finishing off one run through a Story Mode map earns you a prize that often is either a chance at a specific character fragment or guaranteed fragments of some sort. The game says this is the only way to earn some fighters’ fragments, and you also want to keep an eye out for a ‘Featured Act’ within Story Mode that offers specific fragments for a limited period of time.
  • Check out the available Live Events – Offered on a rotating basis, Live Events throw different foes and challenges at you with constraints ranging from only using fighters of a certain rarity to funky limits on your Waza cards and much more. In return, you can win coins, tokens, packs, leveling currency, and yes, character fragments.
  • Win chests in the Dojo – The Dojo is the Tekken version of asynchronous PvP, as you pick three fighters to go up against three human-owned but AI controlled opponents. Each victory in a Dojo match earns you a chest, the contents of which can include characters or character fragments. Chests can take several hours to open, though you can speed that time up with premium currency or by winning keys based on how much damage your own defensive Dojo squad dishes out to attackers.
  • Play every day – Daily rewards? Yep, of course this game’s got ’em. For the month in which this guide is being written, a little more than a quarter of the daily rewards are characters or fragments, which is a pretty decent percentage just for logging in once a day. You’re still at the mercy of the gacha gods here, but at least you’re giving yourself more shots at new fighters just by playing.
  • Pick up some packs in the shop – Though you’ll encounter a bunch of ways to win packs, you can cut to the chase by hitting the shop and simply buying some when you’ve saved up enough currency. The more expensive the pack, the better the fighters you might find, with the Epic Pack the lone one that contains 4-star fragments. Note that Tekken allows you to buy packs with either coins or Gems, a nice touch that not every game with a similar system can claim.


How to Get Free Gems


Gems can do a lot of things for you in Tekken, including speeding up Dojo chest opening, purchasing healing items to circumvent the de facto constraint on your play sessions (read: your fighters’ declining health after being used in battle), and as we just mentioned, buying packs in the store. Naturally, you could buy Gems with real money, but why do that when you can simply earn them as you play?

Let’s explore your options here too.

  • Them daily rewards again – Devoted enough to play every single day for a month? You’ll get rewarded with some Gems; in fact in the first full month after release, it’s enough to buy a Premium Pack, which isn’t too shabby.
  • Fight your way up the Dojo ranks –  PvP play is organized by seasons which run for a month at a time. The higher the tier you finish in at the end of the season, the better the rewards — including a greater amount of Gems.
  • Knock out some achievements – Tapping on the trophy icon in the upper-right corner of the main game screen will open up the list of available achievements, each of which comes with a reward of Gems upon completion. A helpful notification will appear by the icon when you’ve satisfied any achievement condition and can claim your Gems, but be forewarned that you might have to scroll down a pretty lengthy list before you find the one that’s green.

What’s the best use for your Gems? That’s bound to change the longer we get away from release, but right now, the Premium Pack Bundles look like pretty good value. Not only do you get multiple shots at instant 1- or 2-star fighters, but the Bundles also throw in a guaranteed 2- or 3-star fighter, depending on which one you buy. They’ll take some discipline on your part, but it’s probably worth it to get some very powerful fighters on your side for free.


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Mind over matter? Alex Hutchinson explains the role of the brain when it comes to the limits of human endurance

Once, we believed that the body was a machine, and the secret to optimal performance came from the muscles, the lungs, the heart. Then, we were told that it’s all in our head, and we just need to push through the pain. The truth is that “the brain and the body are fundamentally intertwined,” writes Alex Hutchinson, a fitness journalist (with a doctorate in physics) who competed for the Canadian national team as a runner. To understand the limits of the human body, you have to consider them together.

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