Skype bug could allow malicious attacker ‘system’ level access, Microsoft says fix is ‘too much work’

A nasty Skype bug could allow a malicious attacker to gain “system” level access, if exploited. The bug is applicable on both macOS and Windows desktop platforms.



PSA: Watch out for this malicious Reddit knock-off that steals your password

Redditors might want to pay extra close attention when visiting their favorite website: There is a malicious Reddit copycat that looks precisely like the real thing – but has been designed to quietly steal your username and password. What makes the fake Reddit especially intriguing is that it seems to produce an almost identical live replica of the actual site. Here are two screenshots to compare; the former shows the real thing, and the latter – the knock-off: As you will notice, the fake instance of “the front page of the internet” uses the Colombian top-level domain .co instead of…

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There’s a new malicious link that can crash or hang Messages and Safari

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Yet another "text bomb" has surfaced, this time in the form of a website that can sometimes cause system crashes or hangups when received through Apple’s Messages app on iOS and macOS.
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