Why Android Phone Makers like Xiaomi Keep Firing Salvos At iPhone X

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Why Android Phone Makers like Xiaomi Keep Firing Salvos At iPhone X

Self-praise is no recommendation! Every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be battle ready to take on the “The Rock.” First off, they laugh off the unmatched records of the champ, and then they go all out to beat him. But when they badly fail to make a match with the too powerful opponent, those self-styled wrestlers blatantly copy everything that The Rock possesses.

Worse, once those newbies have completely transformed themselves and imitated everything that the champion had spent years to garner, they start boasting and pass off some of the most unacceptable comments. Though I don’t lose sleep by that sensational stuff, it does turn me off—at times. At other times, they seem to be too funny for me to even think of…

Why Android Phone Makers like Xiaomi and Huawei Keep Firing Salvos At iPhone X

Well, the anecdotes sum up the entire story. For several years, iPhone has been endlessly envied, blatantly copied and publicly laughed off by some of the major smartphone makers. And iPhone X—which is widely believed to be the best smartphone that Apple has ever made—is no different.

The other day, Xiaomi compared its Mi Mix 2S with iPhone X and stressed that it has surpassed Apple’s flagship in many features. Though Mi Mix 2S does look nice, it can’t go head-to-head against the iPhone that’s the premium pick of those who want to have seamless performance, excellent gaming experience, experience top-notch mobile photography and more significantly; best apps!

“We are comparing to iPhone X because people say it is the best phone. We just want to show we surpassed the best in many features,” – Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun

Who can forget the video in which Huawei mocked iPhone X Face ID branding it too faulty to work? But now various reports are suggesting that the Chinese smartphone maker is burning the midnight oil to create the true competitor of Apple’s advanced facial recognition technology. It only goes on to show how much they are obsessed with the word—iPhone!

When Apple unveiled iPhone X, several Android phone makers made scathing remarks about Notch, calling it a design flaw. But now, most of them have altogether embraced the same faulty design in their flagship devices. Moreover, they not just flaunt the notch but also call it a better shot than that of iPhone X. Are you kidding me?

Oh, Apple’s biggest rival “Samsung” just doesn’t seem to get enough of Animoji. The world’s largest smartphone vendor has completely copied the concept and even bragged about it during the Galaxy S9 launch event. When told that the AR Moji looks a carbon copy of Animoji, the South Korean tech giant said it’s nothing more than just a coincident. Just a look at the history can tell you the real story whether it intentionally copied Animoji or it’s just an accident that seems to be perfectly planned.

From what I can see, all of them closely follow iPhone and try their utmost to take the shine away from the device. But once they realize that it’s not their cup of tea, they altogether copy everything on offer. Surprisingly, they still believe their device is far superior to Apple’s flagship that may not look dazzling, luxurious, specs-enamored but it has got enough to win over people who adore class!

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‘Rev Heads Rally’ is a New Kart Racing Game from the Makers of ‘Faily Brakes’

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Developer Spunge Games has spent the past couple of years making spin-offs and updates that all stem from their endless driver/crasher Faily Brakes, but they’ve now announced a brand new project outside of the Faily world. It’s called Rev Heads Rally and Spunge describes it as “A combative racer that plays homage to Mario Kart – but with real physics and dynamic crashes along with real-time multiplayer and an exciting AR mode.” Hey, I’m sold on that quick pitch! Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is just a ton of pictures in motion, so that’s, like, millions of words worth or something. Basically what I’m trying to say is watch this teaser for Rev Heads Rally to see what it’s like in action.

Rev Heads Rally is shooting for a simple control scheme with auto-acceleration and touching either side of the screen to steer, with buttons available for boosting and activating your power-up items. The release date is pegged for the end of April, but until then you can find a bit more information (with apparently even more to come in the coming days) as well as some discussion about Rev Heads Rally in our forums, and look for this one towards the end of next month.


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Android Smartphone Makers Rushing to Incorporate In-Display Fingerprint Scanners Instead of Face ID Due to High Costs

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When Apple introduces a new feature, you generally expect Android smartphone manufacturers to follow suit, but it looks like they are not rushing to incorporate Face ID like 3D sensor face recognition technology in smartphones.  Continue reading
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Android Phone Makers Leaning Away From Competing With Face ID Due To High Cost

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A new report claims Android phone makers have already made the decision that building something akin to the 3D facial recognition used by the iPhone X’s Face ID is too costly, with fingerprint sensors chosen as a less costly alternative.

[ Continue reading this over at RedmondPie.com ]

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Case Maker’s Rendering Depicts iPad Pro With No Home Button, Slimmer Bezels [Update: Fake]

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Noted leaker Evan Blass this evening tweeted a mysterious render of an iPad that features slimmer bezels, no Home button, and no notch with space for a camera.

Blass did not provide any information on the render, aside from the cryptic message “Seems to be something missing from this (encased) iPad…” which perhaps hints that he received the render from a case maker. Blass typically only shares leaks that he believes are from credible sources.

Case manufacturers often create renders and dummy models of devices ahead of their debut in order to be the first to come out with new accessories and cases for freshly launched devices. Much of the time, these kinds of leaks are accurate because there’s a lot of money at stake, but there can be serious misses.

In this case, with no accompanying information, there’s no way to determine whether or not this design is indicative of what a future iPad might look like. There is no notch or cutout for the camera, and the device is depicted running an older version of iOS, but for a simple rendering to show off a case, these features wouldn’t matter. The lack of a front-facing camera and no visible notch in this particular render, if accurate, are not indicative of Apple’s plans.

Rumors have indeed suggested Apple is working on an iPad Pro that’s similar in design to what’s pictured in the rendering. Apple is said to be planning to launch an iPad Pro with thinner bezels, a faster processor, a custom Apple-built GPU, and most importantly, Face ID.

With Face ID, the next-generation iPad Pro will not need a Home button, providing more room for the display. Future iPad Pro models are expected to come in physical sizes similar to the existing 10.5 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, and based on icon spacing, the rendering appears to depict the larger iPad Pro.

Exact display sizing for future iPad Pro models is unknown as of yet, but a recent rumor from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News has suggested the smaller of the two tablets could feature an 11-inch display. Apple would not need to increase the actual size of the iPad Pro to introduce a larger display if the bezels are smaller.

Apple is believed to be planning to introduce new iPad Pro models sometime in the second half of the year. Bloomberg has suggested the devices will debut sometime after June, perhaps in September, while other sources have predicted a June WWDC launch.

Update: It appears the “rendering” is a fake photoshopped image, as it spotted in an auction listing for a 10.5-inch iPad Pro case along with the original image that was photoshopped. Evan Blass has deleted his original tweet.

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Good lord, Android phone makers refuse to stop

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iPhone X Vs Android

Last week, I penned a quick opinion piece about how embarrassing it is that in 2018, Android vendors are still willing to copy Apple’s iPhone designs so blatantly. It was titled “Good lord, Android phone makers, please just stop,” and it was a plea to Android phone makers to, you know, please just stop. It’s fine to take cues from rivals on occasion, but to shamelessly clone each new design borders on pathetic. Many of these companies have huge R&D budgets, so why aren’t they researching and developing?

That opinion piece triggered Android fanboys, and I got a ton of teary-eyed emails soon after it ran. Some of them complained that Apple is the copycat, and it always has been. Fair enough, Apple copies plenty of things from rivals. Other emails whined that Essential released a phone with a notch before Apple, which is also true. Of course, even if we play make-believe and pretend that Apple hadn’t finalized the iPhone X’s design long before Essential’s PH-1 was announced, one need only look at a single picture to see two important things. Not only is Apple’s design is nothing like Essential’s, but it’s beyond apparent that Android phone makers are copying Apple, not the Essential phone.

While we’re on the subject of companies that copy Apple’s designs, two pieces of news on Thursday morning prompted me to revisit this tiresome topic.

First, news comes from reliable leaker Evan Blass that the LG G7 is indeed a real phone that will be released this year. Blass had reported earlier that the G7 would never see the light of day, but it appears as though that isn’t the case.

The LG G7, as you’ll recall, is a pitiful iPhone clone. It has almost the same design as the iPhone X, but it’s not exactly the same. LG surely wanted it to be exactly the same, but it couldn’t pull off the brilliant internal design that allows Apple to extend the display almost all the way to the bottom of the phone.

This, of course, is half the reason the notch exists on the iPhone X — it allows the bezel surrounding the phone’s screen to be uniform on the sides, the bottom, and in the top corners. This isn’t the case on the LG G7. The phone still has a big “chin” on the bottom, so the notch at the top of the screen isn’t at all about maintaining a consistent bezel width. Nope, it’s about copying Apple, plain and simple.

Next up, we have the newly announced Vivo V9. We’ll never see it in the United States, thankfully, but it’s still worth mentioning because it’s so damn hilarious.

So, the Vivo V9 is a pretty standard upper mid-range Android phone in terms of specs (and in terms of design, since almost every notable Android phone is an iPhone clone this year). It features a Snapdragon 626 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 6.3-inch display, and Android 8.1 Oreo. It also has a notch just like the iPhone X, and it’s once again pointless just like the notch on the LG G7, since the phone still has a “chin” at the bottom. For good measure, he V9 also blatantly copied the iPhone X’s vertically oriented dual-lens rear camera. Sure, why not?

But here’s the kicker. Vivo wasn’t content merely copying the iPhone X’s design… check out the wallpaper the company used in its marketing imagery:

Look familiar?



Do these companies have no shame? Do they have any pride at all? I’m sure I’ll get plenty more emails once this post is published, but man oh man this is getting more tiresome by the day. I’ve been covering consumer tech for 15 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this. Rival companies have followed Apple’s lead in the smartphone market ever since the iPhone was first introduced in 2007. But the extent to which Apple is now being copied, and the brazenness with which dozens of Android phone makers are cloning Apple’s iPhone, is completely unprecedented.

The best part? We’ll get to watch all of these notched displays start to vanish — coincidentally, of course — as soon as Apple ditches the current iPhone X design, which could happen as soon as next year.

Apple – BGR

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GDC 2018: ‘Astrologaster’ is a Comedic Astrologist Game from the Makers of ‘Tengami’

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Tengami [$ 3.99] was a game that we followed intently during its development due to its unique pop-up book-style visuals, and when it finally released in early 2014 it earned plenty of accolades including our own positive review. Now developer Nyamyam is back with a new game that uses the same pop-up book engine as Tengami. It’s called Astrologaster and it has you playing as controversial real life astrologer Simon Forman, who was an adviser to the stars in the 17th century. While Astrologaster is based on this real person and some of his actual work, the entire game is fiction and has a heavy British dark humor (humour?) slant similar to something like Blackadder or Horrible Histories. You’ll help your clientele make important life decisions based on what the stars say, and that can either go really well or really poorly and those decisions will affect other events and characters throughout the story in a sort of Reigns-ish way. It’s incredibly interesting and very funny, so check out our hands-on time with Astrologaster from GDC and look for the game to launch either late this year or in early 2019.


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Device makers, stop it with the rose gold

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I’ve lost count of the number of devices that came with a rose gold finish that I’ve written about and reviewed in the past year. From phones to laptops to smartwatches to speakers, the luxurious hue is everywhere – and now I’m done with it. While rose gold was first seen on devices as far back as 2012 (ASUS featured it on its ZenBook back then), it seemed to gather steam over the past few years after Apple began using it for its Watch and iPhones in 2014. It’s not that I detest the color on its own, but rather…

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MFi makers can now build accessories that integrate USB-C ports & Lightning to 3.5mm out

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Apple a few days ago updated its “Made for iOS” (MFi) branding and now we’re learning that the company also added refreshed new specifications for implementing USB-C ports and a Lightning to 3.5mm output cable on MFi accessories…. Read the rest of this post here

MFi makers can now build accessories that integrate USB-C ports & Lightning to 3.5mm out” is an article by iDownloadBlog.com.
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Meet The Makers: The man who gets millions of Xperia owners out of bed everyday

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No one likes being woken up in the morning, so if you are going to be torn from the sweet embrace of sleep, it needs to be by something that doesn’t make you want to throw your smartphone out of the window.

Did you ever stop to think that it’s actually someone’s job to compose the alarm music that wakes you up? Well, it is and the experts at Xperia have been working on making the process of getting up that little more bearable.

To learn more, we dropped in on Jun-ichi Nagahara who has worked for Sony in Tokyo for 27 years and is a Sound and User Interface Designer, AKA the mastermind behind the music that starts your day, every day.

First off, how does it feel to wake up Xperia users every morning?

It’s an immense responsibility; millions of Xperia users are relying on us to ensure they get out of bed. It’s a job we take very seriously.

What makes a good piece of music to wake up to?

It has to have a good melody-line, it’s the morning so it needs to be quite gentle with a simple arrangement and of course it has to be specially mastered to suit a phone alarm.

How did you decide on the default Xperia alarm tone?

We did lots of ‘Shingi’ (deliberation, discussion) to decide, and, of course, lots and lots of testing.

How have alarms and ringtones developed alongside the progression of smartphones?

For each Xperia generation, there are total design concepts for each new product. We need to consider the new design concept and make sure the sounds fit – all aspects of the phone have to work in harmony, even the alarms.

What alarm tone wakes you up in the morning?

Personally, I use the Xperia default alarm on the Z3 Compact, I use it alongside the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app (available via the Google Play Store, an intelligent alarm clock that analyses your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase.)

Finally, what’s the trick to avoiding the snooze button?

I find putting the phone as far away from the bed as possible does the trick, the other side of the room for example, it just means you have to get up to turn it off. I also like to think that we make good alarm-music that people want to wake up and listen to!

So there you have it, the next time you get aggravated by your alarm, think about how much more annoying if it would be if it wasn’t for the tireless work of Jun-ichi Nagahara to make it that much more bearable.

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