Medium suspends alt-right trolls following major rules change

Medium is taking its own steps in the fight against fake news and following a major reworking of its rules, has suspended the accounts of a handful of writers. As The Outline reports, the accounts of Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer now…
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Google Pay v1.53 rolls out major redesign, prepares transit tickets and custom card art [APK Teardown]

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Google announced earlier today that it’s taking the plunge with the Google Pay branding, meaning the Android Pay and Google Wallet names and branding are officially canned. To go along with the shift, a new version of the Android Pay…err, Google Pay app is rolling out with an updated look. It’s going to take a little while to get used to that name. There are also some clues about what’s to come, but we’ll get to that in the teardown.

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Aggressive North Korean Cyber Attackers Are Targeting Major Firms

North Korea is ramping up its hacking efforts. The existence of a new group of hackers in the hermit kingdom has been disclosed Tuesday. And they’re allegedly targeting major international firms.

A new group of North Korean spies and hackers has been identified, and their available methods and tools are extremely sophisticated. The group — known alternatively as “Reaper,” “Labyrinth Chollima,” or “APT37” — can even steal documents from computers that are disconnected from the internet, according to a research paper published Tuesday by cybersecurity firm FireEye.

Worryingly, FireEye’s intelligence arm has tracked the group’s efforts and says that Reaper has “expanded its operations in both scope and sophistication.” It has been active since 2012 and focuses on South Korean defense targets.

Reaper is apparently an entirely different group than the one that has been previously tied to alleged North Korean cyber attacks in the past, including the 2014 Sony Pictures attack and the WannaCry ransomware campaign last year. That hacking outfit is known as Lazarus.

But according to FireEye, Reaper could become a global threat that both governments and companies should take seriously.

John Hultquist, FireEye’s director of intelligence analysis, told CNN Tech that Reaper has been stepping up its spying initiatives on South Korean companies. These companies, Hultquist added, are multinational firms with offices and infrastructure across the globe.

And while he declined to name any particular firms, he told the publication that the South Korean firms are Fortune 500 companies and are “crown jewels” of the economy in the country.

Some notable firms that fit that description? LG Electronics, Hyundai and South Korean tech juggernaut Samsung Electronics, which is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

In a separate interview with NBC News, Hultquist said that North Korea’s cyber campaigns have become “increasingly aggressive.” And along with espionage, the efforts have branched out into disruption attacks and cybercrime.

There’s evidence that the group is expanding its focus beyond South Korea, too — and picking targets in the Middle East, Japan and Vietnam. And FireEye believes that Reaper is only going to become more active.

“We expect very aggressive activity in the near future,” Hultquist told CNN Tech.

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Telecom-Focused Cryptocurrency Telcoin Joins GSMA as Stage is Set for Major Innovation

It’s one of the hidden gems of cryptocurrency, if you ask any crypto geniuses in-the-know.

Telcoin — or TEL — announced this week that the company is now officially a member of the GSMA , “joining nearly 800 operators and more than 300 companies in the mobile ecosystem,” a tweet from the Telcoin team explains.

“Telcoin is the first telecom-focused cryptocurrency, distributed in partnership with GSMA network operators to mobile subscribers globally,” Telcoin’s page on the GSMA site elucidates. “Our central mission is financial inclusion – empowering a broad spectrum of mobile users with expanded access to the global financial system of the future. With or without a bank account, Telcoin can be used by anyone – tech-savvy smartphone users, unbanked feature phone users, and the rapidly growing middle segment of underbanked smartphone users alike.”

Following it’s successful ICO in January, the Telcoin team has reaffirmed its commitment to an ambitious roadmap for 2018 and beyond — a mission that could forever alter the mobile fintech landscape.

“By combining the reach of mobile networks and the fast, borderless nature of blockchain technology, we provide an easy and secure gateway to cryptocurrency adoption on any mobile device,” the GSMA profile of Telcoin clarifies.

Telcoin Pte. Ltd. is based in Singapore with a team operating out of Tokyo, Japan.

To learn more about Telcoin and its stated plans for “financial inclusion in a mobile world,” click here.

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iOS 11.2.6 is available for download, and it fixes the major bug that’s been crashing iPhones

Apple has released iOS 11.2.6 to everyone running iOS 11, one month after the last iOS 11 update. This edition appears to be purely a bug fix for the Teluga character bug, which caused messaging apps and iOS to crash.

The bug centers around one character from the Teluga language, a Central-Southern Dravidian dialect spoken in India by about 70 million people. Receiving the character will crash whatever messaging app sees the character, forcing you to force-close the app. If you reopen the app and the character is still there, it will crash the app again.

The bug will only crash the entire iPhone if a notification card or banner containing the character pops up on the device. If that happens, the Springboard software, which serves as the iOS app launcher, appears to crash, forcing you to reboot or reset your device in order to make it work again.

The bug affects most messaging apps, including iMessage, WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook for iOS, or Facebook Messenger. Apple’s update notes confirms that the bug fix should be universal, so the Teluga character shouldn’t crash any apps or Springboard any more:

iOS 11.2.6 includes bug fixes for your iPhone or iPad. This update:

Fixes an issue where using certain character sequences could cause apps to crash

Fixes an issue where some third-party apps could fail to connect to external accessories

To apply the update, you need to be on a device already running iOS 11. You should also be connected to Wi-Fi, and be either connected to a charger or have greater than 50% battery life remaining. Assuming you’ve done all that, just go to Settings–>General–>Software Update, and your device should prompt you to download and install the update.

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