An Uber driver just suffered an embarrassing loss to a flight of stairs

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An Uber driver in San Francisco took a wrong turn, and got their car stuck after attempting to drive down a flight of stairs. The poor car hung out there for several minutes before a tow truck arrived to rescue it. #Uber tries to drive down stairs, gets stuck in #SanFrancisco’s #Castro. No injuries reported — KRON4 News (@kron4news) March 26, 2018 The car in question, a white Toyota Camry, lodged nose-down to the pavement. The driver apparently decided to take a walkway designed for humans, and the stars might have been a shortcut leading back to the…

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New macOS bug can cause serious data loss

A new flaw has been discovered in macOS High Sierra that can cause data to be lost when writing to disk images. It affects those formatted using the Apple File System (APFS) specifically, but it shouldn’t be a problem for your primary SSD. Apple’s latest software releases have been plagued by pesky bugs. The company has worked […]

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APFS Bug in macOS High Sierra Can Cause Data Loss When Writing to Disk Images

Apple’s APFS file system included in macOS High Sierra suffers from a disk image vulnerability that in certain circumstances can lead to data loss, according to the creator of Carbon Copy Cloner.

In a blog post last Thursday, software developer Mike Bombich explained that he had uncovered the data writing flaw in the Apple File System, or APFS, through his regular work with “sparse” disk images.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a sparse disk image is basically a file that macOS mounts on the desktop and treats as if it was a physically attached drive with a classic disk volume structure. The flexibility of sparse disk images means they are commonly used in the course of performing backup and disk cloning operations, hence Bombich’s extensive experience with them.

Earlier this week I noticed that an APFS-formatted sparsebundle disk image volume showed ample free space, despite that the underlying disk was completely full. Curious, I copied a video file to the disk image volume to see what would happen. The whole file copied without error! I opened the file, verified that the video played back start to finish, checksummed the file – as far as I could tell, the file was intact and whole on the disk image. When I unmounted and remounted the disk image, however, the video was corrupted. If you’ve ever lost data, you know the kick-in-the-gut feeling that would have ensued. Thankfully, I was just running some tests and the file that disappeared was just test data.

Two related problems are identified by Bombich, above. The first is that the free space on the APFS-formatted sparse disk image doesn’t update as it should when the free space on the underlying physical host disk is reduced. The second problem is the lack of error reports when write requests fail to dynamically grow the disk image, resulting in data being “written” into a void. Bombich tracks both bugs back to macOS’s background “diskimages-helper” application service, which he has since reported to Apple.

Bombich’s video demonstrating the APFS bug

Every installation of High Sierra converts the existing file system to APFS, which is optimized for modern storage systems like solid-state drives. However, as Bombich notes, ordinary APFS volumes like SSD startup disks are not affected by the problem described above, so the vast majority of users won’t be affected by it – the flaw is most applicable when making backups to network volumes. Bombich says Carbon Copy Cloner will not support AFPS-formatted sparse disk images until Apple resolves the issue.

The APFS flaw follows the discovery of another bug in Apple’s operating systems that received extensive coverage last week. That bug is induced by sending a specific character in the Indian language Telugu, which causes certain apps on iPhones, iPads, and Macs to freeze up and become unresponsive. The Telugu character bug has already been fixed in Apple’s upcoming iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 software updates.

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Tesla targets 2,500 Model 3s a week while posting largest quarterly loss

After its CEO launched one of its Roadsters into space yesterday, Tesla posted its largest quarterly loss while simultaneously posting a jump in revenue. Meanwhile, the company is still working towards its earlier goal of producing 5,000 Model 3s a w…
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Alphabet reports earnings: Q4 loss of $3 billion after major tax hit, but hardware shipments “double”

Alphabet reported today in its annual earnings call that the company’s fiscal Q4 was a bit of a dismal one, owing to a decision to provision a new tax on foreign assets ahead into the 2017 fiscal year. Basically, Google took a $ 9.9 billion tax hit in the last quarter of 2017, dramatically lowering the effective net income the company earned for the whole of the fiscal year.

Google lost $ 3 billion in Q4, but for 2017 overall, it managed net income of $ 12.7 billion on revenues of $ 110.8 billion.

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Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone/iPad: Get Thin with Your iDevice

Weight Loss Apps for iPhone iPad

When it comes to losing weight, you need accurate guidance to shed those extra pounds. This can only be done if you know how to carry forward your exercise regime. To make your task a bit straightforward, we have compiled the best weight loss apps for iPhone and iPad.

So, choose the perfect weight loss program and hit the ground running to kill tons of pounds with less stress! Keep an eye on your progress to remain tuned. And if you ever need some inspiration, ask your personal guide to fix the doubting Thomas!

Weight Loss Apps for iPhone iPad

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Runtastic Six Pack

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Sceenshot

Runtastic Six pack is an all-rounder app. You can use the app anywhere and anytime. The app helps in reducing weight, waist and toning abdominals. The app has two realistic female and male avatars for guiding you.

The app comes with more than 50 workout videos, pre-step workouts and 10-week six pack plan. You can even enter your customized workouts for specific target areas. The app keeps a check on your heart rate and visualizes your body fat & provides you perfect plan to tone it down. The app gives you your progress graph and has the inbuilt reminder that will never make you lose your workout.

Price: Free

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#2. BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Screenshot

BMI calculator can be very effective in letting you keep an eye on your weight. The app tells you what your ideal weight should be. It calculates your Body Mass Index and your waist-to-Height Ratio depending on your age and gender.

It has a clean user-interface that allows you to enter your height and weight values. With this app, you can also decide your exercise pattern to reach your goal.

Price: Free

#3. Fooducate

Fooducate iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Screenshot

Fooducate app displays the exact food value. You need to scan the barcode of your food product to know its nutritious value. The app will show pros and cons of the food and will give you better substitutes for it. You can even enter your own food to track and check. The app gives personalize features after you have subscribed to it.

The upgrade features include customized feedbacks, tips by age, gender, weight, health conditions, etc. You can buy them for the in-app purchases that range from $ 1.99 – $ 14.99.

Price: Free

#4. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Screenshot

Nike Training Club is specially designed for women. The app has structured workouts for the four-week program. You can customize or select your favorite drills to be toned, or shaped. The app has various workouts with visual and video support.

The app features free workouts from famous female athletes to keep you motivated. You can access to your progress that gets stored in the app and share them on social media to compare results with others. The app has a progress bar that will calculate minutes for each workout and help you in reaching your aim.

Price: Free

#5. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Screenshot

Endomondo Sports Tracker app allows you to track your fitness regime. You can add every sport and its details you have done. The app will send you audio feedback for each Kilometer covered by you.

You can even keep a training diary to analyze and compare your sessions. You can even fix in a goal you want to cover, and audio guide will help you with it. Upgrade to the premium account for $ 2.99 or more to avail customized benefits.

Price: Free

#6. Lose It!

Lose It iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Screenshot

Lose It! offers a more effective weight loss program. With the DNA-based insights, the app lets you know which food, drinks, and activities could be pivotal for you in losing a lot of pounds.

You can quickly log food just by snapping its photo. You will be able to search the huge database or use the barcode scanner to easily scan foods. It allows you to track several important things like calories with macronutrient, water, health, and body measurement goals.

The app is integrated with a number of apps & devices like Fitbit trackers, Misfit trackers, Fitbit scales, Withings scales, Healthkit and more. Though Lose It! is available for free, you can upgrade to the premium version $ 39.99/year to unlock additional features.

Price: Free

#7. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

MyFitnessPal is a full-fledged fitness app. You can select from over 350 exercises or create your own custom exercises to speed up the weight loss.

The app lets you easily log cardio exercises like running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga, etc. You will also be able to enter strength exercises such as sets, reps, and weight per set.

You can set daily step goal and view the graph of your step history. But what stands out for this app is the support for over 50 fitness apps and devices including Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, Strava, Runtastic, Misfit, Withings, HealthKit, UA Record and more.

Price: Free

#8. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Weight Watchers is really smart in not just providing you the right tips required to get fitter but also stay motivated. With the help of this app, you can eat better and keep track of your food.

Quickly scan and find the values of your food. Avoid eating junk food to ensure you remain on track. Share photos and videos about your progress with the ever-growing community.

Moreover, you can sync the app with Apple Health to convert your daily steps into FitPoints to get the perfect measurement for the activity.

Price: Free

#9. Weight Loss Fitness

Weight Loss iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one offers training plan depending on your personal parameters and goals.
Bolstered by red rock apps personal fitness platform artificial intelligence, the app provides real-time plan adjustment based on your feedback and progress.

You have the absolute freedom to manage your workout schedules and choose the number of workouts to do per week. Can’t spare a lot of time every day for exercise? No problem. The app offers training sessions of even 6 seconds. So, you don’t have any excuse for saying no to the workout. With the video and audio coach support, it helps you stay on track.

Price: Free

#10. MevoFit

MevoFit Weight Loss iPhone App Screenshot

Based on your goal, create a low-calorie diet plan and get on with the program to lose the extra fat and achieve the desired figure. MevoFit offers healthy food advice ensuring you stay away from the junk food. The app has an advanced calorie tracking mechanism that keeps you informed and never lets you cross the line.

It has a massive database with more than 5,00,000 food items. If you aren’t good at typing or don’t find it convenient, you can use even your voice to quick log food items.

Keep an eye on your distance, pace, calories using the advanced running tracker. Take the full advantage of over 50 workout routine and plans to remain focused towards accomplish your goal!

Price: Free

That’s all!

Your favorite?

Now that you have got the top fitness apps get a more personalized plan to be fitter and healthier than ever before. And yes, do let me know which one of these apps have got more points from you!

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Weighing yourself after the holidays can be an emotionally trying process, especially if you've gone heavy on the turkey sandwiches. Oftentimes, the bad news sends you reaching for the comfort of the leftover chips and candy to get you through the co…
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New CRISPR Gene Editing Experiment Slows Down Hearing Loss

CRISPR Treatment Slowed Down Deafness

Almost half of all deafness cases are caused by genetic factors, but treating inherited hearing loss is tricky. Now, scientists have shown they can stop a type of progressive hearing loss – caused by a genetic mutation – using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool. A team led by David Liu at Harvard University injected a CRISPR protein capable of targeting a genetic mutation responsible for a type of deafness into live mice’s ears. The mice used in the study, published in Nature, had a mutated copy of the Tmc1 gene, which causes eventual deafness, alongside one normal copy of the gene. The one-time CRISPR treatment slowed down deafness in the mice.

The mutant Tmc1 gene is dominant, so the presence of just one copy will lead to progressive hearing loss in humans and mice alike. The mutation kills off the ear’s hair cells, which detect sound, over time. Mice with one mutant Tmc1 copy have substantial hearing loss after four weeks, and are essentially deaf after eight weeks – in humans, this progression often starts in childhood and could last decades.

But when the CRISPR-Cas9 editing tool was injected into a mouse’s ear, it displayed superior hair cell health and survival than in the same mouse’s other ear, which did not receive the same injection.

Hear Here

The mice with the mutated gene that received treatment still responded to loud noises at eight weeks, whereas the mice that didn’t receive the treatment had no startle response. “We were really excited when we observed hearing preservation in the injected ears but not the uninjected ears of the same mouse,” reflected Liu, in comments shared with Futurism via email. “Especially since we were not sure at that point how well the promising editing results we observed in cultured cells in a dish would translate into live animals.”

The mutated copy of Tmc1 differs from its normal counterpart by only a single DNA letter. Still, Liu and his team were able to disrupt the former while leaving the latter unchanged thanks to the CRISPR Cas-9 tool, which Liu described as a “pleasant surprise.”

Furthermore, while only a small amount of the target cells were actually repaired – 10 to 25 percent – researchers observed an improvement to the health of the mice’s hair cells. The team also observed a marked improvement in the treated mice’s hearing. At four weeks, treated mice could hear sounds that were 15 decibels quieter than their untreated counterparts. While there are still challenges to overcome, these successes bode well for the treatment.

Moving forward, delivery methods, improved efficacy, and an investigation into potential side effects are top priorities. Liu hopes to perform further tests on larger animal models, as well as further research into the possibility of using the same technique to address other diseases with a genetic component.

These steps are crucial if we’re to find out whether the procedure could give medical professionals a way to restore their patients’ hearing. “There’s still quite a bit of work to do before this approach might be used in humans,” Liu said.

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The Loss of Arctic Sea Ice Cover Could Affect Millions Worldwide

Far from just being bad news for polar bears or vulnerable island chains, melting Arctic sea ice caps can affect areas a long way from the Arctic region, bringing not only higher sea levels, but also severe drought. This may be the case for California, which could see its already extreme lack of water getting worse in the coming decades, according to researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

In a study published today in Nature Communications, climatologist Ivana Cvijanovic and her team found that shrinking glaciers in the Arctic can modify atmospheric temperatures over the tropical Pacific. In turn, this heat imbalance can push rain-rich clouds away from California towards Alaska and Canada.

“On average, when considering the 20-year mean, we find a 10-15 percent decrease in California’s rainfall. However, some individual years could become much drier, and others wetter,” Cvijanovic said in a press release.

Technological Fixes for Climate Change
Click to View Full Infographic

The unprecedented drought that hit the region between 2012 and 2016 was attributed to a Pacific high pressure system known as the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge. “It’s the main reason we’re in a drought,” said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California. “It’s the persistence of this ridge during the winter months.”

Although the study doesn’t attempt to explain the most recent drought, Cvijanovic said that examining past droughts illustrates what Californians should prepare for in the near future.

The researchers simulated an ice-free Arctic season and compared the model with the sea ice conditions at the end of the twentieth century, showing how the changes reverberated across the planet and diverted rainfall from drought stricken California.

“While more research should be done, we should be aware that an increasing number of studies, including this one, suggest that the loss of Arctic sea ice cover is not only a problem for remote Arctic communities, but could affect millions of people worldwide. Arctic sea ice loss could affect us, right here in California,” said Cvijanovic.

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Snap will try and sell unsold Spectacles in the UK after reporting $40 million loss

Snapchat parent company Snap Inc. is bringing its camera-equipped Spectacles to the UK for the first time in partnership with pop-up mall Boxpark, located in the Shoreditch district of East London. The news, announced on Boxpark’s website today, comes on the heels of Snap’s less-than-stellar earnings report on Tuesday, in which the company said it lost $ 40 million on unsold units due to “excess inventory reserves and inventory purchase commitment cancellation charges.”

It’s not clear this will have a drastic effect on the company’s excess Spectacles inventory, which appears like it amounts to hundreds of thousands of unsold units, according to an earlier report in October from The Information. Although this will mark Snap’s first fixed…

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