Imgur’s favorite folders turn 250M meme lords into curators

 Either you’re one of 250 million monthly Imgurians, or you probably have no idea what Imgur is. But those who are part of the addictive image-sharing community know there’s been one feature at the top of the request lists forever: favorite folders. Today, Imgur fulfills the wishes of the masses with the official launch of favorite folders. Read More
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‘Lords of Waterdeep’ Going 64-Bit Today, Releasing on Android, and Dropping in Price

When we talked about all the games we’re losing once iOS 11 hits on September 12th (or thereabouts), we saw many of you complain about Playdek’s Lords of Waterdeep [$ 4.99] going away, but we finally have good news on that front. Playdek just announced that the game is getting a 64-bit update on iOS today and is also releasing on Android. And, as you would expect from Playdek, you will be able to play across platforms, so that should make it easier to find players willing to run around Waterdeep with you. The Android version will also have the Undermountain and Skullport expansions available for purchase today. To celebrate the 64-bit update and the Android release, Lords of Waterdeep has dropped in price for a limited time, so if you don’t own it, now would be a good time to pick it up.

Lords of Waterdeep is definitely a great port of a great game, so if you enjoy board games, you should definitely pick this one up. We really liked it in our review back in 2013 when it originally came out. The game offers strong AI opponents (maybe too strong?) and both real-time and asynchronous multiplayer. Another great game survives the 32-bit apocalypse then, so everyone grab some ale and rejoice.