A New ‘Hanger’ Game is in the Works and it Looks Bananas

The folks over at developer A Small Game have been bringing us joy through their fun and overly violent rope-swinging games for many years now. We had a really good time when we took the original 2012 game Hanger [Free] for a spin in just our second ever TA Plays video (remember those?). The goal was to hook and swing your way through more than 70 levels filled with deadly hazards and try to make it to the end in one piece. Well, the one piece thing is actually pretty optional, as during your journey it’s pretty likely you’ll get some limbs or a torso lopped off at some point, but as long as a badly bleeding but still alive portion of you crosses the finish line then you’re all good. Then in July of 2015 A Small Game released the follow-up Hanger World [Free] which brought more of that wonderful swinging mayhem but amped it up in every way with more levels, more playable characters, and even a full-fledged level editor built in. We enjoyed Hanger World a whole bunch too.

Well, the fun’s not over as A Small Game has announced in our forums that a new Hanger game is in the works, and following in the footsteps of those that came before it, it looks to be the biggest and best Hanger game ever. They’re also making a few pretty big changes to the formula of the previous games. First of all, this one will be played in portrait with just single button controls as opposed to the landscape orientation and virtual controls of the older games. Also, there will be one endless level randomly generated each day, and everyone in the world will play that same level and you can even see where other people have failed while you’re playing. Down below and at the top of this post are some very early teaser gifs of this new Hanger in action.

Ok, so that one on the right? Yeah that was just a performance test to stress test the game’s engine, but I think A Small Game and the players in our forums feel like there’s some potential to make some sort of crazy game mode out of that many hangers at once. Currently the team has only been working on this new Hanger for a few weeks, and they expect to keep plugging away at it and have it ready for release sometime this summer. In the meantime though, any and all suggestions and feedback are welcome, as they’re keen on implementing the types of stuff that the actual Hanger players want to see into the new game. So head over to the forum thread to drop your thoughts and/or ideas, and keep an eye on that thread as well if you’re interested in doing some beta testing when the time comes for that. We’ll be keeping an eye on how this one shapes up too and are looking forward to a new Hanger experience later this year.


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