In 1952 London, 12,000 people died from smog — here’s why that matters now

In February 2015, journalist Kate Dawson was browsing the Getty Images website when she stumbled upon an enigmatic black and white photo of a woman with four strings of pearls around her neck and a chiffon scarf around her nose and mouth. The woman was surrounded by an ominous gray haze. “I was just struck by the photo,” Dawson tells The Verge.

That image was taken in December 1952, when London was trapped in a deadly cloud of fog and pollution for five days. At the time, the city ran on cheap coal for everything from generating power to heating homes. So when an anticyclone caused cold air to stagnate over London, the sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and smoke particles mounted — and ended up choking as many as 12,000 people to death.

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Watch ‘Clash Royale’ Crown Championship Live From London This Sunday – We’ll Be There!

If you’re a fan of Clash Royale [Free], eSports, or just like in your spare time to watch people play games, you should tune into the Clash Royale Crown Championship, taking place this Sunday, December 3rd, in London. This is the conclusion of Clash Royale‘s first-ever official global esports competition, so it should showcase the best players in the world. You can of course watch the stream live on the various streaming services, as long as you don’t mind waking up at 5am ET (if you live in the US) that is. We will have boots on the ground during the event, so expect much more coverage during the weekend.

The event will see 16 players compete for the Golden Crown and, of course, the coveted title of best Clash Royale player on the planet. And it’s fair to say that this player will be the best in the world given the kind of competition they had to face. More than 27 million players competed in the competition, which is a crazy number. The Championship will award $ 400,000, with $ 150,000 going to the champion. Expect all kinds of surprises during the event. If you’re a fan of the game, you should definitely tune in on Sunday. Keep an eye on the site for more coverage of Clash Royale‘s Crown Championship.


Apple adds indoor maps for airports in Berlin, London, Geneva & Amsterdam

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Apple has added detailed indoor coverage to several European airports in Apple Maps, including Berlin’s Tegel and Schoenefeld, London’s Heathrow and Gatwick, Amsterdam’s Schiphol, and Geneva in Switzerland.
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