Apple Maps adds locations of bike-sharing stations in over 175 cities

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Apple Maps has been updated to include the locations of bike sharing services in over 175 cities in 36 countries, allowing tourists and those wanting to cycle around an area to quickly find the nearest bike-sharing station that can provide them the two-wheeled vehicles.
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Bloomberg Narrows Down Potential Locations for Apple’s Upcoming U.S. Campus

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Earlier in January, Apple detailed a series of plans to to bolster the U.S. economy, which included the confirmation of its fourth campus based in the United States. At the time, the company said its new campus will “initially house technical support for customers” and that it won’t be located in California or Texas, but no other hints regarding its location were given.

Today, Bloomberg posted a new piece theorizing potential locations for Apple’s fourth campus in an attempt to predict where Apple might end up. In partnership with Moody’s Analytics, Bloomberg was provided with data regarding the top 15 U.S. cities for tax incentives and a local business environment, top 15 cities for workforce education and human capital, and top 15 cities for public transport.

Apple’s latest U.S. campus, Apple Park

This information was cross-referenced with known data including current Apple headquarters, call centers, data centers, repair centers, smaller corporate offices, and major parts suppliers, to result in areas of the country that Apple could be interested in. Bloomberg ultimately hypothesized that Apple “seems likely” to end up in one of three areas: the northeast, potentially in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts or upstate New York; the southeast, in North Carolina or Florida; or Midwest, in Illinois or Wisconsin.

When you consider all these factors, Apple seems likely to choose among northeastern states such as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and upstate New York; North Carolina and Florida in the southeast; and Midwestern states like Illinois and Wisconsin. The East Coast has one obvious advantage: the ability to provide customer support before existing call centers in Texas and California open for the day, as well as its proximity to hundreds of suppliers. The company could also consider the northwest, where it has a couple of offices, including an R&D center for cloud services in Seattle, and several suppliers.

In regards to Moody’s top 15 cities data, Bloomberg argued that these statistics will be the main criteria Apple looks at when planning its fourth campus. These cities could provide Apple with incentives in exchange for its investment, a talented workforce that emphasizes bachelor’s degrees instead of advanced engineering degrees (“which arguably fit better with Apple’s plans to recruit technical support people, rather than those working on products and operations”), and available commuting options for employees, including a nearby airport for those flying in from other offices.

As the company makes plans for its latest campus, this month it has also named Kristina Raspe as its new vice president of global real estate and facilities. On her LinkedIn page, Raspe said that she’s responsible for a variety of the company’s real estate assets, including corporate and data center construction.

Cities that have already expressed interest in becoming the home of Apple’s fourth U.S. campus include Sidney, Nebraska and Orlando, Florida, but Apple said back in January that it won’t confirm the location until later in 2018.

Check out Bloomberg‘s full article for more information on the potential locations of Apple’s upcoming campus.

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Apple Maps expands transit directions and lane guidance in several locations

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Apple has today made some improvements to both transit directions and lane guidance in Apple Maps. The company has been making a rapid push to get both of these features out the door and has been looking to expand them in as many cities as possible.



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YouTube Live streaming to get automatic captions, locations tags and more

YouTube is announcing few new features to its live stream function to improve the user experience and make it accessible to more people. This includes automatic English captions to live streams whenever professionally provided captions aren’t available. These automated captions provide creators a quick and inexpensive way to make live streams accessible to more people and YouTube is using its automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology for captions with error rates and latency approaching industry standards. This features will be rolled out in the coming weeks and will continue to improve accuracy and latency of automatic captions. Furthermore, creators can now add a location tag to their mobile live streams and video uploads and share all their favorite hot spots with viewers. Users, on the other hand, can explore other videos with the same location tag by simply clicking on it. You can also use the location filter on the search results page to find other videos from the same location. YouTube introduced the Super Chats to trigger real-life events last year and wow creators can set this up for their channels using IFTTT (If This, Then That) with over 600smart home devices like lights, pet feeders, and confetti cannons which can be connected to Super Chat which is already available on desktop and …
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Google aims to make 911 call locations more accurate

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When you call 911 from a landline phone, that number is tied to a physical address. It’s easy for emergency responders to get to the right place. However, cell phones can be anywhere, and the carrier-based location reports sent to call centers are not always good enough. Google is working on a system that would provide faster, more accurate locations to 911 operators, and its first test reportedly went well.

In December and January, Android users in Texas, Tennessee, and Florida who called 911 had their locations routed to 911 dispatchers via the Google system.

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Google Maps for iOS gains quick access tabs with info on nearby locations, traffic, and transit

Google Maps iOS explore tab

Apple Maps has definitely improved in the years since its launch, but many iOS users still rely on Google Maps to help them get around. Today Google announced a new feature for those folks.

Google is now rolling out a new section in Google Maps for iOS that’ll help you get more info about what’s around you. Swipe up from the bottom of the app and you’ll see three tabs — the explore tab, the driving tab, and the transit tab — that’ll help you do things like find a meal nearby or catch a bus.

This feature rolled out on Google Maps for Android last year, and it’s good to see it coming to iOS as well. With it, you can quickly find info about what’s around you, including restaurants and traffic, without having to tap on a bunch of places or change to a different part of Google Maps.

If you use Google Maps for iOS, keep an eye out for this feature the next time you load up the app.

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Pentagon reviews policy after fitness app reveals military locations

Yesterday, reports surfaced that a heat map released by fitness app company Strava showed the locations of US and other countries' military. While most of the locations spotted, including Afghanistan and Syria, are known to host US military bases, it…
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[Oops] Strava fitness app revealed locations of secret army bases

Strava is a popular fitness app for Android and iOS, and one of its main features is the ability to see other users’ tracks and runs on a map (or share your own). In November of last year, Strava released a global heatmap, with the tracks of every run and bike ride visible as bands of light. There’s only one problem – it revealed the location of several secret military facilities.

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