Google releases optional security update for Chromebooks, but it wipes all local data

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Chrome OS is one of the most secure desktop operating systems on the market (privacy concerns about the Google ecosystem aside). Automatic system updates, verified boot, and system drive encryption all keep your Chromebook safe from attacks. Most models also use a Trusted Platform Module, or TPM, for generating the cryptographic keys that protect local data.

Sadly, nothing is 100% secure, and the same is true for some Chromebooks. Security researchers recently discovered a bug in certain versions of the Infineon TPM firmware, which allows hackers to potentially brute-force a Chromebook to obtain encrypted data.

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Google releases optional security update for Chromebooks, but it wipes all local data was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google Maps for iOS Gains Quick-Access Traffic, Transit, and Local Info Tabs

Google has updated its iOS Maps app with three new quick-access options that Android users have had access to for over a year now. The new tabs sit across the bottom of the home screen and are called Explore, Driving, and Transit.

Swiping up on the shortcuts reveals further details. For example, in Explore users can find a description of the local area, dining choices, and options to search for gas stations, ATMs, convenience stores, drug stores, and other amenities.

The driving tab provides a traffic summary for the area, including information on possible delays that might add time onto a commute. This tab will also include current ETAs for the user’s home and work addresses if they are saved in the app’s settings. Finally, the transit tab offers estimated bus and train schedules at stations in the vicinity.

Google Maps can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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How Latin American governments are assisting their local startup ecosystems

Launching a successful startup is hard work. Launching a successful startup in an environment which lacks a supportive local business ecosystem and startup friendly government, can become nigh on impossible. Even in the startup mecca of Silicon Valley, guns remain less regulated than startups, and early stage companies continue to have their feet tied together with red tape, bureaucratic practices, and strict government regulations that limit their potential for growth. But while the governments of the world’s most advanced economies are still holding startups back on the starting line, administrations in emerging markets are recognizing the economic benefits of accessible…

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Apple could source local chipsets for Chinese iPhones

Apple may be expanding its supply chain further by buying storage chips from the Chinese memory chipmaker Yangtze Memory Technologies, a new report states. What makes this interesting is that the chips will reportedly be used only in iPhones and other devices for the Chinese domestic market. It suggests that Apple may be willing to […]

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Future iPhones destined for Chinese market may draw upon local supplier for flash storage

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If a new supply chain report is accurate, Apple is discussing a flash memory buy from Yangtze Memory Technologies for iPhones specifically destined for the Chinese market.
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