New Honor Device arriving this week, likely the Magic 2

Huawei is all set to unveil a new Honor smartphone this week. The company has set an event for December 13 in China. Sadly, the poster doesn’t reveal exactly which device will be the star of the event. However, given the position of sunglasses in the two images of Chinese singer/actor as well as the number ‘4’ in middle, what can be deduced at the very least is that the handset will feature a dual camera setup both on the front as well as the back. Given the timing, we might get the successor of the Honor Magic, which debuted exactly twelve months ago. The original Magic was the… – Latest articles

India not likely to cave to Apple’s taxation, import law change demands for manufacturing expansion

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Apple and India are once again at loggerheads about expanding iPhone manufacture in the company, and the country’s taxation authority is not likely to concede to demands for more slack in local part sourcing requirements, a lighter tax burden on imported components, or the call for governmental assistance with capital investment.
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The U.S. suit against AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner likely won’t end until after May

The trial is set for March 19.

A federal judge has set a March 19 trial date for the U.S. government’s case challenging AT&T’s proposed merger with Time Warner.

In doing so, Judge Richard Leon also told the two companies on Thursday that it would be virtually impossible for them to close their deal before April 22. It’s a key deadline: Either side can walk away from the acquisition if it isn’t completed by then, and AT&T would have to pay Time Warner a $ 500 million breakup fee.

“This is not a normal case from many perspectives,” said Leon at the first status hearing in Washington, D.C.

The $ 85 billion merger is one of the largest media deals in recent years, signaling the start of more media consolidation as TV businesses have declined thanks to Facebook and Google. Disney is close to acquiring assets from 21st Century Fox, and Comcast* has looked at Fox assets as well.

But the Justice Department’s lawsuit against AT&T suggests media mergers might undergo more scrutiny in the future, or would at least have to wait until AT&T’s case has wrapped.

AT&T initially sought a February hearing; the Justice Department had angled for May.

* Comcast’s NBCUniversal is a minority investor in Recode parent company Vox Media.


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Asus Zenfone 4 Oreo update likely arriving this month

Back in August, when Asus confirmed that the entire Zenfone 3 and Zenfone 4 series will get the Oreo update, the company didn’t provide a roll out time-frame, only saying the update will hit all eligible devices “by the second half of 2018”. Well, now we have some news on that front. A moderator at the Taiwanese company’s official forums recently confirmed that the Zenfone 4 (ZE554KL) Oreo update is expected to begin rolling out this month. ZE554KL is currently expected to provide upgrades in December Android O Sadly, an exact roll out date wasn’t provided, but still it’s far… – Latest articles

Breakthrough Cancer Test Identifies Which of 15 Drugs Most Likely to Eradicate Tumors

Cancer Breakthrough

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it has approved a “breakthrough device” that has the potential to match cancer patients with individualized treatment regiments with just one test. This could allow doctors and patients to choose treatments that are most likely to be effective for specific types of cancer — and to make those decisions sooner.

The test, called FoundationOne CDx, is what’s known as a “companion diagnostic.” This means that rather than screening patients for cancer itself, the test is used on patients who’ve already been diagnosed with cancer in order to determine which drugs or therapies are best suited to their individual case.

Other companion tests have been developed in the past, but they could only check to see if one particular drug would be effective for treating a patient’s cancer. This new device can detect a wide range of genetic mutations, which allows it to screen the potential effectiveness of 15 different treatment options.

The device sequences the DNA from a tumor sample, and detects 324 specific genetic mutations with an accuracy of about 94.6 percent, as determined by clinical trials. Additionally, the device can also determine if the tumor has either of two “genomic signatures;” molecular changes that can occur in cancer cells and can influence how that cancer is classified.

Improving Patient Care

This test could spare cancer patients from undergoing duplicate biopsies as well as accelerate a patients assessment, allowing him or her to begin treatment earlier. It could also allow doctors to match patients up with combination treatments consisting of multiple drugs (which, in some cases, may be more effective than using a single drug).

Among the types of solid-tumor cancers that this device could help treat are lung, skin, colorectal, breast, and ovarian cancer. The FDA panel, which bestowed the “breakthrough device” status on FoundationOne CDx, was so convinced of the test’s potential that the agency has proposed it for coverage by Medicaid and Medicare. Such a move could improve the lives of many cancer patients, according to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

“By leveraging two policy efforts aimed at expediting access to promising new technologies, we’ve been able to bring patients faster access to a breakthrough diagnostic that can help doctors tailor cancer treatments to improve medical outcomes and potentially reduce health care costs,” Gottlieb said in an FDA press release.

While the device does not specifically “cure” cancer, it is being lauded as an enormous advancement in cancer treatment. FoundationOne CDx joins other novel cancer tests, such as one that requires only a drop of blood and another that can detect cancer years before symptoms arise, that brings us one step closer to a world that is cancer free.

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