This Case Turns Your iPhone’s Backside Into A Game Boy, Letting You Play Tetris And Other Classic Games

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The iPhone Game Boy case featuring Tetris and other classic games snaps onto the rear of an iPhone ranging from the iPhone 6 all the way to the iPhone X, and is a fully functioning Game Boy wannabe as it comes pre-loaded with multiple games.

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The digital revolution is letting us down. Here’s how we change that

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As you’ve probably heard before, we’re in the middle of a digital revolution. Slowly we’re also beginning to realize that this smart new world is out of control. As the Cambridge Analytica scandal made clear, our privacy is being invaded and we know that many of our jobs are threatened by automation. But there’s no turning back the clock. How do we navigate and secure ourselves for this unsecure future? Andrew Keen is the author of several books criticizing the rise of the internet and digital technology. Among them are, “The internet is not the answer” and “Cult of the…

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Apple is letting companies make 3.5mm to Lightning cables now

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Apple has updated the specs for its MFi accessories program (which also got a snazzy new logo over the weekend), letting companies now put USB-C ports on licensed devices, as well as create 3.5mm to Lightning cables for the first time, as reported by 9to5Mac.

They’re useful additions for Apple product users, especially as the company switches more towards using USB-C — at least on its laptops. Now third-party companies building things like controllers, battery packs, and speakers can use USB-C charging while still keeping Apple’s stamp of approval.

But Apple is still frustratingly limiting the specification: unlike Lightning ports, which are also part of the MFi spec for accessories, USB-C ports can’t be used for pass-through charging…

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Twitter rolling out Bookmarks, letting you privately save tweets for later

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Twitter app icon Android

Many people use Twitter’s “Like” button to save tweets and articles that they’d like to come back to later, but today Twitter unveiled a new way to save tweets for later.

Twitter is launching a new feature called Bookmarks. As with bookmarks on the web, you can use Twitter’s Bookmarks to save tweets for easy access later on. To bookmark a tweet, you tap the share icon under the tweet and select “Add tweet to Bookmarks”. Only you can see your bookmarked tweets.

When you’ve got some free time to view your bookmarked tweets, you can find them by tapping “Bookmarks” from your profile icon menu. You can remove a bookmark when you’re done with it if you’d like.

Bookmarks are now rolling out to the Twitter apps for Android and iOS, Twitter Lite, and the mobile Twitter website.

While using Twitter’s “Like” button to save tweets for later has worked for many people in the past, some folks may not like to do that because your Liked tweets can be viewed by anyone. That means that if you Like a tweet that some may view as controversial, it could be taken as you endorsing that tweet. Now you can use Bookmarks to privately save tweets for later. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

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T-Mobile hit with lawsuit for allegedly letting hackers port man’s phone number and take his cryptocurrency

Days after T-Mobile began sending texts to customers urging them to add port validation security to their accounts, news has come out that a man is suing T-Mobile over an issue related to porting. Carlos Tapang is suing T-Mobile for allegedly allowing strangers to port his phone number and then steal his Bitcoin. Tapang claims that on November 7, 2017, someone contacted T-Mobile to port his phone number to AT&T and that T-Mo did so, despite … [read full article]

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Facebook is celebrating Friends Day by letting you create superlatives for your friends

Mark Zuckerburg founded Facebook on February 4th in his dorm room at Harvard, and the company celebrates the anniversary with its self-proclaimed “Friends Day.” As it has in the past, the company is allowing users to commemorate the day by singling out friends and this year, users can give one another a “Friend Award,” with a variety of superlatives such as “Always Has My Back,” “Big-Hearted”, “Bestie,” and more.

The feature allows you to select a friend, their picture, and a template with a variety of descriptive options. The final result features the image with a bit of animation that you can post to your wall. Users can then go back and create others for other friends.

In addition to the “Friend Awards,” the company also released…

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Instagram tests letting users post Stories directly to WhatsApp

 Last October, Facebook extended the usage (and flexibility) of Instagram Stories — the Snapchat-like feature that lets you patch together photos and videos into a slide show — by making it easy to directly post a Story to Facebook. Now Facebook is looking at how to bring WhatsApp into the fold. Read More
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Letting Patients “Hear” Their Brainwaves Can Reduce PTSD Symptoms

Combatting PTSD

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can wreak havoc on a person’s mental and physical health. Sufferers can experience bouts of extreme panic, anxiety, or depression, as well as problems sleeping, cardiovascular issues, and gastrointestinal disorders. Treatments for PTSD typically include a combination of antidepressants and psychotherapy, but a new outside-the-box approach could prove to be much more effective.

Researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center are exploring a novel treatment that reduces patients’ PTSD symptoms by allowing them to “hear” their own brainwaves. The study has been published in the journal Military Medical Research.

For their study, the team used a technology called high-resolution, relational, resonance-based, electroencephalic mirroring (HIRREM).

Sensors placed on a PTSD sufferer’s scalp read electrical signals in their brain. These signals are then fed into a computer that uses specially designed algorithms to “translate” the signals into auditory frequencies. When these frequencies are played back in near-real-time, the patient is able to actually hear their own brain waves.

Allowing patients to listen to their own brain activity isn’t merely a cool trick, though.

According to the Wake team, when the patient is listening, the brain understands that it is hearing its own oscillations, and if what it is hearing is too erratic (a symptom of PTSD), it will make the changes necessary to “self-optimize” into a more balanced pattern.

The HIRREM Process. Image Credit: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
The HIRREM Process. Image Credit: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Eighteen patients, all of whom were veterans or actively in the military and had been experiencing PTSD symptoms for between one and 25 years, participated in the study. The team administered the treatment over the course of 12 days, with patients undergoing up to 20 total HIRREM sessions during the duration of the study.

The results of the treatment were quite promising. As Charles H. Tegeler, principal investigator on the study, noted in a news release, the treatment led to a decrease in many post-traumatic symptoms, including insomnia, depressive mood, and anxiety.

The researchers also reported improvement in heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity (physiological responses to stress). No other intervention for service members or veterans currently experiencing PTSD symptoms has been able to make that claim.

The benefits of the treatment weren’t short-lived, either. They lasted for at least six months after the sessions, according to Tegeler.

Beyond the Battlefield

While PTSD is particularly common amongst military personnel, it can affect anyone who has experienced a traumatic event, from domestic abuse to a car accident. In the United States, 20 percent of adults who experience a traumatic event eventually develop PTSD. An estimated 13 million Americans are suffering from PTSD at any given time, and one out of every 10 women in the nation eventually will develop the disorder.

Clearly, a great number of people could benefit from a more effective PTSD treatment, but while the results of the Wake Forest researchers’ study are remarkable, they are merely a jumping-off point. The sample group was small, and the placebo effect may have played a role in the treatment’s success.

Though the HIRREM treatment is by no means fully actualized, with further research, it could prove to be an ideal alternative treatment option for many PTSD sufferers.

Unlike traditional methods for combatting the effects of PTSD, such as antidepressant medications, it doesn’t appear to have any negative side effects. Additionally, it is the first technique that seems capable of alleviating the physical complications and symptoms of PTSD.

While this treatment is just in its nascent stages, it could evolve into a much-needed solution for the problem of PTSD.

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Google is letting celebrities answer questions about themselves in search results

Google today is launching a new search feature that will have celebrities answering commonly searched questions about themselves in the form of selfie videos that show up at the top of mobile search results. Now, if you’re curious how many languages does Priyanka Chopra speaks or if Will Ferrell can really play the drums, you can watch a pre-recorded video from the Chopra or Ferrell answering the question, offering a “uniquely personal, authentic and delightful touch straight from the source.”

Other celebrities who have recorded videos for the launch include Nick Jonas, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, and Gina Rodriguez. From the sound of it, Google may been inspired by Wired’s new video series that asks celebrities to answer commonly…

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Uber hit with $8.9 million fine in Colorado for letting unqualified drivers on its platform

Colorado has ordered Uber to pay a fine of $ 8.9 million for allowing individuals with disqualifying criminal or motor vehicle offenses, or without valid licenses, to drive for the company, Reuters reports. The company blamed an “error” in its background check process for the bad drivers.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) said its probe found violations that included 12 drivers with felony convictions, 17 drivers with major moving-vehicle violations, and three drivers with a type of driver’s license required only after recent drunk-driving convictions. The commission said that Uber’s background checks also failed to identify a number of aliases used by their drivers, including one driver who was “a convicted felon, habitual…

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