Cyberdyne’s therapeutic cyborg legs arrive in the US

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

While we're still a ways away from a proper Aliens-esque Power Loader, our enhanced exo-suit future is already upon us. The HAL (that's Hybrid Assistive Limb, not the murderous space AI) from medical device manufacturer, Cyberdyne Inc., has already b…
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These termite-hunting ants lick the severed legs of their friends to treat them

Termite-hunting ants in sub-Saharan Africa treat each other’s wounds by licking them, according to new research. It might sound icky — but the treatment actually saves lives.

The ant, called Megaponera analis, specializes in raiding termite nests. These hunts, however, are dangerous: The ants can lose legs or antennas, and sometimes they die. A study last year showed that the ants rescue their injured friends in the battlefield, taking them back to the nest. Now, researchers have shown what exactly happens in the nest after those rescue operations. In hour-long sessions, healthy ants take turns licking the injured mate’s severed legs, treating the open wounds. And that reduces mortality by 70 percent, possibly by fighting off infections,…

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‘Run Gun Sports’ is a Track and Field Game Where Your Legs are Guns, Coming this Thursday

Perusing our Upcoming Games Forum, I was instantly sold on a game called Run Gun Sports when it described itself as a track and field game but your legs are guns. I feel like pretty much any game that involves a description that includes “…but your legs are guns” is an instant winner in my book. I mean, Downwell [$ 2.99] anyone? As for the game itself, it looks just as silly as that premise sounds. You’ll compete in some typical track and field events but with the benefit of being able to fire bullets out of your feet. The blast from those bullets can actually help propel you through the air making for some truly superhuman acrobatic feats. Check out the trailer for Run Gun Sports to see what I mean.

Did I mention that your legs are guns? Run Gun Sports will feature several types of events including hurdles, high jump, horizontal bars, and long jump, and more than 90 different levels with even more already planned for future updates. You’ll be able to represent the flag of your own country in competitions across the world in cities like Barcelona, Atlanta, and Athens that have affiliations with that one major international sporting competition that happens every 4 years and whose name currently escapes me. You’ll also be able to get sponsored by the most well-known sporting brands including “BEEROOK and PURRMA.” And of course, Run Gun Sports will include multiple types of guns for your legs including things like a bazooka, shotgun, and flame thrower, each with their own unique effects. Truly this is a special time to be alive so look for Run Gun Sports when it launches later this week.

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DJI ‘Mavic Air’ drone leak ahead of launch reveals foldable legs, 4K camera on 3-axis gimbal

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A drone expected to be released by DJI on Tuesday has reportedly leaked ahead of its public unveiling, with alleged images and specifications said to reveal the ‘Mavic Air’ as a smaller and lighter drone compared to the Mavic Pro, while still offering 4K resolution video and similar functionality to its predecessor.
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A New Implant Heals Broken Legs by Transforming into Real Bone

New Bones

When a bone breaks, medical devices and objects like screws and pins are often used to hold the pieces together while the bone heals. But this process can be extremely painful, long, and difficult. One new technological marvel might make these methods obsolete. This potentially game-changing new tool is a 3D printed ceramic implant that holds fractured bones together while turning into actual, natural bone.

Created by Hala Zreiqat at the University of Sydney in Australia and her colleagues, this implant has successfully repaired broken arm bones in rabbits in testing. Additionally, in a soon-to-be-published study, the team tested this ability with large leg fractures in sheep. Despite the small sample, the researchers were encouraged by the fact that the experiment was equally successful in all the eight animals involved in the study.

According to the scientists, the sheep were able to walk immediately after surgery where the implant was placed. However, for four weeks after surgery, the sheep did walk with plaster casts to improve stabilization throughout the healing process. Three months post-op, the researchers observed complete healing in 25 percent of the fractures, and this rose to 88 percent at the one-year mark. Additionally, as these bones grew back, the scaffolds of the initial implant dissolved gradually. So, not only does the implant allow the bone to heal while quite literally creating natural bone in places where it’s missing, but it also dissolves when it is no longer needed.

Speaking with the New Scientist, Zreiqat remarked on the success of this study that “They got their old bones back,” referring to the sheep.

Painful, less effective measure for treating broken bones could soon be in the past. Image Credit: Taokinesis / Pixabay
Painful, less effective measure for treating broken bones could soon be in the past. Image Credit: Taokinesis / Pixabay

Game Changing Grafts

The implant has a similar composition to natural bone, so the researchers concluded that it was able to dissolve seamlessly without any toxic side effects and meld into the bone because, “the body can’t tell the difference,” Zreiqat said. The implant is porous and acts as a scaffold that natural bone and blood vessels can grow through, which makes it a seemingly perfect tool in bone restoration.

This, if it continues to prove successful in testing, would be a drastic improvement to treatment for broken bones. The sheep in the study were observed to be extremely tolerant of the implants. Additionally, methods that use bone grafts can be rejected by a patient’s immune system, whereas the ceramic implant tested here was not.

Specifically, the implant is made up of calcium silicate, the mineral gahnite, and small amounts of strontium and zinc which are trace elements in natural bone.

One downside to the new implants seems to be their rigidity, but for many people the use of these grafts could significantly reduce pain and allow them to heal faster.

The future of medicine will benefit from unique applications of advancing technologies. 3D printing isn’t just for plastics and digital devices. Biological elements can be used within the medical sector to improve the lives of patients, physicians, and the continually developing field.

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