Magic Leap developer units must be kept in locked safes

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Magic Leap is known for its secrecy. The company kept its One headset under wraps for years, teasing out details with ambiguous conference speeches and restrictive press opportunities. It should come as no surprise, then, to hear that developer units…
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Magic Leap opens up AR headset to developers with new SDK

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

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Virtual and augmented reality company Magic Leap has finally allowed developers to start producing content for its Magic Leap One Lightwear AR goggles and wearable computer, using GDC to launch its developer portal containing a software development kit and development guidelines.
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You’ll Be Watching NBA Game On a Magic Leap Headset Within Five Years

Since is formation in 2010, Magic Leap has emerged as one of the most promising companies working with augmented reality – despite showing very little of its technology to the public. Now, its CEO, Rony Abovitz, has indicated that the AR Magic Leap headset might be on track to launch sooner rather than later.

Abovitz appeared at Recode’s Code Media conference alongside NBA commissioner Adam Silver to announce that live basketball games will be streamed to the company’s headset. Play will be captured as volumetric video, giving viewers the ability to move around the court and choose whatever viewing angle they like.

The Magic Leap headset. Image Credit: Magic Leap

The presentation even included a video of retired NBA player and current basketball analyst Shaquille O’Neal, who showed off his own Magic Leap headset and enthused about his own experience watching games on the glasses, calling it “the most amazing thing.”

In a follow-up interview with The Verge, Abovitz stated that this method of streaming live NBA games will be available within the next two to five years.

Volumetric video uses multiple cameras to produce an image with depth, which isn’t too far removed from the standard broadcasting set-up at a sporting event. This could make NBA games a perfect proving ground for Magic Leap’s technology.

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Magic Leap promises live-streamed holograms within five years

Yesterday, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz and NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced plans to eventually bring Turner-owned NBA content to Magic Leap’s elusive AR goggles, by casting virtual screens in front of a wearer’s face through the goggles. It wasn’t an earth-shattering announcement, but it was an indication that Magic Leap’s tech could be more than billion-dollar vaporware, and that the company is thinking about the kind of content needed to convince people to wear light-field face computers.

What’s more interesting is that Abovitz believes volumetric video — a way of capturing video as 3D objects and scenes — will be live-streamed to people’s faces within a relatively short period of time, and that the kind of cameras used to make…

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Magic Leap thinks you’ll wear its pricey AR glasses to watch NBA games

While Magic Leap has largely remained cagey about its augmented reality – nay, it’s apparently ‘Spatial computing’ – headsets, we now know a little more about what the company’s been working on, as CEO Rony Abovitz was recently on stage at the Code Media conference spilling the beans, or at least, some of them. The Florida-based firm is hoping to launch its goggles, handheld controller and CD-player-sized wearable computer sometime this year, and it’ll come in a range of sizes to suit heads large and small. There will also be a mid-range Magic Leap One for creators. You can expect…

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Magic Leap is partnering with the NBA to bring virtual basketball games to its goggles

Lightfield-display technology company Magic Leap is partnering with the NBA to create digital basketball games that people can watch through its goggles – whenever it is that people are able to get their hands on said goggles, which have been years in the works and are supposed to ship this year.

In a video showed on stage at Recode’s Code Media conference earlier today, retired NBA star and current NBA analyst Shaq was seen wearing a pair of Magic Leap glasses and vouched for the product. “When I went to Magic Leap, I watched a full court game right here,” Shaq said in the video, gesturing towards the empty space on his right. “Lebron was right here. Then I went over here [gesturing to his left] and watched Atlantic play the LA…

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How to watch Rony Abovitz, the founder, president and CEO of Magic Leap, live

Abovitz will be live on Feb. 13 from Recode’s Code Media conference.

Rony Abovitz, the founder, president and CEO of Magic Leap, will be live from Recode’s Code Media conference in Huntington Beach, Calif., on Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 3:40 pm PT / 6:40 pm ET.

Abovitz runs one of the most-buzzed-about — and secretive — technology startups in years. Abovitz says his company has created a game-changing augmented reality technology — he calls it “spatial computing” — that can revolutionize gaming, movies and much more. After years of work and billions in funding from the likes of Google and Alibaba, he has promised to start shipping devices this year.

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Cyberpunk Top-Down Shooter ‘Leap of Fate’ Gets MFi Controller Support, On Sale for $1.99

Following its very well-received release on Steam back in March of 2016, developer Clever Plays brought their awesome roguelike top-down shooter Leap of Fate [$ 1.99] to the iOS platform in August of the same year. Leap of Fate offered up infinite replay value with its randomly-generated design and roguelike elements, and it was all wrapped up in this ultra-cool cyberpunk dystopian theme. We gushed over Leap of Fate in our Game of the Week award and our subsequent 4.5 star review, but perhaps one of the most standout features of the iOS version of the game was its ingenious control system. Top-down dual-stick shooters have always worked quite well on the touchscreen, but Leap of Fate featured some pretty interesting special abilities which wouldn’t seem like they’d work so well with virtual controls. Clever Plays figured it out though, and even went in-depth into the challenges of nailing such a good control scheme on mobile. Well, be that as it may, Leap of Fate players had still been requesting MFi controller support for the game since its release, especially since the Steam version was already built for controllers. It took a year and a half, but they’ve finally obliged on that request with a brand new update that hit Leap of Fate this week.

In addition to controller support, this new Leap of Fate update also includes support for four new languages and some additional nips and tucks to ensure the game is running smoothly. One thing that this update doesn’t include which was pretty disappointing is full screen support for the iPhone X. I reached out to Clever Plays to see if that was something they’d consider, and they basically told me that the 3D portions of the game could run in full screen but all of the 2D artwork for things like menu and UI would need to be redrawn to fit properly, and the artist who originally did all that work is no longer at the company. So it’s possible, but would be a pretty huge undertaking. I know for me, I’d just be happy if the gameplay portion of the game was in full screen and if all the UI stuff just had a generic border or something to make it fit. Playing the game cropped on an iPhone X isn’t super comfortable at the moment, so I hope Clever Plays can come up with a solution. At the very least I’m just happy to see an update to Leap of Fate at all since it launched so long ago and has never seen an update before; I was worried they might have abandoned it. Turns out they were just incredibly busy with a new project, but wanted to take the time to give Leap of Fate iOS players some controller love. Kudos, Clever Plays! If you’re interested in checking out Leap of Fate now would be a good time to do so as alongside this update the game has dropped its price down to just $ 1.99 for a limited time.

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‘Night in the Woods’ makes the leap to Nintendo Switch February 1st

Quirky adventure game Night in the Woods is a finalist for three awards in the upcoming Independent Games Festival: the Seumas McNally grand prize, visual art and narrative categories. Now it's coming to Nintendo's Switch console this February 1st, a…
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