Xiaomi replaces Samsung to become leader in smartphone sales in top 50 Indian cities in Q3 2017: IDC

According to IDC’s latest India Monthly City-Level Smartphone Tracker, 50 major cities of India accounted for 50% of smartphone sales in Q3 2017 with a growth of 27% from the previous quarter. Tier one cities in India continue to dominate the smartphone market with 29% sequential growth in Q3 2017. Tier II cities like Bhopal, Gurgaon, and Jaipur have … Continue reading “Xiaomi replaces Samsung to become leader in smartphone sales in top 50 Indian cities in Q3 2017: IDC”
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said tech should cooperate with law enforcement — and help the U.S. fight Russia

Plus, he appeared to cast some doubt on newly proposed regulation targeting online political ads

The Republican leader of the U.S. Senate suggested on Saturday that tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter could help the United States “retaliate” against Russian forces that spread disinformation on social media around the 2016 presidential election.

In doing so, though, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also revealed that he is “skeptical” of new efforts to regulate political ads that appear on top tech platforms.

Both comments came during an interview on the interview on the Hugh Hewitt Show, which aired days after top lawyers from Facebook, Google and Twitter appeared on Capitol Hill for three hearings at which lawmakers probed whether they should have done more, and sooner, to combat the Kremlin’s online propaganda efforts.

Asked about the absence of leaders like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, McConnell described it as “not good” — then charged that the tech industry writ large “ought to be more interested in cooperating when you have a clear law enforcement issue, more interested in cooperating with law enforcement than they have been.”

“What we ought to do we regard to the Russians is retaliate, seriously retaliate against the Russians. And the, these tech firms could be helpful in … giving us a way to do that,” he later added.

And McConnell appeared to cast early doubt on efforts in Congress that would subject Facebook, Google and Twitter to new rules requiring them to make copies of all political ads available for public inspection. The measure is called the Honest Ads Act, and it’s chiefly backed by Democratic Sens. Mark Warner and Amy Klobuchar, and GOP Sen. John McCain. It would also require large online platforms to offer information about the audiences those ads targeted.

“I’m a little skeptical of these disclosure-type proposals that are floating around, which strikes me would mostly penalize American citizens trying to use the internet and to advertise,” McConnell said.

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Counterpoint: Oppo was the market leader in China in Q3

According to research agency Counterpoint, Oppo was the top smartphone vendor in China for the third quarter of 2017, marginally outshipping Huawei and vivo. Xiaomi and Apple complete the top 5. Counterpoint’s market report gives an 18.9% Q3 share in China for Oppo during the quarter that ended in September compared to 18.6% for Huawei and vivo. Analysts use different methods so it’s normal that their reports contain slightly different numbers. Just a few days ago Canalys released a report that put Huawei as the leader in China, over Oppo. That report cited a 5% fall in total…

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How the ‘Coach of Silicon Valley’ Determined Steve Jobs Was a Leader

How do you determine if someone is a good leader? Is it measured by their ability to drive a team in synchrony towards achieving an ultimate goal? Is it a reflection of one’s personality, their attributes, and how they treat those in positions below them? Or is it merely a measurement of “just how far” they’ve come in life — a broader reflection of their title, status, wealth, or other accolades?

Of course, while the textbook definition of “leadership” is as broad as the qualities that best exemplify it, according to one of Silicon Valley’s most highly-regarded leaders of the last century, it’s actually “the opinions of those you’re supposed to be leading” which best define whether or not you’re a true leader.

Now, that might seem like an unconventional method of discerning leadership as a quality; however it was nevertheless a litmus test, of sorts, used by the late Bill Campbell in his discernment of who in Silicon Valley is a true leader.

Who Is Bill Campbell?

William ‘Bill’ Campbell, a Columbia University graduate, served as Apple’s Vice President of marketing in the 1990s prior to Steve Jobs returning to the helm. From there, he went on to establish a reputation  as “the coach” of Silicon Valley, according to Business Insider. And prior to his unfortunate passing in April, 2016, Campbell was most notably a mentor to some of the most prominent names in tech, including Steve Jobs, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, as well as Google co-founders Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.

Leadership Is Earned

In an even more recent interview with Business Insider, Apple’s former CEO John Sculley (who served as the company’s top boss during Steve Jobs’ absence in the 1990s) reflected on the best advice Campbell ever gave him, saying the mogul once told him that “Your title makes you a manager. Your people will decide if you’re a leader. And it’s up to you to live up to that.”

“The reality is that you have to earn leadership from the people that you’re working with and who are working for you,” Campbell told his former boss, citing that he’d come to said realization of what leadership means based on his work with Steve Jobs. “The title doesn’t mean much unless you can earn their respect as a leader.”

Campbell’s other, more notable accomplishments include his founding and sale of GO Corporation, which was acquired by AT&T in 1993, as well as being elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Columbia University in 2005. He also served as the CEO of Intuit, creators of the popular QuickBooks personal and business finance software, from 1994 to 1998.

Weighing in on Campbell’s impact, Intuit’s current CEO, Brad Smith, echoed Sculley’s sentiments with regards to the mogul’s game-changing advice on what defines leadership, indicating that it was “some of the best career advice” he’d ever received from anyone.

“Basically, how you make that happen is if you believe that leadership is not about putting greatness into people, leadership is about recognizing that there’s a greatness in everyone and your job is to create an environment where that greatness can emerge,” Smith said, while adding “That’s our definition of leadership. We don’t think leadership is the same as people management.”

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Color Ballz guide – how to bounce to the top of the leader boards

Color Ballz is an addictive new arcade title from Ketchapp Studios. It takes old school mechanics from games like Brickles and puts a fun twist on it. Your job? To catch balls with a paddle and send them back into a chute to be carried back to the top of the screen, where they can be thrown at you again. You want to make sure you miss as few balls as possible to get a high score.

There are a few strategies to keep in mind if you want to see your name at the top of those leaderboards.

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