Walmart is making its own meal kits in some stores

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Walmart isn't content to sell third-party meal kits in its bid to take on Amazon and Blue Apron. It's launching its own line of kits that will give you a meal for two without hunting down and preparing ingredients. The kits cost between $ 8 and $ 15, a…
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littleBits launches more accessible $40 ‘Hall of Fame’ kits

littleBits kits are a great way to teach kids how to build their own toys and electronics, but they're not exactly cheap. The Star Wars Droid inventor set, for instance, will set buyers back $ 100, while others could cost as much as $ 300. Now, the sta…
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littleBits and Pearson bring electronics kits to US schools

The littleBits team has long been eager to teach kids about the joys of building electronics, and it's taking that commitment to its logical conclusion. It's partnering with Pearson on the STEM Invention Toolbox, a kit that teaches students at varyin…
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Lenovo’s VR Classroom kits come with Daydream headsets

Lenovo will soon release its VR Classroom setup, which will let teachers guide their students through virtual field trips. Each kit comes with the first standalone Daydream VR headset, Lenovo's Mirage Solo with Daydream, which arrives preloaded with…
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Nintendo’s just-announced Labo Kits are eligible for Best Buy’s 20% Gamers Club discount

Nintendo’s innovations never seem to end.

Nintendo Labo is one of the coolest things coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018, and Gamers Club Unlocked members at Best Buy can currently pre-order either Labo kit at a discount; the Variety Kit drops to $ 55.99 from $ 69.99, while the Robot Kit falls to $ 63.99 from $ 79.99.

If you’re not already a Gamers Club Unlocked member but think this is a great deal, it’d also be a great time to join the club as you can get a two-year membership for only $ 30. With this purchase alone, you’ll make back half of that in savings. From then on, you’ll get 20% off purchases of new games at Best Buy, 10% off pre-owned games, exclusive gaming offers and more, which all adds up pretty quickly if you’re a regular gamer.

If you haven’t heard about what Nintendo Labo can do, check out this short video on it first:

Each kit comes with software for the Nintendo Switch along with a variety of cardboard pieces which you fold together to create accessories for your Joy-Cons. Putting the “Toy-Con” accessories together is easy with provided instructions, even a kid could do it.

The Variety Kit gives you the power to create an RC car, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike and a piano which you can then use in various games with your Nintendo Switch. Likewise, the Robot Kit lets you create a wearable suit and assume control of a robot in a variety of mini-games on the Switch.

For more on the Nintendo Labo, check out our favorite reactions to the announcement of the product and additional info.

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iFixit cuts the prices on its battery replacement kits to one up Apple’s $29 offer

iFixit, the internet’s most popular repository of guides for repairing Apple devices, has announced that it’s cutting prices for all of its iPhone battery replacement kits down to $ 29 or less. They usually sell for between $ 39 to $ 49, depending on how recent your phone is.

The news comes after Apple announced yesterday that it would be cutting the price of its own battery replacements to $ 29 for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later, starting in late January and running through December 2018 (a $ 50 discount off the usual price). The decision came in response to the uproar over Apple slowing down devices with aging batteries to try to preserve performance.

iFixit’s offer outdoes Apple’s in a few ways, offering kits for phones as old as the…

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iFixit drops the prices for its iPhone battery replacement kits to $29 or lower

Earlier today we saw that Apple issued an apology for not clearly communicating that it was capping the performance of certain older iPhones when their battery health degraded and offering to drop the price of battery replacement for these devices down to $ 29 for the entire year of 2018. Now, iFixit has announced that it too will be slashing the prices for all of its iPhone battery replacement kits down to $ 29 or lower. These kits are available from iPhone 7 and all the way back to iPhone 4S. A typical iFixit battery replacement comes with the battery along with all the tools that… – Latest articles

iFixit discounts iPhone battery replacement kits amid Apple backlash

Apple may have apologized for the confusion surrounding its intentional slow down of older iPhones to balance battery life and performance, but that doesn't change the fact that it's happening. If your iPhone is out of warranty and you don't want to…
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