Rumors keep mounting as Apple invests more into next-gen MicroLED screen technology

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Apple Watch updates 2018: MicroLED screen

Switching to OLED displays on the iPhone X was a huge change for Apple. The company has been famously prissy about the screens in its devices, and it took Apple years longer than the rest of the industry to make the leap from LCD to OLED for its flagship smartphone’s screen. But although Apple still has some work to do integrating OLED into the rest of its iPhone lineup, new rumors out of Taiwan suggest the company is already looking to the future.

According to Digitimes, Apple is in “preliminary talks” with Taiwanese firm PlayNitride over “cooperation in the micro LED segment.” PlayNitride has just had an application approved to invest $ 17.1 million in a production facility for MicroLED displays, and it seems as though Apple is particularly interested in what the company has to offer.

The report says that “PlayNitride will produce micro LEDs, display modules and panels [at the facility]. Micro LEDs feature low power consumption, high brightness, ultra-high resolution and color saturation, quick response time and long service life. Micro LED displays can be used in smartphones, smartwatches, VR devices and large-size TVs.”

Given the current high cost of MicroLED displays, there are only two applications that Apple is rumored to be looking into right now, and neither of them involve smartphones. The first, and likeliest to happen in the near future, is a next-generation Apple Watch with a MicroLED display, which could make the device last longer and possibly be thinner.

The second, and far juicier, is the possibility of a MicroLED display-powered augmented reality headset. Apple has long stated its interest in AR, and if the company is projecting a two or three year delay until launch of AR glasses, that’s enough time to get MicroLED production going.

This new report lines up with one we saw earlier this week, which said that Apple has already partnered with longtime manufacturing partner TSMC to produce MicroLED displays for future AR glasses. Apple’s interest in PlayNitride’s facility could simply be a matter of hedging its bets, or it could be an indication that Apple will need to ramp up production in the near future.

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Microsoft vows to let partner companies keep their patents

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Microsoft has launched a new policy that means its tech customers will keep hold of any patent rights that come out of its partnerships. In a blog post, Microsoft president Brad Smith explained that the Shared Innovation Initiative is designed to rea…
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Mark Zuckerberg: We didn’t do enough to keep users safe

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In light of the news that Facebook has rewritten its data policy, and that Cambridge Analytica may have had up to 87 million users' data, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg hosted a call with the media to discuss the company's efforts to better protect…
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How to Keep Your HomePod from Messing Up Your Apple Music Recommendations

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One of the coolest features of Apple’s new HomePod is its ability to team up with your Apple Music subscription and act as a personal DJ, playing custom playlists based on your listening habits for you enjoy whenever you ask. Your HomePod’s mixology skills can get thrown off kilter, though, if family members or visitors are also asking Siri to play their favorite tunes. And this will also influence what Apple Music thinks you like and plays for you on your other Apple Devices as well. Fortunately, there’s a HomePod setting you can change to ensure that you won’t end up listening to a mish-mosh of all your friends’ and family members’ musical tastes. Let’s get started learning how to keep other HomePod users from influencing your “For You” Apple Music recommendations on your HomePod.

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How to Keep Your HomePod from Influencing What Apple Music Thinks You Like

  • Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Under Favorite Accessories, 3D Touch the HomePod you want to adjust.

apple music home podhome pod music playlist

  • Tap Details.
  • Toggle off Use Listening History at the bottom of the screen.

apple homepod music settingshomepod music settings

edit apple homepod playlists

That’s it! Now your HomePod will play music based on your personal Apple Music favorites, rather than a mix of the music requested by every person who interacts with it.

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Keep a Steady Hand with The ShutterGrip Smartphone Camera Controller [Deals Hub]

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You’re always craving to frame your pictures with backgrounds from those precarious places, like a ski-lift or mountain top. One wrong move, however, can lead to a crack or to you losing your phone. Take pictures with your smartphone in a similar feeling with ShutterGrip Smartphone Camera Controller. Grab it on sale right now in iPhoneHacks Deals Hub. Continue reading
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Why Android Phone Makers like Xiaomi Keep Firing Salvos At iPhone X

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Why Android Phone Makers like Xiaomi Keep Firing Salvos At iPhone X

Self-praise is no recommendation! Every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be battle ready to take on the “The Rock.” First off, they laugh off the unmatched records of the champ, and then they go all out to beat him. But when they badly fail to make a match with the too powerful opponent, those self-styled wrestlers blatantly copy everything that The Rock possesses.

Worse, once those newbies have completely transformed themselves and imitated everything that the champion had spent years to garner, they start boasting and pass off some of the most unacceptable comments. Though I don’t lose sleep by that sensational stuff, it does turn me off—at times. At other times, they seem to be too funny for me to even think of…

Why Android Phone Makers like Xiaomi and Huawei Keep Firing Salvos At iPhone X

Well, the anecdotes sum up the entire story. For several years, iPhone has been endlessly envied, blatantly copied and publicly laughed off by some of the major smartphone makers. And iPhone X—which is widely believed to be the best smartphone that Apple has ever made—is no different.

The other day, Xiaomi compared its Mi Mix 2S with iPhone X and stressed that it has surpassed Apple’s flagship in many features. Though Mi Mix 2S does look nice, it can’t go head-to-head against the iPhone that’s the premium pick of those who want to have seamless performance, excellent gaming experience, experience top-notch mobile photography and more significantly; best apps!

“We are comparing to iPhone X because people say it is the best phone. We just want to show we surpassed the best in many features,” – Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun

Who can forget the video in which Huawei mocked iPhone X Face ID branding it too faulty to work? But now various reports are suggesting that the Chinese smartphone maker is burning the midnight oil to create the true competitor of Apple’s advanced facial recognition technology. It only goes on to show how much they are obsessed with the word—iPhone!

When Apple unveiled iPhone X, several Android phone makers made scathing remarks about Notch, calling it a design flaw. But now, most of them have altogether embraced the same faulty design in their flagship devices. Moreover, they not just flaunt the notch but also call it a better shot than that of iPhone X. Are you kidding me?

Oh, Apple’s biggest rival “Samsung” just doesn’t seem to get enough of Animoji. The world’s largest smartphone vendor has completely copied the concept and even bragged about it during the Galaxy S9 launch event. When told that the AR Moji looks a carbon copy of Animoji, the South Korean tech giant said it’s nothing more than just a coincident. Just a look at the history can tell you the real story whether it intentionally copied Animoji or it’s just an accident that seems to be perfectly planned.

From what I can see, all of them closely follow iPhone and try their utmost to take the shine away from the device. But once they realize that it’s not their cup of tea, they altogether copy everything on offer. Surprisingly, they still believe their device is far superior to Apple’s flagship that may not look dazzling, luxurious, specs-enamored but it has got enough to win over people who adore class!

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Tip: Keep your Mac data secure from guest users with this macOS tool

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In situations where a visitor wants to use your Mac for a task, providing them access via your personal account may be an unwise move, especially if it isn’t someone you completely trust. AppleInsider explains how to set up a guest account in macOS that provides access without endangering your personal data.
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