Android Auto adds new partnerships with Clarion, Boss Audio, Karma Automotive, and more

Android Auto

Android Auto had a lot going for it as CES last month, but in all of the hubbub, new partnership announcements got missed. Some big names, like Clarion and Boss Audio, were added to the list over the course of the last few weeks, as well as other aftermarket OEMs and car manufacturers.

Here is a list of new current and upcoming partners:

  • Boss Audio: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
  • Clarion: NXV977D (launched in Japan)
  • Furion: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
  • Karma Automotive: 2018 Revero (launched)
  • iNav: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
  • Lifan: Vehicles (coming soon)
  • Macrom: M-DL9000 (launched in Italy)
  • Planet Audio: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
  • Prology: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
  • Skypine: Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)

That’s a good list of new partners, especially in an international sense.

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Android Auto adds new partnerships with Clarion, Boss Audio, Karma Automotive, and more was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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The best memes are nonsense and I love ‘karma is a bitch’

The best thing about Vine — which has been dead now for over a year, and yet the wound still feels fresh, as every abysmal, boring, and rude day online rips the scab off anew — was the six-second time limit. The constraint forced an effervescent comedy style that was jarring, nonsensical, and constantly surprising. Nothing needed to make sense, and in fact it was nearly impossible to make it make sense, and all that mattered was timing and panache.

That legacy, thank goodness, lives on with the latest meme out of lip-synching app, brought to you by dozens of creative Chinese teenagers.

Called the Karma’s a Bitch Challenge, the joke is both simple to explain and impossible to explain, similar in spirit to classic Vine entries…

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GoPro makes swift exit from drone market, confirms job cuts following weak Karma sales

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In a Monday earnings report, GoPro announced plans to end drone sales after it sells out of remaining Karma models, and engage in cost-cutting measures to right itself financially — including laying off hundreds of people.
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GoPro laying off up to 300 employees, mostly from Karma drone division – report

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Action camera maker GoPro continues to struggle to take to the skies, as the company is reportedly laying off between 200 and 300 employees this week, reflecting the performance of its aerial camera drone, the Karma.
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GoPro plans to cut 300 jobs as Karma drone division struggles

GoPro is laying off about 200 to 300 employees, largely from its Karma drone division, TechCrunch has reported. The company has informed the employees, who will remain on payroll for another six weeks, and will make a public announcement sometime soo…
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[Deal Alert] GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black is $899, with HERO6 Black $999 ($200 off)

Drones are a lot of fun, but they can also be pricey. To help alleviate that second part, Amazon is offering the GoPro Karma with either the HERO5 Black for $ 899 or the HERO6 Black for $ 999. That’s a solid $ 200 off each bundle.

The Karma is a smaller, lightweight drone. It uses a ‘Karma Stabilizer’ in conjunction with whichever HERO camera you choose to produce smooth footage. It’s controlled by a video game-esque controller with a touchscreen.

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[Deal Alert] GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black is $ 899, with HERO6 Black $ 999 ($ 200 off) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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GoPro updates Karma drone with much-needed ‘follow me’ feature

When GoPro announced it was working on a drone, pretty much everyone thought that it'd have some sort of "follow" feature. It didn't. But it had the required technology all along. Finally, today, Karma is being updated to unlock that feature, along w…
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The Incredibly Weird, Surreal Adventure Game ‘Karma. Incarnation 1.’ Now Available on iOS

As we learned back in May, AuraLab and Other Kind Games’ surreal adventure game Karma. Incarnation 1. would be heading to mobile following its release on Steam in October of last year. Just a few days later the game arrived on Android via Google Play, with the iOS release set for some nebulous time in the future. Well, earlier this month it was announced that the iOS version was set to release on August 24th, and although it didn’t quite make it in time for our weekly Out Now post, Karma. Incarnation 1. [$ 1.99] has finally arrived as of this morning. If you’re familiar with the 2014 Don Hertzfeldt intro to The Simpsons, Karma. Incarnation 1. gives me that same sort of super weird, “I am on hallucinogenics right now” kind of feeling. Check out the trailer.

Unlike the Google Play version, Karma. Incarnation 1. on iOS is not free with a premium unlock but rather is a straight up premium game right off the bat with an incredibly cheap $ 1.99 price tag. As for what you do in the game, the official description states: “Our hero’s beloved has been abducted by evil spirits, and the only way to reunite them is to reincarnate himself as a dragon to defeat Evil. But something has gone wrong, and his soul is reborn as a worm named Pip. Now Pip must overcome the challenges of a surreal world, solve mind bending puzzles, and save his love. Choosing between good and evil, Pip learns the laws of Karma, and his choices define the outcome of the game.” It sounds incredibly cool and I absolutely love the sound and visuals in Karma. Incarnation 1. Check out the game’s forum thread for some discussion and if you dive in yourself be sure to leave your own thoughts as well.