[Deal Alert] LG’s Tone Studio ‘personal speaker’ headphones are just $157 at Amazon ($73 off)

You’ve probably seen people wearing LG Tones while out and about, but the fairly new Tone Studios bring an interesting twist. They still rest on your neck, they’re still powered by Bluetooth, and the earphones still come out with wires, but they also have built-in speakers. And now, you can get them for just $ 156.93 at Amazon.

The Tone Studio headphones sport a variety of cool features. Obviously, the headline trait here is the four speakers (two for ‘Wearable Bass’), but there’s also a built-in Hi-Fi DAC, three equalizer modes, and a ‘Dual Play’ mode that allows you to connect two Tone Studios to play music simultaneously.

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[Deal Alert] LG’s Tone Studio ‘personal speaker’ headphones are just $ 157 at Amazon ($ 73 off) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Samsung offering Galaxy S8/S8+ buyers new Gear 360 for just $49

Are you in the US and planning to purchase any of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S series flagships? If your answer tis yes, you might want to check the latest deal the South Korean company is offering on the Galaxy S8/S8+. The offer lets those purchasing any of the two smartphones to grab the new Gear 360 camera for just $ 49 extra. For those who aren’t aware, the Gear 360 (2017) is scheduled to launch in the US today (May 25). The device carries a price tag of $ 229 on its own, which means that you can save $ 180 if you purchase it with the Galaxy S8/S8+. The deal is available on both…

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Gogoro’s colorful new electric scooter is twice as cheap but just as fast as before

Taiwanese company Gogoro is rolling out an all-new electric scooter called the Gogoro 2 Smartscooter. But instead of the futuristic look that turned so many heads when the company came out of stealth at CES 2015, Gogoro is trying to put a modern spin on the classic scooter look with the Gogoro 2.

The company will start selling the new scooter this summer in Taiwan, and it says it will be available “in other markets by the end of 2017.” (Though it wouldn’t say whether that means it will sell the Gogoro 2 in other markets or if that means the scooter will be added to the company’s scooter sharing fleets in Berlin and Paris.) It will cost NT$ 38,800 ($ 1,295 USD) and comes in six colors — white, grey, orange, blue, yellow, and red.

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Govt. Requests for Apple’s User Data Doubled in Just Six Months

Apple revealed on Monday that government requests for user data had spiked in the latter half of 2016, nearly doubling in comparison to the first six months of the year and reaching a record high.

From July to December of last year, Apple received close to 6,000 national security orders requesting the release of user data, the company revealed in its transparency report for the second half of 2016. Between January and June of the same year, the company received about 3,000 user data requests. Beyond just doubling, the latest transparency report also reveals that government requests for data had reached an all-time high since Apple began releasing such documents in 2013, Forbes reported.

In addition to publishing those statistics, the company also revealed that it had received at least one secret FBI order for data — a National Security Letter which has since been declassified. Despite the fact that that letter is no longer classified, Apple has not released its contents or any details surrounding it thus far. When presented with a request from a legally authorized source, Apple usually complies. The company provided data about 78 percent of the time when asked by U.S. authorities about which Apple account is associated with an iPhone, for example.

But while requests for data are on the rise, the company did note that 80 percent of law enforcement requests are made by authorities working with users to locate lost or stolen devices. Apple does reject requests that it sees as overreaching, and all data stored on devices are encrypted. The company can, however, turn over information stored in iCloud, Gizmodo reported.

Apple has famously grappled with government entities over user data and privacy matters. In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting, the Cupertino-based tech giant refused to create a backdoor for the FBI that would allow the agency to unlock one of the shooter’s iPhones. Such a backdoor, Apple contended, would compromise the security of all of its iOS devices if it fell into the wrong hands. But despite that famous tango with the feds, Apple’s transparency reports reveal that, in most cases, Cupertino does comply with authorities to provide pertinent user data.

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Instagram rolled out a location Stories feature, just like Snapchat’s location Stories feature

Instagram will now compile Stories around hashtags and locations.

Instagram is adding another new Snapchat feature — and another new place where it can (eventually) show ads to users.

The photo and video app is launching location- and hashtag-themed Stories, collections of user posts that are labeled with a specific city or hashtag. For example, a photo or video tagged with the “San Francisco” location sticker could appear in a location Story with posts from others who used the same “San Francisco” tag.

Snapchat has the same feature, called “Our Story,” and pulls in user photos and videos tied to specific locations or events, like concerts or sports events.

Unlike Snapchat, though, Instagram is going to pull all of these Stories together using only software algorithms instead of human curators.


Instagram’s director of product Blake Barnes says that using algorithms will help the company produce a greater volume of group Stories at a faster clip. “It makes sure this scales all over the world,” he said. Some of Snapchat’s Our Stories are curated by humans, and the company usually showcases just a few of them at a time. Others, though, are also created by software algorithms.

Eliminating humans is certainly a faster approach to content curation, but there are potential trade-offs, like a delay in catching inappropriate posts that make it into Instagram’s new Stories collections.

Barnes says that Instagram will review inappropriate posts as they are reported — the same method it already uses — but by leaving the curation entirely up to an algorithm, it also seems likely that Instagram will find that some offensive content or language makes it into a group Story.

Location and hashtag Stories give Instagram something besides yet another popular Snapchat feature: These Stories will also be another place to show users ads. Barnes says Instagram won’t sell ads against these group Stories at launch, but Snapchat does, and at one point was making some good money doing so. It’s very likely that Instagram will do the same at some point down the line.

Facebook is looking for new places to sell ads outside of its core News Feed, and Instagram is offering a lot of alternatives.

The new feature goes live as part of an update on iOS and Android Tuesday.

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Moto Z2 Play passes through TENAA – barely 6mm thick, just 2,820mAh battery

Last year’s Moto Z Play gathered much praise at the office for a lot of things, among them its great battery life. Well, its successor may be a different story, if the numbers posted on TENAA’s website are correct. The Chinese regulator has certified a Motorola device with XT1710-08 internal designation, which by the looks of it is none other than the Moto Z2 Play. There won’t be much playing done on a single charge though, judging from the listed 2,820mAh battery capacity. The first-gen Moto Z Play had 3,510mAh worth of juice at its disposal, and initial rumors pointed towards a…

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Instagram’s Kevin Weil says Instagram Stories are just one part of the product

 Instagram’s head of product Kevin Weil came to Disrupt in New York to introduce selfie filters for Instagram Stories — read more about the new feature here. You can now choose between eight filters to add koala nose and ears to your face and more. This was clearly inspired by Snapchat, and Weil is aware of that. Read More
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Sweden just dropped the Julian Assange rape investigation

Sweden’s Director of Public Prosecutions has announced it has dropped the investigation into Julian Assange’s rape charges, which have dogged the Australian-born Wikileaks founder since 2010. Assange was initially charged with two separate allegations — rape and molestation. The charge of molestation was dropped in 2015, due to prosecutors running out of time to question him. In a statement, the prosecutor’s office said, “Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny has today decided to discontinue the preliminary investigation regarding suspected rape concerning Julian Assange.” The Swedish prosecutor has also withdrawn the arrest warrant for Assange. Moments ago, a triumphant WikiLeaks tweeted: BREAKING: Sweden…

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[Deal Alert] Get a UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth speaker in Sugarplum for just $45 ($55 off) on Amazon

Dual speaker-equipped phones like the HTC U11, Nexus 6P, and Axon 7 may have better sound than their competitors, but the fact of the matter is that a phone’s sound will never beat out a standalone speaker’s. So if you want good portable sound and don’t yet own a Bluetooth speaker, the UE ROLL 2 may be worth considering. Given its capabilities, the ROLL 2 is a no-brainer at just $ 45, which is less than half of its MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] Get a UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth speaker in Sugarplum for just $ 45 ($ 55 off) on Amazon was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Learn what it takes to build a professional computer system for just $41

No two computer systems are created equal. There are so many ways to go about assembling a functioning computer network that the possibilities are nearly infinite. But knowing the building blocks of putting together and running a strong system is essential knowledge these days. So get the fundamental training you need with this System Administration and Infrastructure Management course bundle, which is on sale right now for only $ 41 (a 90 percent discount) from TNW Deals. This package offers up eight courses featuring 95 hours of training, all tasked with breaking down and helping you understand Linux, Docker, Git, and a…

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